Fishing Rigs

Knowing how to tie and rig the basic fishing rigs in bass fishing and other species fishing will make you a much more versatile and well-rounded angler. We recommend you read and learn the following rigs to start:

  • The Texas Rig is great for making your soft plastics weedless to fish around heavy cover.
  • The Carolina Rig is a great rig for covering water and dragging a bait that has freedom of movement as comb large areas looking for fish.
  • The Drop Shot Rig is great for suspended fish and fish on isolated pieces of cover where you can pull the plastic up and then just lift and drop slack to make the bait dance without moving from the spot.
  • The Wacky Rig is great for skipping around in shallow cover and getting a fishes attention when they are up shallow roaming or around isolated targets.
  • The Neko Rig gives you a weighted wacky rig that stands up and scoots along seductively on the bottom.
  • The Ned Rig is one of the hottest finesse techniques now for its simple small plastic on a jighead rigging and easy fishing.
  • The Tokyo Rig gave anglers a better way to present Texas rigged plastics more horizontally on the bottom with a weight below the hook eye.
  • The Alabama Rig presented a way for anglers to attract big bass with multiple swimbaits on a single harness.
  • The Free Rig is new to the scene and offers a sliding weight and a plastic that is Texas rigged but free to move around independent of the weight.