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bait-ball-feeding-fish-concept Another intriguing idea came out of the Koppers LIVETARGET camp with the unveiling this afternoon of their new LIVETARGET BaitBall technology. The new fishing lure design concept of BaitBall builds off the way bass naturally forage on live minnows. They will run through a school of baitfish and bus them up into small packs of minnows or “balls of bait.” Then they will attack those smaller individual balls of the large school. So as you see from the pictures, each bait has multiple baitfish profiles within the bait. They are not painted on the exterior of the bait but rather the bait is molded around the multiple minnows.

To pull this off, Koppers LIVETARGET designers had to not only figure out how to display the baitfish naturally and enticingly within the fuselage of known shape for an artificial lure, but they also had to formulate the clearest plastic possible. The result is a ball of bait being displayed almost like the old ships inside the bottle displays you used to see as souvenir and giftware. It was challenging to mimic bait balls inside of shapes of artificial lures that had a proven action, so this concept has been many years in development and marks just the first stage of the BaitBall release. We’re told there will be several more actions, shapes and forage bases coming in the near future.

The crankbait bodies are probably our favorite right off the bat. They look beautiful. And in the water will most definitely look like three shad trying to scurry away out of a school.

I can remember a Forrest Wood Cup several years ago on Lake Hamilton where the competitors where scrounging around looking for the smallest minnow imitators they could find to mimic the ultra small profile baitfish on which the fish were keying that summer. This is exactly the technology they would have needed to appropriately mimic the forage in those clear, tough conditions. A popper or jerkbait that mimicked multiple tiny minnows would have been deadly.


Right now they are releasing the following lures with the BaitBall designs:

  • 2 3/8-inch Squarebill Crankbait in 4 patterns
  • 3 1/2-inch and 4 1/2-inch Jerkbait in 4 patterns
  • 2 1/2-inch Mid-depth Crankbait (10-foot) in 4 patterns
  • 2 1/2-inch and 3-inch Glass Minnow Popper in 4 patterns
  • 4 1/4-inch and 4 3/4-inch Glass Minnow Jerkbait in 4 patterns

The baits are beautiful. There is no denying it. True craftsmanship in the hard baits. The combination of proven actions, coupled with bait ball profiles that should trigger impulses of foraging bass and other game fish. We’re very anxious to have these baits in our hands for fall fishing. It’s presenting multiple baits to the fish in one lure without have to throw an umbrella rig. We’re excited to see where this series goes from here with such an impressive introduction.


On top of this new product release, Koppers LIVETARGET also released a new HFC Crawfish Crankbait. HFC stands for hunt-for-center meaning the bait is going to go off the straight path but then hunt its way back to center. So what you get is a crawfish with an erratic action that will come back to center after kicking out.  The bait was designed with input from David Walker and Stephen Browning. They both want that erratic crawfish action in a coldwater prespawn type crankbait with colors they know will work where the fish on tour.

The colors look sick. We’ll be anxious to get some to try next winter when the bass are hunting crawfish. Some of the northern lakes where crawfish remains a primary forage base year round will love this crankbait now.

The products should start delivering to wholesalers in the fourth quarter of 2013. So you might see some showing up before Christmas this year. The BaitBall baits will retail for $19.99 while the crawfish crank will retail for $14.49.

LIVETARGET HFC Hunt for Center crawfish crankbait

8 thoughts on “ICAST 2013 | Koppers LIVETARGET Unveils BaitBall Lures

  1. The creativity that goes into some of these new baits is out of this world. The problem is that I’m going to need a bigger boat to carry all the tackle.

  2. Koppers must have geniuses working for them, these baits look phenomenal! I guarantee this will win best new hard bait for ICAST. Can’t wait to get my hands on some!

  3. I have a killer of Idea for your next plug which would be even greater than your plugs now. It would take your engineers to make it work if you are interested just e-mail me back.

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