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New Kayak Fishing Gear for 2024

We got around to peruse several of the new kayak offerings for the upcoming fishing seasons. Everything from power to propulsion to of course new fishing kayaks was being introduced at the ICAST 2023 show. And we’ll continue to add to this as we come across other offerings for kayak anglers for upcoming seasons. But for now here’s a wide sampling of what new kayak fishing gear for 2024 we saw this week at the show.

old town sportsman big water epdl plus 132


Winner of Best of Show for Boats

The Old Town Sportsman BigWater ePDL+ 132 is the first seamlessly-integrated battery-powered pedal kayak providing you with unmatched versatility. Combining pedal propulsion, power-assisted pedal, and motorized cruise control, the ePDL+ allows you to seamlessly switch between modes with the intuitive keys and screen located on the drive. Powered by an included lithium battery, the ePDL+ drive unlocks a new way to experience the water, no matter the conditions. Manufactured in Old Town, ME., USA. MSRP: $5999.99

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The Norsk Lithium 12V 50Ah battery is the ideal power source for kayaks, canoes, or small fishing boats equipped with graphs and a 12V trolling motor. Bluetooth equipped and compatible with the FREE Norsk Guardian Mobile App. Featuring Thermal-Core Heating Technology™, it charges in freezing temps as low as 32°F and is suitable for year-round use. The 12V 50Ah features a removable carry strap and provides optimal performance while balancing size and weight to maximize your time on the water. MSRP: $679.99

bonfide fishing skiff skf117


Introducing the Bonafide SKF117- the ultimate fishing vessel for versatility and exploration. This newest addition to the Bonafide line-up is the perfect combination of SUP and kayak engineered to enhance your fishing experience. The retractable skeg system from the RVR has been seamlessly integrated to the SKF to allow for increased tracking or maneuverability at your fingertips. Bonafide’s signature HYCAT hull allows for rock solid stability and comfort. MSRP: $1299.99

native water craft titan x propel series


The NEW Native Watercraft TitanX, the ultimate electronics-ready fishing kayak made in the USA. Easily rig your kayak with strategically placed battery compartments and convenient E-Plates and access points. Cruise through the water with the renowned Propel Pedal Drive. Experience precise control using the Springblade rudder system. Enjoy unmatched stability for confident fishing. Stay comfortable with Orbit Pro 360 Seating. Revolutionize your angling experience with the feature-packed Titan X.MSRP: $3599.00

iatak 110 angler kayak


The iA.T.A.K 110 inflatable dropstich fishing kayak has the rigidity of a hardshell kayak, integrated with patented fishbone technology optimizing speed and tracking to get to your fishing spot. Customize the placement of your fishing accessories with the aluminium accessory rail and integrated Scotty mounts at easy reach. Enjoy the comfort of the Ergo Boost Seat : when folded, it turns into a booster seat making it easy to sit or stand while casting. Included : Battery & manual pump, backpack. MSRP: $1399.00

oru kayak lake


Our most accessible and simplest recreational boat yet— at just 17 lbs, this foldable kayak can be assembled in under 2 minutes and is compact enough to be stored in your closet, easily fits in the trunk of your car, and can be checked on your flight to take with you on your next adventure. MSRP $499

yakattack tow n stow barcart kayak cart


Designed for extreme duty, the BarCart is universal, collapsible, user-friendly, and robust, requiring no tools to assemble or disassemble. With the push of a button or the flip of a lever, the BarCart can be deployed, adjusted, or collapsed in seconds. And with two bunk bar configurations, it boasts unprecedented compatibility with different hull shapes. Made in the USA to a standard of quality you’ve come to expect from YakAttack.

bixby k1 kayak motor


The Bixpy K-1 Motor is a compact, lightweight, high-performance marine motor designed and optimized specifically for personal water propulsion and small watercraft such as kayaks, dinghies canoes, paddle boards, and other one or two-person watercraft. The K-1 Motor can be paired with an improved version of Bixpy’s existing PP-378 battery (Version 4) or the new PP-768 battery, released in early February of 2023, which provides more than 24 hours of run time with the K-1 platform. MSRP: $699.00

switchblade live transducer deployment system


For use with live style transducers, the YakAttack SwitchBlade Live features a quick-release mounting base compatible with kayaks, aluminum boats with accessory gunwale rails, and can also be deck mounted. It is easily deployable and stowable, featuring a built-in rest for use when under power. Adjustable tension and port/starboard position make it the perfect fit for various watercrafts and waterways. It is made in the USA and back by our built for life guarantee. MSRP $250

kayak steady stick


Steady Stick offers innovative aftermarket balance assist for select fishing kayaks. We have reimagined standing balance assist to provide kayak anglers of all skill-levels a more streamlined and practical product to stand and fish more confidently. New for 2023 is our balance assist product line for select OEM kayak pedal drive systems, where we have made strength refinements to our product now allowing its users the ability to stand-up and sit-down when using. MSRP: $194.99

texas power paddle kayak propulsion system


Born on the rugged Texas coast, the patented Texas Power Paddle© E-propulsion system comes with everything you need to transform your kayaking adventure into an effortless, hassle-free experience. Our Gen 2 model can be installed on most kayaks, featuring automatic motor deploy & retract, for under six inches of water. Highlights include automatic weed cleaning, LCD prompts, audible alerts, on-board USB, all under 12 pounds with battery included. Get ready to experience the future of E-kayaking! MSRP: $1649.00