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15 Fishing Knots Every Angler Should Know


These 15 fishing knots have proven to be the most versatile for bass fishing. The illustrations offer multiple options for joining lines, creating loops on lures, snelling, or just getting stronger connections and quick solid knots on any size line you might choose to fish. We’ve illustrated how to tie each fishing knot, and made it easy to view on your phone out in the boat. So be sure to bookmark this link for later and share it with your fishing buddies.

Fishing line isn’t magic, no matter what any commercial tells you. It wears out, it builds up friction, it gets nicked, scraped, scratched, cut, stretched and everything else. So retying is important. Tying a good knot to begin with, however, is more important, so you might want to read our 4 Tips on Tying a Good Fishing Knot before delving into these knots.

We’ve spent the last year quizzing professional guides, professional anglers and avid fishermen to find out what are the most commonly mentioned and used knots for bass fishing. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to tie each of the fishing knots we felt were relevant.

Click on the knot name to get diagrams and step by step instructions for each knot. 

A simple knot that doubles the line up around the line tie to give it straighter strength, but it is possible to tie this knot wrong and cut your line, so pay attention to the details in this one.

A great and simple knot that works really well with smaller lines especially. One of the easiest and first knots many anglers learn.

A slightly improved version of the improved clinch, the Trilene knot has a good break strength and is also very easy to tie.

Maybe the most versatile and strong knot in all of fishing. It takes a bit of finger dexterity, but can be used to snell hooks, join lines and provide rock solid connections with the smallest and heaviest of lines equally.

A very popular knot among professional anglers, the San Diego Jam ties fast and gives a solid connect to your lure or hook.

The ideal knot for flipping straight shank worm hooks into thick cover that gives the hook a pendulum effect on the hookset if tied correctly.

This loop knot is easy to tie, effective for topwater lures and holds better than most loop knots.

Another quick and easy knot to tie that doesn’t get quite the notoriety of the improved clinch or the Palomar.

A great braid to fluoro or mono join knot that gives you a very tiny knot connection making it easy to cast through your guides. Very popular for spinning rods.

Another strong joining knot. It holds rock solid but it is not as small and harder to cast through guides.

A great knot that is relatively unused but easy to tie and effective.

A quick and easy join knot that will take a bit of practice but will join various size lines quickly once you learn it.

Twice as much line makes this an extremely powerful knot that holds really well and gives the knot a lot of power and surface area.

Another incredibly strong knot for bigger lines that will give you a rock solid connection to your lure or hook.

A handy knot for tying line to a reel spool or tagging off line on a spool to keep it stored neatly without lines coming loose in your boat or tackle room.

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