New Fishing Lures for 2024

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We’ve collected a bunch of the new fishing lures for the upcoming fishing seasons and are sharing a quick introduction to a wide variety of freshwater fishing lures for 2024. These are the new lures introduced this summer at ICAST. There are bass fishing lures, panfish lures and a few other lures for walleye, musky, etc. We will cover the new fishing reels and new fishing rods in separate posts so be sure and check those out as well. And we’ll have a separate sections for kayak fishing, electronics and accessories and other fishing gear.

Here’s what’s new in fishing lures from a variety of fishing tackle companies for 2024.

Berkley Dime crankbait


Offering anglers the durability and performance of a plastic bait, the Dime features balsa-like action thanks to Berkley’s patented Flash Disc technology. It not only casts further due to the weight transfer system in the smaller sizes, but it tracks perfectly and features sticky sharp Fusion19 treble hooks for when it’s time to fill the boat. Rounding out the offering are first in class finishes and colorway options to match the hatch that balsa baits cannot achieve.

  • Patented Flash Disc Technology achieves balsa like action in a plastic bait
  • Weight transfer system for further casting in sizes 4 and 6
  • Sticky sharp Fusion19 hooks

Berkley Powerbait Nessie


Available in three different sizes starting from 5-inch and ranging up to 9-inches, the PowerBait Nessie presents a big profile with the ability to be retrieved at various speeds and cadences due to the stabilizing fins that keep the bait running consistent at all times. Featuring a new mesh reinforced joint and hook retention clip, durability and efficiency are never in question when anglers are hunting for a big bite.

  • Soft-bodied glide bait design featuring Berkley’s famous PowerBait flavor
  • Mesh reinforced joint provides durability while allowing for free range of motion
  • Stabilizing fins for consistent action
  • Hook retention clip keeps treble hook secured to the body – suited for keeping the hook in place when skipping under cover
  • Sticky sharp Fusion19 treble hook
  • Custom painted forage matching finishes

Rapala Crush City Bronco Bug


What sets the Bronco Bug apart from the competition is a perfect level of body thickness, which allows an angler to Texas rig a hook to keep it snagless, while allowing for easy penetration of the hook. It features a dolphin-like swimming action and a “Bronco Buck” kick when jigged. The body of the bait has raised ribs on each side to hide the hook point, meaning that when one side of the bait starts to show wear, the hook can be flipped without compromising any action, thereby increasing durability and efficiency. The appendages face forward, which means they’ll create a disturbance larger than that of the overall package and remain quivering with the slightest bit of current or angler manipulation. 15 colors. MSRP $6.99 a pack

  • rapala crush city freeloader


Collaborating with Jacob Wheeler, the product engineers at Rapala sought to create the ultimate chatterbait/spinnerbait trailer bait. It can be used as a vibrating jig trailer, alone as a swimbait, or for countless other traditional and novel soft plastic presentations. The body features miniature ribs for added action, water movement and a realistic texture, but the unsung hero of this product is the tail, which tapers to a point, albeit one with a ball at the end. That creates a kicking action which is subtly realistic. It’s the reason why it has quickly become Wheeler’s spinnerbait trailer of choice, too, adding a bit of bulk, color contrast, and a touch of ultra-realism. 4 1/4 inches long. 6-pack for $5.99. 17 custom colors

rapala crush city ned blt


The Rapala CrushCity™ Ned BLT is a 3-inch tapered worm. It combines durability and high floating, while also retaining maximum action. It’s built with TPE, so it’s super-flexible and has some really good colors to it, but the key is that 3 inches is the perfect size whether you’re dealing with largemouth bass, spotted bass or smallmouths. Available in 16 custom colors with 10 baits a pack and MSRP $5.99.

rapala crush city cleanup craw


It features a carefully crafted body, thick enough to hold a beefy hook without slipping, but not so thick as to hinder a hook set. The unique appendages and claws cause it to kick and quiver with the slightest movement on a jig, punched or cast on a Texas rig. It is 3 1/2 inches long and is available in 17 custom colors tweaked specifically to Wheeler’s preferences. It comes in 7 craws to the pack and has a suggested retail price of US $6.99.

Rapala crush city the mayor


The Mayor’s tail does not kick super hard, but instead steadily and naturally swings from side-to-side. With a subtle body roll, this swimbait performs thanks to a salt- and scent-infused body. But the density of the plastic gives this swimbait the perfect kick Wheeler wanted to be an ultra-realistic imitation of a shad. Available in 3- and 4-inch sizes, 16 custom colors, 8 in a pack (3 inch) and 6 in a pack (4 inch), MSRP starting at $6.49.

Rapala OG Deep Tiny 7


This small, flat-sided lure is made with premium balsa wood and features a circuit board lip. The flat-sided body design, combined with its balsa wood construction gives it a tight and finesse wobble. Getting the deep diving swim was a labor of love but Ott Defoe has perfected it in this new staple of cold water fishing.The new OG Deep Tiny 7 comes in 19 natural colors with a body length of 2-1/4 inches and weighs 5/16-ounce. MSRP $10.99.

  • strike king gravel dawg


Delivering a wide wobble action in a bite-sized, 1.5 profile, Strike King’s new Gravel Dawg grinds through rock, wood, and grass better than any medium-diving crankbait in its class.The Gravel Dawg comes in two different versions – the Gravel Dawg 8 and Gravel Dawg 10. Both sizes keep the same body profile and size, but the bill changes between the two to achieve different diving depths. These baits will have you covered in the 5-10 ft. range throughout all parts of the country. MSRP $9.99.

KVD deep jerkbait


Adding depth to an already robust jerkbait collection, Strike King introduces the new KVD J300 Deep Sinking Jerkbait. The KVD J300 Deep Sinking Jerkbait was was designed in conjunction with MLF Bass Pro Tour Angler Kevin VanDam. The jerkbait is weighted perfectly to sink nearly 0.5-feet per second and maintains the amazing erratic action of the standard KVD 300 Deep Jerkbait. This bait comes stock with 3 super sharp Mustad Triple Grip Hooks and premium paint finishes which means this bait is ready to rock straight out of the package.

MSRP: $11.99

rage hawk


The Rage Hawk is the newest additions to the long line of Rage Tail Plastics from Strike King. The Rage Hawk is 3.25” and features a super compact profile, with two Rage arms extending from the side of the bait. It is able to fit up to a 5/0 hook in its smaller body style, increasing hook up ratios and presenting fish with the perfect, snack-sized bite for finicky bass. Rage products are commonly identified by the patented Rage appendages found on the arms and claws of the products. The Rage Hawk is built upon the traditional Rage style to push the limits of innovation and entice more bites. 

MSRP: $6.99

Bitsy Splash


Strike King releases the new Bitsy family, a line up of four popular Strike King baits now available in a “bitsy” size. Anglers can find some of their favorite Strike King baits – like the Sexy Dawg, KVD Splash, Red Eyed Shad – in a super small finesse profile. The full Bitsy family includes the Bitsy Dawg, Bitsy Splash, Bitsy Red Eyed Shad, Bitsy Jerkbait and Bitsy Spinner which is available in 1/16 oz., 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz., and 3/8 oz. MSRP: $5.99

mr. crappie lil sucker

Strike King Mr. Crappie Lil Suck’r

The Lil Suck’r is a small profile, shad pole style swim bait with a paddle tail and a subtle swimming action. It has a hot tail bait color scheme and will be very effective with highly pressured fish. This bait works really well on a 1/16 oz. and 1/32 oz. Teen-Zee Sausage Head Jig.

mr. crappie sugar glider

Strike King Mr. Crappie Sugar Glider

The Sugar Glider also uses Mr. Crappie’s signature shad pole style body but is unique because of its wings. (Or “wangs” if you’re Wally.) Because of the wings, the bait is able to accomplish a fluttering or gliding movement when shooting under a dock. Another unique feature is extruded square tail, causing a wiggle even when the bait is still.

mr. crappie maxie waxie

Strike King Mr. Crappie Maxie Waxie

The most versatile bait of the release, Maxie Waxie, looks unassuming but definitely packs a punch. This bait is a small, grub shaped bait with two strands of rubber through the center to create a very realistic insect profile. The best way to fish the Maxie Waxie is on a 1/64 oz. Teen-Zee Sausage Head Jig under a cork. Small but mighty, the Maxie Waxie is deadly for a variety of species.

bill lewis the gnat

Bill Lewis The GNAT

Not all micro-cranks are equal. The GNAT may be little, but it has a serious bite. Designed to catch everything that swims, the GNAT will outperform any other bait in its class in terms of finish, action, and most notably, castability. We have integrated big-bait qualities such as a weight-transfer system and premium finishes that allow you to cast farther and entice bites from countless species of gamefish. Coming in at 1 1/2-inch length and 1/8 ounce, the GNAT is designed to run up to 3 feet deep and comes in 8 fish-catching colors.

bill lewis hammer trap

Bill Lewis Hammer-Trap

The Hammer-Trap is the newest offering from Bill Lewis in the lipless category, which they put on the map over 50 years ago. The Hammer-Trap’s name is derived from the incredible hammering action. This action, which will literally rock your rod tip, also activates the Tri-Tone sound chambers. In turn, this emits 3 distinct tonal frequencies as well as the next-level vibration. When stopped on the retrieve, the Hammer-Trap will fall with a fluttering action. The Hammer-Trap, which comes in 3/8 and 5/8-ounce is available in 16 pro-selected colors and comes equipped with Mustad Triple Grip hooks.

bill lewis pwc lite

Bill Lewis PWC Lite

Following up on the success of Mark Romanack’s signature PWC (Precise Walleye Crank), Bill Lewis is rolling out a smaller version— the PWC Lite. While maintaining a strong, rolling-body action, the PWC Lite will have a bit of a tighter action than its big brother. It will also be perfect for warm water months and matching smaller baitfish. Everything else about the PWC Lite will be much like the original, larger PWC. A full-bodied sound will come from the customized rattle chambers and all PWC Lite’s will come equipped with oversized Mustad Triple Grip hooks.

Buckeye Lures Brush Panda Heavy Jig

Designed by Buckeye pro Jacob Powroznik, the Brush Panda features a zero-flex black nickel hook as well as a dual-lock bait keeper with traction rings. It also features a unique design that relates the weed guard to the hook point in such a way that it easily deflects off cover yet insures you never miss a bite. The Brush Panda comes in three sizes: 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 ounce. Available in 6 colors.

buckeye lures the shocker

Buckeye Lures “The Shocker” Swimbait Head

“The Shocker” Swimbait Head is an updated version of our previously tried and true design, featuring a new keeper design that grips and holds all styles of soft plastic baits firmly in place. It also has newly designed aesthetics such as engraved gills and the ever-helpful weight stamped onto the head. As always, Buckeye products come with perfectly sized premium hooks and “The Shocker” is no exception. Another feature worth mentioning is the pro-prescribed color options based around a natural lead look with specific colors chosen to match the most popular swimbait hues. Available in seven sizes ranging from ⅛ oz to 1 oz, “The Shocker” comes with either a beefy black nickel hook or a light-wire option to suit any style and size of swimbait.

buckeye lures g buzz

Buckeye Lures G-Buzz

There is no denying that Gerald Swindle has had a ton of success throughout his career utilizing a buzzbait. Up until now, that was a buzzbait he had built strictly for himself. Thanks to his mutual investment with Buckeye to give our customers the best tools on earth, the infamous G-Buzz is now available to the world. Available in ¼ oz, ⅜ oz, and ½ oz, as well as the 5 colors that Gerald has relied on himself, the G-Buzz has a unique bend to the wire frame that he has honed over the years to maximize hookups on every strike. Likewise, even the fine details of the blade and rivet are dialed in to Swindle’s exact specifications. Ultimately, the G-Buzz is a finely tuned fish-catching tool that is proven to run true, sound great, and provoke heart-stopping topwater explosions.

buckeye lures chop top

Buckeye Lures Chop Top Buzzbait

Since its inception, Buckeye Lures has been known as a brand that offers premium, lead-poured products designed by anglers for anglers. Maintaining that mantra, the all-new Chop Top offers everything our pros desired in a buzzbait. Starting with the head-knocking design that emits an incredible sound to draw fish and elicit explosive strikes, to the perfectly sized hooks in terms of length and diameter, the Chop Top was made to finish the job and put fish in the boat. We followed that up with high-quality skirts and colors that are sure to mimic forage and coerce even the wariest bass in all scenarios. Available in both ¼ oz and ⅜ oz as well as 8 fish-catching colors, the Chop Top will make some noise when you’re looking for a big bite.

spot remover ned head

Buckeye Lures Spot Remover Ned Head

Buckeye Lures has teamed up with Mark Daniels Jr., a noted Ned fishing expert, to bring you the all-new Spot Remover Ned Head. Utilizing our ever-popular Spot Remover stand-up head design, Mark has integrated the perfect hook in terms of length, diameter, and angle to maximize every bite. The Spot Remover Ned Head will be available in 6 different sizes as well as 2 different colors, all of which utilize an exaggerated wire keeper to fasten your favorite soft plastic securely from cast to landing

culprit shakin neko craw

The Culprit Shakin’ Neko Craw

The Culprit Shakin’ Neko Craw creates a whole new Shakin’ category, the first of its kind for use in finesse applications of Neko rigging, Shakey Head, Wacky rigs, and even trimmed down for Ned rigs. When rigged Neko style, each twitch of the rod produces an action much like the tail of a crawfish as it scoots in short bursts on the bottom. There is even a built-in groove to securely hold an O-ring, popular with Neko and Wacky rigging. In stock now for $6.49

duo br fish

DUO Realis BR Fish

The BR Fish 3.3” is specially designed to perform both sharp darting action and super steady retrieve action. The deadly darting action will trigger reactionary bites even during mid-day and under tough conditions. Boost the darting action by rigging the BR Fish on the BR Head which is a specially designed jighead for the BR Fish. The perfect combination is also capable to perform a super stable steady retrieve action. Slim shape of the body together with the natural movement of the tail fin will induce bites from those high-pressured fish. Available in 12 colors at $6.99 (pack of 7).Duo br head


DUO Realis BR Head

The BR Head is a specially designed jighead for the BR Fish. Hybrid head shape of a cannonball and an arrowhead is specialized to perform sharp darting action and super steady retrieve action. The glider fins on the side will support to keep the bait in the same range and contribute for long gliding distances during darting actions. Super sharp hook with excellent toughness is chosen to handle brutal fights with big fish. Available in 3g(#1/0), 5g(#1/0), 7g(#1/0), 9g(#1/0), 12g(#2/0), 14g(#2/0) for $5.99 (pack of 5 for 3g, pack of 4 for 5g-9g, pack of 3 for 12g-14g).

duo kabuki 48 mr

DUO Realis Crank 48MR

The Realis Crank 48MR Kabuki Bottom Rush is specialized for fishing shallow hard bottoms. High buoyancy and quick response will enable anglers to fish snaggy structures very tightly without getting stuck. Compact profile equipped with a square lip will produce a high appealing wide wobbling action and dive to the target zone quickly. Depth : 6.5ft – 8ft, Length : 48mm, Weight : 3/8oz. Available in 16 colors for $13.99.

duo finder shad

DUO Realis Finder Shad

The Finder Shad 3” is specially designed for hover-stroll techniques to target suspended bass. Non-salted material is used to realize the ideal softness and transparency to perform natural movements. The body shape and balance will produce natural flashing effect and rolling action to draw fish. The fins placed at the end of the body will function as stabilizer. Great castability is achieved by the rear center of gravity design. You can rig the Finder Shad 3” both vertically and horizontally depending on your preferred action. Available in 12 colors for $5.99 (pack of 7).

duo spinbait 80 shallow

DUO Realis Spinbait 80 Shallow

Time to take your Spybaiting technique to the next level with the Realis Spinbait 80 Shallow. Another model has been added to the Realis Spinbait series. Based on the legendary Spinbait 80, DUO’s development team began re-designing the weight balance to master sub-surface spybaiting technique (50cm below surface) with a slow retrieve. Sophisticated design of the prop movements will produce subtle vibes and natural rolling action of the body will induce bites without spooking the fish away. Available in 12 colors for $13.99.

duo t hog

DUO Realis T-Hog

The Realis T-Hog 3.5” is a giant water bug shaped soft bait made of high density material which was developed by DUO’s pro staff Mr.Nishijima who is one of the top bass fishing guides at Lake Biwa. The flat side body design will make the T-Hog excellent at back-sliding action and contribute to a great hook up ratio. The two curly arms will move naturally like a double tail grub on the fall and swimming actions. Excellent castability is achieved even on a weightless rig due to the weight of the T-Hog is 11g (3/8oz). The T-Hog is suitable for numerous rigs such as weightless, free weight, weighted hook, nail rig, Texas, and Carolina. Available in 11 colors for $5.99 (pack of 5).

duo versa pintail

DUO Realis Versa Pintail

The Versa Pintail 3” has the same features as the Versa Shad 3”. Heavier material is used for the lower body to achieve great stability and consistent action even during fast retrieves. Tapered tail together with the flat side body design performs an excellent rolling action and flashing effect. Back slit design will give you 2 options for offset hooks. You can either place the hook point in the slit or fully hide it inside the body to be perfectly weedless. The Versa Pintail 3” is a great bait for finesse presentation to overcome tough fishing conditions. Available in 12 colors for $4.99 (pack of 10).

DUO Realis Versa Shad

The Versa Shad 3” is finally ready to be part of your tackle box. Heavier material is used for the lower body to achieve more stability and consistent action even during fast retrieves and quick actions. Tapered tail together with the flat side body design performs an excellent rolling action and flashing effect. In addition, base of the tail is designed to be thinner to ensure proper action with dead-slow retrieves. Back slit design will give you 2 options for offset hooks. You can either place the hook point in the slit or fully hide it inside the body to be perfectly weedless. DUO’s in-house production will guarantee top quality soft baits for you. Available in 12 colors for $4.99 (pack of 10).

duo wriggle slim

DUO Realis Wriggle ND Slim

The Realis Wriggle ND Slim 3” is specially developed for the Ned rig. DUO’s in-house production has produced an original elastomer material has the ideal buoyancy and softness with excellent durability to take your Ned rig to the next level. Unique elliptical shape of the body easily performs a great quivering action. Large thick tail will vibrate on the fall and produce shaking action. Even a gentle water current will make the Wriggle ND move. Available in 8 colors for $4.99 (pack of 7).

duo wriggle stick

DUO Realis Wriggle Stick

The new standard for straight worms, the Wriggle Stick 3 and 4-inch carry on the quirks of its predecessor (Wriggle Crawler) with high salt content and varying oval cross sections. Great castability will enable anglers to cast it to the desired target zone. Its high salt asymmetric body creates a wriggling action on the fall that will surely produce bites. It is also very effective when dragged on the bottom or twitched around structures. Designed to slide through tough cover and to be cast into thick weed with confidence. Available in 12 colors for $5.99 (pack of 7 for 3”, pack of 6 for 4”).

lunkerhunt hive wacky stick


Experience a new way of Wacky-Rig-Fishing with the HIVE Wacky Stick, meticulously designed for flawless wacky rig presentations. Crafted with our Ultra-Durable-Soft-Plastic (UDSP), it can handle the toughest battles. With its subtle wiggle on the fall, it entices even the most hesitant fish to strike. The centered O-ring “spot” allows for perfect placement for better performance and multiple rigging options (neko and wacky) Each pack comes with 6pcs, ensuring you have an abundance of options on the water. Available in 12 colors.

lunkerhunt seeker swimbait


The Lunkerhunt Hive Seeker Swimbait now available in a 5 1/2-inch is one of the staple Hive baits. All baits in this series feature our Ultra Durable Soft Plastic material which can withstand the attack from large predator fish, to those pesky smaller panfish. This floating, stretching, durable soft plastic made in a swimbait style bait creates a deadly combination of fishability out on the water. These baits feature a hard thumping square tail action which influences the tight body roll, presenting a well-balanced lure at any retrieval speed or rigging option. Available in 15 fish catching colors in 3 1/2, 4 1/2 and 5 1/2-inch sizes.

lunkerhunt hive hellgrammite


With its realistic appendages and ultra-durable soft plastic construction like all HIVE baits, this bait pairs perfectly with HIVE Ned jig heads to create an irresistible combination. Each pack includes 8 pieces, Available in 10 different fish-catching colors.

lunkerhunt hive micro finesse wiggler

LUNKERHUNT HIVE Micro and Finesse Wiggler

Crafted with utmost precision and durability, this exceptional lure seamlessly pairs with Hive micro jig heads, providing a winning combination. With a diverse selection of 8 vibrant colors and sizes ranging from 1 1/2 to 2 inches, you can effortlessly adapt to match the natural forage.

hive micro finesse hexa

LUNKERHUNT HIVE Micro and Finesse Hexa

The HIVE Micro and Finesse Hexa is a super soft curly tail lure with irresistible action. Crafted with Ultra Durable Soft Plastic like all our HIVE baits, it pairs perfectly with Hive micro jig heads. Each pack includes 10 pieces of the Micro size (1 1/2 inch) or 8 pieces of the Finesse size (2 1/2 inch). With a range of 8 fish-catching colors available.

Hive football jig


Introducing the HIVE Football Jig, the perfect match to the LUNKERHUNT HIVE line of baits. Its weedless brush guard lets you navigate tough vegetation effortlessly. The unique head matches the HIVE bait design. The bait keeper is tailored for UDSP products, ensuring a secure fit. Featuring a 4/0 hook, it’s strong and reliable. Available in 3 colors and 3 weights: 1/4oz, 3/8oz, and 1/2oz.

lunkerhunt hive weighted ewg


Introducing the new LUNKERHUNT HIVE Weighted EWG hook, the perfect companion for your HIVE Soft Plastic baits. Designed with an arm lock to prevent baits slipping and featuring an ultra-sharp 3/0 Extra Wide Gap hook, ensuring secure hooksets. Its weedless design allows for hassle-free rigging in dense cover. Available in 1/16oz, 1/8oz, and 1/4oz weights, it provides versatility for various fishing conditions. 4 pieces per package.

lunkerhunt hive ned jig


Upgrade your Ned rig setup with the HIVE Ned Jig Head. It pairs seamlessly with the LUNKERHUNT HIVE Soft Plastics, offering enhanced performance. The added arm lock keeps baits secure, preventing slipping. Equipped with a #1 ultra-sharp hook, it ensures swift hooksets. Available in 1/8oz, 1/4oz, and 3/8oz weights, you can adapt to different fishing conditions. 4 pieces per package.

lunkerhunt impact max walker


Experience the excellence of the new LUNKERHUNT Impact Walker Max, a topwater lure designed for easy walking action. With its durable wire-through construction and saltwater rated components, it delivers reliable performance. Create slow glides, walk-the-dog, or zigzag actions effortlessly. At 4 inch and 1/2 ounce, it’s the perfect size and weight. Choose from 8 colors to match your target species and unleash topwater success.

lunkerhunt impact slash


The Impact Slash 12T Max is a premium trolling and casting bait designed with precision, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of fishing scenarios. Its well-balanced design, measuring 4 1/3 inches in length and weighing 1/2-ounce, ensures optimal control and accuracy during casts, while its robust wire-through construction and heavy-duty components guarantee durability and reliability during intense trolling sessions. Available in 8 captivating colors.

perfection lures flipping bait

Perfection Lures Dudley’s Flippin’ Bait

Dudley’s Flippin’ Bait is 3 ¾’’ bait with a hourglass body shape for increased hook-up ratio. There is a hook ridge on each side of the bait to hold your hook in place. Dudley was adamant about a subtle kicking action for a lifelike appearance. 7pk – MSRP: $5.99 – Available in October

perfection lures ned bait

Perfection Lures Dudley’s Ned Bait

Tapping into David Dudley’s finesse fishing expertise, they built a unique Ned Bait. The wide, flat body falls with tempting gliding action. Drag it across the bottom slowly and let the tear-drop shaped tail deliver an irresistibly subtle action begging for instant strikes. 10pk – MSRP: $5.99 – Available in October

perfection lures dudley finesse worm

Perfection Lures Dudley’s Finesse Worm

David Dudley is known for catching a few fish on the infamous shaky head. It was inevitable that we had to design his own Dudley Finesse Worm. Dudley wanted a fully rounded worm with a bulb shaped tail for a subtle natural presentation when dragged across the bottom. Dudley’s Finesse Worm can be fished Texas rigged, on a shaky head, or even a dropshot.  10pk – MSRP: $5.99 – Available in October

Shimano ARMAJOINT 190SS Flash Boost

Shimano designed the ARMAJOINT 190SS FB to solve the challenges of casting a big jointed swimbait and the proprietary ARMABOOST technology significantly increases casting distance and accuracy by reducing unnecessary air resistance and the chances of the lure spinning during flight. As the angler casts the lure, ARMABOOST technology facilitates the lure to disconnect from an internal magnet and forces the body to fold into its compact shape. Once the lure hits the water, the lure’s body reengages with the magnet to create a smooth and natural swimming action. Swim in an S-pattern, but the bait will not flare out when stopped due to the fold in its body. ARMAJOINT also features Shimano’s proprietary FLASH BOOST technology that constantly emits a fish-attracting flash during the retrieve — even on the pause.

shimano swagy strong

Shimano Swagy Spinnerbaits

Shimano’s Swagy spinnerbait incorporates an innovative tapered-wire design to add durability without sacrificing the lure’s vibration. The lower arm’s thicker (0.95mm) wire improves hookup ratios and adds durability. Swagy’s upper arm tapers to a thinner (0.6mm) wire, boosting the lure’s specially-designed blades to transmit more vibration through the lure body and causing the skirt to have more action as the lure moves through the water. Swagy’s head design incorporates both tin and tungsten while precisely placing the high specific-gravity tungsten on the bottom portion of the head to stabilize the swimming action during fast reel retrieves. Swagy offers two distinct blade configurations. The shape of the blade’s front cup creates a faster rise for extreme vibration.

Yamamoto Yamatanuki 2 1/2 inch

Yamamoto Yamatanuki 2.5

This new size of the Yamatanuki was repeatedly requested by our pros and consumers who wanted a smaller, more compact version of their new favorite soft plastic. The smaller size allows for greater application in clear water, smallmouth, spotted bass, and other finesse scenarios. The 2.5” perfectly fits the bill as it can be fished on light line, rigged weightless, or on most any style of jig head. It can be cast, pitched, skipped, dropped, or presented however the situation calls for.

yamamoto 3 inch yamacraw

Yamamoto 3-Inch Yama Craw

Yamamoto released the popular Yama Craw in December of 2022. The No. 1 request after using it was for a smaller version. The 3-inch Yama Craw shrunk the overall profile and took into account the problem with other small craws in the market. They re-sized the body portion of the craw to be beefy enough to be put on a jig keeper without splitting, and to have enough meat to Texas rig and still hold a sizable hook. Available in 19 colors and comes clam packed.

Yamamoto Fat Senko

Yamamoto 5-inch Fat Senko

There is no denying that the original 5-inch Senko is often imitated, but never duplicated. No other stickbait can match the quality, action, and success of the original Senko. The all-new 5-inch Fat Senko is the same length with a 20% larger diameter. It is made from the very same formula but falls faster, casts better, shows up better on sonar, and is more visible to fish. Available in 16 of your favorite proven colors.

yamamoto scope shad

Yamamoto Scope Shad

Although designed to be the perfect tool for forward facing sonar, the Scope Shad offers the perfect profile to fool even the most pressured bass. You can confidently rig it for a vertical presentation on technique-specific jig heads such as the all-new Buckeye Scope-Head. It is also an incredible offering on a drop shot as it is constructed from our Mega Floater Formula. Furthermore, the Scope Shad can be paired with an underspin. Available in 13 clearwater-specific colors, 3-inch size.

Oki worm

Yamamoto Oki Worm

“Oki” means long sword in Japanese, and that is exactly what this worm will remind you of – a long weapon. The 10-inch Oki is a straight-tail worm that is formulated using the popular Mega Floater Formula, which ensures that the Oki will float vertically and be more visible as well as have more action when presented on a standup jig head. The Oki is available in 16 different colors.

Ichi Worm

Yamamoto Ichi Worm

In the case of the all-new Ichi Worm, the design paired with the formula sets this big worm apart. By utilizing the ribbed body much akin to the popular Slinko, the Ichi Worm offers a bulky profile that displaces water and releases bubbles. Despite the bulk, this design doesn’t hinder hookups as it allows for maximum hook penetration. The combination of the ribbon tail, bulky ringed body, and our Mega Floater Formula ensures that the Ichi stands up. Available in 16 colors, the 10-inch Ichi worm has incredible action and appeals to the quality of bass that you tell stories about for years to come.

Yo-Zuri Wake Prop

Yo-Zuri Wake Prop

This is a single jointed topwater wake bait with an oversized UV polycarbonate prop.  This bait can be burned to cover open water or slowed for fishing around structure.  It features Yo-Zuri patented internal painted and 3D prism finishes that never chip or wear off. It comes in two sizes 3-3/8 inches (85mm), 4-1/8 inches (105mm) and in 8 colors Starting retail of $12.99 and available now at

z-man 4-inch hellraizer

Z-Man 4-inch HellraiZer

A smaller, bite-sized version of Z-Man’s groundbreaking topwater concept, the 4-inch HellraiZer walks, sputters and carves the surface just as effortlessly as its larger brethren. Designed by ChatterBait inventor Ron Davis, the HellraiZer is power-driven by an exclusive, weighted tail blade. Employ a simple, straight retrieve to effortlessly plane the lure to the top, where it retains its remarkable fleeing action at slow or fast speeds. A thin, elongated, minimalist body sports a belly line tie and a single treble hook. Ten vibrant patterns. MSRP $12.99 each. 4-inches, 3/8-ounce.

z-man herculeZ 3

Z-Man 3-inch HerculeZ Swimbait

Built around the same detailed baitfish sculpting and smartly designed curved paddletail as Z-Man’s larger 4-, 5-, and 6-inch models, the new 3-inch HerculeZ Swimbait offers a naturalistic appearance and swim action. A heavy duty 3/0 Mustad hook offer is tough enough to tame the most muscular fish. Jighead also includes a ventral eyelet for adding a second belly hook. Molded around a 1/4-ounce zinc weight. MSRP $9.99 per 2-pack.

z-man scented jerk shadz

Z-Man 3 1/2-inch Scented Jerk ShadZ

Inspired by Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson’s 2023 Bassmaster Classic victory, the new 3.5-inch Scented Jerk ShadZ offers the same proven profile as the 4- and 5-inch sizes in a slightly subtler package. Supercharged with Pro-Cure Super Gel attractant and salt-impregnated for optimal rate-of-fall and natural, horizontal posture, the Scented Jerk ShadZ is a next-level soft jerkbait. Its modified split-tail design perfectly emulates erratic baitfish action. While a deep belly hook-slot eases weedless rigging and positive hooksets. MSRP $5.49 per 5-pack

z-man micro goat

Z-Man 1 3/4-inch Micro GOAT

A wonderfully versatile panfish-catching profile, the Micro GOAT sprouts fine, flattened dual kicker legs, finished with and water-catching curved paddletails that tirelessly pulse and swim at any retrieve speed, including during the drop. The Micro GOAT’s ribbed body amps up water displacement and air bubble emissions for surplus vibration and visual appeal. The Micro GOAT can be rigged flat (think micro crayfish) or vertically, for faster swimbait-style retrieves. Offered in ten vibrant colors. MSRP $4.99 per 8-pack.

z-man micro finesse baby ballerz

Z-Man 2-inch Baby BallerZ

Sized and shaped to match baby shad and other natural crappie forage, the Baby BallerZ is powered by a hydrodynamic, pyramidal tail section that responds to the slightest rod movement. Ball tail shimmies and undulates on the fall, or creates a subtle swimming action on straight, slow retrieves. For extra water displacement and air bubble emissions, the Baby BallerZ’ ribbed body also enhances its malleability and natural texture. Offered in ten popular colors. MSRP $4.99 per 8-pack.

z-man micro shad headz

Z-Man Micro Shad HeadZ

Featuring a hydro-contoured minnow-shaped jighead, the Micro Shad HeadZ is made to match Z-Man Micro Finesse baits. Armed with a light-wire, needlepoint black nickel hook, the Micro Shad HeadZ pins ElaZtech soft plastics tight, thanks to a hybrid molded split grip and wire trailer keeper. Resplendent 3D eyes offer visual strike appeal. Offered in 1/32- (#6 hook), 1/16- (#4) and 3/16-ounce (#2) sizes in chip-resistant Pink Glow, Glow White, Chartreuse and Black finishes. MSRP $4.99 per 4-pack.

z-man gremlin

Z-Man 4 1/2-inch Gremlin

Designed by Z-Man pro Brian “B.Lat” Latimer, the Gremlin presents bass with a bulky, creature bait profile with radical action-driven anatomy. Ribbed body increases water displacement and palatable texture, while trapping and exuding air bubbles for visual enticement. Twin curly tails and unique side appendages activate effortlessly, producing ceaseless movement and subtle quivering action. Its polygonal body core holds hook point securely. Offered in 8 color schemes, hand-picked by B.Lat himself. MSRP $4.99 per 4-pack.

Z-Man Chatterbait EVO

Z-Man ChatterBait Elite EVO

The culmination of thousands of hours of professional testing, tweaking and bass-in-the-boat, this next-level bladed jig features all new hybrid molded split-grip and wire trailer keepers to pin all soft plastics tightly in place, while expediting perfect rigging, every time—built around a 5/0 custom heavy-duty needlepoint black nickel hook. Hook was custom designed by Z-Man pro Stephen Browning, including exclusive barb placement for optimal performance, hookset to lip-lock. Wire-tied 100% silicone skirting maxes out durability. Stainless steel blades sport extra durable plated, painted and glitter finishes. Available in 3/8- and 1/2-ounce sizes in 12 elite color patterns. MSRP $9.99 each.

Z-Man chatterspike

Z-Man 4 1/2-inch ChatterSpike

Crafted by the original ChatterBait company, the 4.5-inch ChatterSpike refreshes your favorite bladed jigs and spinnerbaits with lively, seductive motion. Unlike other trailers that can overpower and minimize blade-driven vibration, the ChatterSpike’s pintail baitfish profile comes alive and quivers enticingly when paired with ChatterBait bladed jigs. The pronounced V-shaped ridges on top and bottom tail surfaces increase water displacement and quivering motion. For easy weedless rigging, simply slide the hook into dorsal and ventral hook slots. Perfectly matched to standard bass-sized bladed jigs, the 4 1/2-inch ChatterSpike comes in ten ChatterBait-matching color schemes. MSRP $4.99 per 5-pack.

Zoom Uni Toad

Zoom Uni Toad

Building upon the success of the widely popular Zoom Horny Toad, the Zoom Uni-Toad Swimbait is molded with the same body but with a single paddle tail instead of two Ultra-Vibe legs. On the bottom it features a belly slit to increase hook penetration and make it easy to rig weedless on EWG or screw-lock style hooks for fishing over grass and pads. It can also be fished as a trailer on the back of your favorite buzzbait to create better casting performance and a bigger target than a silicone skirt for hungry bass. Offered in Zoom’s best-selling colors.

zoom brush craw and baby brush craw

Zoom Brush Craw and Baby Brush Craw 

The Zoom Brush Craw and Baby Brush Craw combine the body from the deadly Brush Hog with more realistic crawfish pincers to give the fish a new look and more realistic profile. As versatile as they come, anglers can fish the Zoom Brush Craw on jigs, Texas-rigs, Carolina-rigs, shaky heads, and even drop shots. Offered in a wide range of Zoom’s proven colors.

ark CT 1.5 and 2.5 squarebill crankbaits


The new CT1.5/2.5 square-bill crankbait features a high float body for deflecting covers better and triggering more bites. The one-piece bill is not only almost invisible to fish but more durable than others. A heavy wobble action and the unique low pitch sound combined with two ARK Teflon coated treble hooks make this bait a fish catching machine at a price that everyone can enjoy. MSRP: $8.99.

ark tharp signature series flipping jig


Ark gave Randall Tharp the opportunity to design a flipping jig. Tharp and team created a custom hook that is the backbone of the jig. They made an o’shaughnessy bend, thin wire, 30-degree jig hook with a super slick coating applied to the raw hook. This hook is sharper, stronger, and penetrates better than any jig Tharp has ever used. Then he molded a custom arkie-style head that he has been hand pouring for years. The lead was removed from the shank and moved forward in the head for a perfect vertical fall. They added a single wire keeper and stiff weedguard at the perfect angle to come through cover effortlessly but collapse on the bite. Hand-tied skirts and chip proof paint finish off Tharp’s perfect flipping jig. MSRP: $5.99

ark wes logan signature series swim jig


The unique keel head design stabilizes the bait and allows the jig to stay perfectly straight while coming through cover with ease. Whether you want to “shake” this jig or straight retrieve it, this top-of-the-line jig has a slightly more compact hook than the original Z-Swimmer. Combined with the weight forward head and double-wire trailer keeper, this jig is the best of both worlds. Add a perfectly wired tied premium skirt and a strong yet collapsable weed guard with the perfect distance from the hook point, and you have one of the best swim jigs assembled. MSRP: $5.99 megabass sleeper craw


Constructed with a concealed weight system, it reduces the chances of snagging and can move over structure and skip under docks much more efficiently than a Texas-rig. Molded from a buoyant, highly durable material with a custom scent, the Sleeper Craw sits with its claws up in a defensive posture and produces subtle lifelike movements that perfectly mimics a live crawfish. It features a razor-sharp jig hook concealed within a hollow cavity in the body. The hidden weight design also eliminates the unnatural sounds of lead or tungsten weights making contact and clicking against rocks or structure.

megabass x-nanahan jerkbaits


Achieving overwhelming long-distance castability that exceeds the average flight distance of similar 70mm jerkbaits, the Megabass X-Nanahan Jerkbait features a unique shape that provides excellent swimming response and intuitive handling. The X-Nanahan’s body is carved from a high-volume block to create a visually tight silhouette with high precision. The X-Nanahan concept fuses the ideals of Shinjin Sato, one of Japan’s foremost jerkbait anglers, and the engineering of Yuki Ito, creator and lure designer of dominant jerkbaits like the Vision 110. Bursting to life with dynamic jerking and darting action that sets it apart from the school, the X-Nanahan produces high-pitched rolling action on a straight retrieve and sharp dynamic darting action when twitching.

Megabass SHADING X R62


he SHADING-X R62 is fueled by a patented balancer system that, despite its small 2.4in, 3/16oz size, enables dizzyingly high-pitch action and improved cast performance, elevating the finesse shad category to new heights. Reengineered to perform in the toughest conditions, the SHADING-X R62 is built to deliver bites when bass are keyed on precise, high-pitch action and smaller offerings. Available August 2023 in limited quantities. See at

Megabass Kanata+1


KANATA+1 expands the depth range of the original big body KANATA jerkbait. Now reaching depths of 10+ft, the KANATA+1 exhibits a high-pitch natural rolling action and a big, showstopping flash-and-dart action not found in other oversized jerkbaits. Coming in at 6.3in, 1-1/8oz, KANATA+1 features a tungsten Triple Oscillating System(PAT.) to propel the bait to the farthest reaches to hunt new targets. Available August 2023 in limited quantities. See at

Megabass i SLIDE 187R


The i-SLIDE 187 R is a refinement of the original 185 glide bait, delivering sharper, more stable S-Swimming to put the power of big baits in the hands of all anglers, regardless of experience. Its 7.4-inch, 2 1/4-ounce body features a redesigned tail and re-tuned internal weighting, allowing the 187 R to deliver with more consistency. Available August 2023 in limited quantities. See at

Megabass Hasu Raver


The MAGDRAFT HASU RAVER delivers a new dimension of subsurface wake/swimbait with a naturalistic action punctuated by lively fins that flutter and undulate with the slightest current, breathing new life into the shallow subsurface range. Tuned for a burning retrieve that bulges the surface of the water, HASU RAVER kicks out with sudden flair with a pause or twitch, triggering decisive chase bites. Megabass’ MAGHOLD (PAT.P) system magnetizes the hook to the body, camouflaging its 7in. 1-3/8oz. presence. Available Fall 2023 in limited quantities. See at

Megabass Gorham 147f


GORHAM is a jointed waking and subsurface bait with a dynamic, ultra-wide rolling wake action that awakens neutral targets. At 5.7in and 1-5/8oz, Gorham’s articulated body is equipped with an LBO II(PAT.) moving balancer system in each section of the body, synchronized to vastly improve cast distance and provide optimal swimming stability. GORHAM opens the door to new topwater potential, triggering bites from otherwise dormant targets. Available August 2023 in limited quantities. See at

Megabass BFS color options


Megabass has hand selected several of their smaller finesse baits and gave them the BFS designation as well as created some uniquely applicable colors for bait finesse system fishing for bass, trout, panfish, walleye and more. So if you’re a BFS enthusiast, Megabass has created a few select baits you are going to want to check out in the Baby Pop-X, Dog-X Jr. COAYU, MR-X Griffon, SR-X Griffon, X-70 and X-80 Jr. lines of hard baits. See more here: BabyPopX-BFS, DogXJrCoayu-BFS, X80Jr-BFS, X70-BFS, MRXGriffonBaitFinesse, SRXGriffonBaitFinesse


SPRO Sashimmy Swimmer


The Sashimmy Swimmer was designed in conjunction with Elite Series pro angler Bryan New. It is constructed with three joints and has four hard plastic parts that make up the body. The third joint differs from similar baits and provides the extra swimming action. The three joint design and construction give the bait a unique “S” swimming action when retrieved. It is made to target schooling fish particularly on herring lakes. It casts a long distance and swims perfectly on even the fastest retrieves.  wo sizes, 105mm and 125mm are available and each come in 10 great colors. Both sizes feature No. 4 round-bend, black-nickel Gamakatsu trebles.

MSRP $18.99

   SPRO walking haint

SPRO Walking Haint 125

The Walking Haint 125 is loaded with features to trigger topwater strikes. It is 125mm in length and has a loud one knocking sound when twitched. It features three No. 4 Gamakatsu trebles for excellent hooking ratios. It comes in 13 colors to match any baitfish. 6 inches. MSRP $12.99

SPRO Megalajon

SPRO Megalojohn 6-inch

This 6-inch swimbait uses a special blend of soft plastic that is soft enough to allow a great swimming action while being durable enough to catch fish after fish. It swims great on slow retrieves and won’t blow out on fast retrieves. It is armed with a No. 2 Gamakatsu black nickel, round bend treble on the belly. The super sharp treble can be held in place with a soft bait magnet that can be screwed into the underside of the bait. It weighs 1 3/4 ounces, but skips easily into hard-to-reach places. Available in 8 colors. MSRP $14.49

SPRO Helix Stick

The Helix is a premium stick bait that can be rigged in a variety of ways including Texas, wacky or neko style. It is loaded with salt to create a fast sink rate. The Helix stick is 5-inches long and weighs 5/16-ounce. The weight of this stick and the ribbed body cause it to shimmy naturally on the fall. The pointed tail design adds to the action, making it a unique soft plastic offering. Made in the USA the Helix Stick comes in 10 colors for any water condition. MSRP $5.49 for 6 pack

SPRO craw nugget

SPRO Craw Nugget

The Craw Nugget was designed in conjunction with MLF pro angler Shin Fukae. It is made in Japan with a heavy, fast sinking plastic formula. Each Craw Nugget weighs 3/4 ounce and is made to be Texas rigged without a sinker. The overall length is 3.7 inches. The heavy weight allows it to reach deep brush piles, offshore structure or deep submerged grass lines. The design makes it look like a fleeing crawfish when twitched and embarks a “walk the dog” action with this type of retrieve. The Craw Nugget can also easily be skipped under docks or into hard-to-reach places. MSRP $11.49 for 4 pack



The CJ Swim was designed in conjunction with Elite Series pro angler Chris Johnston. The conical head design and vertical line tie design allows this swim jig to easily pass thru wood or grass cover. With a light weed guard and medium wire Gamakatsu round bend, black nickel hook, it’s made versatile for use with fluorocarbon or medium braided lines. Comes in 9 skirt colors that feature fine silicone skirt material with each hand tied on the jig. Three sizes are available from 1/4 to 1/2 ounce. MSRP $7.49



The round bend, black nickel Gamakatsu hook has a vertical eye to help it pass thru any cover and strong enough to be used with heavy fluorocarbon or braid. The medium heavy weedguard protects the hook point from getting snagged but is not too heavy to interfere with high hooking percentages. The CJ Flip comes in three sizes, 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 ounce with 9 colors available. Each skirt is made from fine silicone for maximum action and is hand tied. MSRP $7.99

big bite baits deflection swim jig


This new head design features flat sides for a baitfish profile and conical design to pass easily through the heaviest cover. Each head features large, molded eyes and is custom hand painted for the finest details. All the heads were exclusively designed to match Big Bite’s most popular plastic colors. Each jig also features a custom skirt designed skirt that is an exact match to the most popular colors from Big Bite. Each skirt is hand tied onto the jighead, and the head features a single wire keeper on the hook shaft and is made with a 4/0 Gamakatsu medium wire hook. $5.49 Available in July.

big bite baits scentsation stick 5


Our popular stick is now available in our Scentsation plastic formula with salt added as well. Our pro staff including Drew Cook and Drew Benton have been using prototypes of this worm for two seasons on the Elite Series with great success. It gives your stickbait presentations and extra edge with the exclusive Scentsation formula plastic. $6.99 available in August.

big bite baits tail cutter


The TailCutter 25 is our first crappie bait made with our proprietary Scentsation formula. The Scentsation plastic formula is our highest scented plastic. The TailCutter is a beefy tube to attract the largest crappies. The large profile combined with scented plastic gets more and bigger bites. The TailCutter is a great choice for forward sonar crappie fishing. It rigs easily with a number of our Big Bite jigheads.

big bite baits scentsation tube 35


A tube has been a long time stable in Northern markets. This new tube features our Tour tube shape and design but made from our proprietary Scentsation plastic formula. Loaded with salt and made from the Scentsation plastic formula, it will get more and bigger bites.

big bite baits straight tail mag worm


A new extra bulky straight tail work to complement our Finesse Worm and Big Finesse Worm. This beefy worm provides a great a power finesse option for magnum shaky heads. It is also a great choice for flipping and Carolina rigs. Available in 10 of our best-selling worm colors.

big bite baits real deal swimbait head


The Real Deal Swimbait Head was designed in conjunction with Michael to be used with swimbaits. It features a hydro dynamic head design to swim at any speed or depth. The hook is a medium wire black nickel Gamakatsu and is either a 4/0 or 6/0 depending on head size. A screw lock is on the shank of each hook to firmly hold any swimbait in place. Each head is hand painted for a custom finish and features large, reflective eyes.

big bite baits arig jighead


A jighead made for swimbaits to be utilized with a-rigs. It has a conical shape to go over the cover and has a balanced design to help ensure your swimbaits are always running properly. It features a 4/0 black nickel hook.

bizz baits skip n flip

Bizz Baits Skip N’ Flip Jig

The New Bizz Baits Skip N’ Flip Jig features a premium 5/0 Gamakatsu hook, a true powder coat finish for durability, a dual bait keeper – all with a hand tied skirt! From top to bottom it has priority on performance. The head design features a wide flat surface and recessed jig eye that skips great while still effortlessly able to come through cover!

The Skip N’ Flip will be available in 2 sizes – 3/8oz and 1/2oz and 10 colors – MSRP: $5.49ea

bizz baits heavy finesse

Bizz Baits Heavy Finesse Jig

The Heavy Finesse Jig features a premium 3/0 Gamakatsu hook, powder coat finish for durability, sharp bait keeper, & hand tied skirt. This head design brings a skipping jig feel to the traditional finesse ball head shape that’s been desired for years. This unique traditional twist incorporates a smooth curved skipping head shape as well. Lastly, the recessed jig eye also enhances its ability to come through cover.

The Heavy Finesse Jig will be available in 2 sizes – 3/8oz & 1/2oz in 8 colors – $5.49ea

bizz baits swim jig

Bizz Baits Swim Jig

This Swim Jig is built around a premium 4/0 Gamakatsu hook, a true powder coat finish for durability, sharp bait keeper, and a hand tied skirt. The Swim jig also has a realistic detailed head design with standout large 3D eyes. The design of the head has a purposely curved bottom to help it stay balanced and swim well through both weeds and cover.

The Swim Jig will be available in 3 sizes – 1/4oz, 3/8oz, and 1/2oz and 8 colors – MRSP: $5.99ea

bizz baits football

Bizz Baits Football Jig

The New Bizz Baits Football Jig features a premium 4/0 Gamakatsu hook, a true powder coat finish for durability, a dual bait keeper, and a hand tied skirt! From top to bottom this jig has performance in mind! It’s ready to start dragging right out of the pack with its unique head design!

The Football Jig will be available in 2 sizes – 3/8oz and 1/2oz and 8 colors MRSP: $5.49

bizz baits spinnerbait

Bizz Baits Bizz Blade Spinnerbaits

The Bizz Blade Spinnerbait line features a true powder coat finish for durability, sharp bait keeper, hand tied skirt, and sharp 4/0 Mustad Ultra Point hook. The Bizz Blade Spinnerbaits also have a realistic detailed head design with standout large 3D eyes. The design of the head has a purposely curved bottom to help it stay balanced and swim well through cover. It will be available in 2 sizes – 3/8 and 1/2 ounce in 8 colors and in 3 different blade combinations. The combinations are – Finesse Tandem (Willow/Colorado), Double Willow, and Indiana/Colorado as well as a 5/8-ounce single blade night spinnerbait called the Big Thump.  MRSP: $8.99

bizz baits dinner bell

Bizz Baits Dinner Bell Buzz Bait

The Dinner Bell Buzz Bait features a true powder coat finish for durability, sharp bait keeper, large 3D eyes, hand tied skirt, and sharp 4/0 Mustad Ultra Point hook. This buzz bait is designed with an extra-large buzz blade that loudly bangs onto the solid brass bead to ring and call them in! Our special uniquely coated blades were created to squeak louder than traditional aluminum or painted blades. Available in 3/8oz in 4 colors MRSP: $10.99

bizz baits dinner bell frame

Bizz Baits Dinner Bell Frame Buzz Bait

The New Bizz Baits Dinner Bell Frame Buzz Bait is designed with an extra-large buzz blade that loudly bangs onto the solid brass bead to ring and call them in! It has a cylinder shape with a collar that allows for your favorite plastic trailer to push up gradually and lock well once threaded completely over. Our special uniquely coated blades were created to squeak louder than traditional aluminum or painted blades. For this frame, the cylinder will perfectly complement your favorite trailer that is the first of its kind to combine a frame style buzz bait with a loud metal clacker. Available in 3 blade color options – MRSP: $8.99

bizz baits single buzz

Bizz Baits Single Buzz Bait

The New Bizz Baits Dinner Bell Buzz Bait features a true powder coat finish for durability, sharp bait keeper, large 3D, hand tied skirt, and sharp 4/0 Mustad ultra point hook. Our special uniquely coated blades were created to squeak louder than traditional aluminum or painted blades. These buzz baits feature a larger blade for maximum underwater commotion.

The Single Buzz will be available in 3/8oz and 3 colors – $8.99

bizz baits buzz frame

Bizz Baits Single Frame

The Bizz Baits Single Frame has a cylinder shape with a collar that allows for your favorite plastic trailer to push up gradually and lock well once threaded completely over. Our special uniquely coated blades were created to squeak louder than traditional aluminum or painted blades. These buzz baits feature a larger blade for maximum underwater commotion. Available in 3 blade color options – MRSP: $7.99

bizz baits sneaky buzz

Bizz Baits Sneaky Buzz Blade Frame

The Sneaky Buzz Blade is a perfect combination of stealth and action! The plastic blade allows for a different plastic gurgling sound than traditional metal blades. The subtle profile leaves behind an attention grabbing and distinct bubble trail! The 3-blade prop blade allows you to fish slower while still throwing water, making sound, and staying on top of the water! This frame is excellent in calm water and when conditions call for a subtle buzz bait! The cylinder shape with a collar allows for your favorite plastic trailer to push up gradually and lock well once threaded completely over. Available in 4 blade color options MRSP: $7.99

bizz baits mag head

Bizz Baits Straight Up Mag Shakey

The Straight Up Mag Heads are built with a premium 5/0 Gamakatsu hook and designed with a tear drop wedged head design and flat bottom. This head is made to help stand up your larger plastic baits to maintain the most lifelike action! Designed with a true powder coat finish for maximum life of the paint. Three per pack and available in 3/8 and 1/2-ounce and in 3 paint color options. MRSP: $6.99

bizz baits shakey head

Bizz Baits Straight Up Shakey Head

The Straight Up Shakey Heads are built with a premium 4/0 Gamakatsu hook and designed with a tear drop wedged head design and flat bottom. This head is made to help stand up your baits to maintain the most lifelike action! Designed with a true powder coat finish for maximum life of the paint. Three per pack and available in 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4-ounce and in 3 paint color options. MRSP: $5.99

bizz baits ned head

Bizz Baits Ned Head

The Straight Up Ned Heads are built with a premium 1/0 Gamakatsu hook and designed with a teardrop wedged head design and flat bottom. This head is made to help stand your baits up to maintain the most lifelike action! Designed with a true powder coat finish for maximum life of the paint. Comes in a 3 per pack and available in 1/16, 1/8 and 3/16 ounce and in 3 paint color options. MRSP: $5.99

fishlab bio blade buzzbait

FishLab Bio Blade Buzzbait

The 4 1/2-inch Bio Blade Buzzbait comes in 3/8 and 1/2 ounce weight. The buzzbait is also available in six classic and lifelike fish-catching colors. One of the key highlights of the Bio Blade Buzzbait is its innovative two-piece blade design. This groundbreaking feature generates heightened action, clacking sounds, and double the classic buzzbait blade noise. The Bio Blade Buzzbait also boasts a specialized head design that sets it apart from traditional buzzbaits. All which results in increased commotion and fish appeal.

fishlab bio blade spinnerbait

FishLab Bio-Blade Spinnerbait

The 3 1/2 inch Bio-Blade Willow Spinnerbait and Bio-Blade Colorado Spinnerbait are both available in two sizes—3/8 and 1/2-ounce. Available in 7 lifelike and classic colors, the Bio-Blade Spinnerbait series is constructed with high-quality wire and blades. These spinnerbaits feature a big, thumping action and ensure durability and exceptional performance. Their hand-tied skirts add a lifelike element to the lures. A specially designed shad-shaped head is engineered to effortlessly navigate through timber and grass without snagging. Equipped with a BBZ Mimic Tail trailer, the Bio-Blade Willow Spinnerbait and the Bio-Blade Colorado Spinnerbait deliver added realism and a heightened visual appeal.

fishlab mimic tail

FishLab Mimic Tail

One of the standout features of the 2 1/2-inch Mimic Tail allows for fishing below a trailer hook without impeding the hook swing. This ensures that anglers can seamlessly incorporate the Mimic Tail into their setups without sacrificing hookup ratio. The Mimic Tail is engineered to maintain the natural action and pulsing movements of spinnerbaits and bladed jigs. Unlike other lures that can weigh down or mute the action, the Mimic Tail preserves the vibrant skirt pulsations, Available in 7 classic and lifelike fish-catching colors.

fishlab nature series topwater frog

FishLab Nature Series Topwater

FishLab’s Nature Series Topwater Frog is specifically designed to lure in hungry gamefish from a distance. The expertly crafted baits are available in a 4 1/4-inch size and offers a unique oversized tail design, which creates a loud topwater kick. The bait will come in 6 colors. The body of the lure is designed to be fished on a 3/0 or 4/0 hook and is designed to be fished on the surface or sub-surface. With a heavy tail and head kick, the topwater frog is versatile for various topwater fishing techniques.

jewel pee wee series

Jewel Baits HD Pee Wee Series

Jewel Bait Company solved this issue of fishing micro jigs in cover with the HD Pee Wee Series. The HD Pee Wee Series of baits are all designed around a heavy duty sickle style hook. The HD Pee Wee Series currently consists of the Pee Wee Spider HD (5/16oz and 7/16oz) and the Pee Wee Football HD (1/2oz and 5/8oz), and is available in 6 colors.

missile baits bomba


The Bomba 3.5 is a is a finesse, thick, craw body worm that casts and skips like a rocket. Think combination of a Ned rig and Senko. The bait visually looks like a crawfish with no appendages and has a hook slot in the belly for easy hook sets. The Bomba 3.5 is mostly fished Texas rigged weightless to erratically fall to the bottom while gliding, rocking, and even going away from you at times.

nishine chippawa XDD

Nishine Lure Works Chippawa XDD

Created by Hiroshi Nishine, this deep diving crankbait features a small body that gets deep. Nishine wanted to build a deep diving cranbait on a small body since everyone makes deep diving crankbaits on a big body. Sticking with the original Chippawa shallow crank body, this crankbait has great castability, great natural swimming action like a real shad on a 2.4-inch body that weighs 3/4 ounce and dives to 14 feet with Ichikawa Kamakiri hooks. MSRP $17.00.

nishine lure works baby abino

Nishine Lure Works Baby Abino 70F

This is customizable Floating Prop Bait. The original setting is a floating prop bait. You can add the cup and make it a popper. You can add SS Tune props to make it a slow sinking bait. Available mid July 2023, MSRP $19. 2 3/4 inch body (70mm) 1/4 ounce (6.1 grams).

vicious trapper


This lipless floating crankbait has a small 2.5” profile and weighs in at .5 oz. It’s armed with two Mustad treble hooks and come ready to fish out of the box. The wider nose on the bait creates a lot of motion in the water to incite reaction strikes and the bait comes in 6-colors (black jack, blue chrome, craw, delta craw, gill and sexy shad). These baits retail for $7.99.

jenko gill bobs


Unique shape will lend itself to both crappie and finesse bass fishermen alike. The tall body profile when rigged as shown in the picture gives an incredibly subtle swimming motion, while rigging with the bait out the side gives a slow “death spiral” on the fall that works great during shad kills. Should be an outstanding crossover bait for the BFS guys. 10 per bag, MSRP price $3.99.

Jenko Tin Cannon


This new topwater packs a lot into its 1 ounce, 128mm long frame including a VMC No. 1 hook in the front and a feathered No. 2 in the back, glass head beads and a large single knocker in the tail. What sets this bait apart is that the knocker rather than being a lead ball between two plastic walls, is a tungsten ball between two steel plates. It’s LOUD with a really unique high-pitched sound to call bass from a distance. Walks through rough water and waves great, and you can work it slow or fast with perfect cadence. MSR $15.99.


Designed to be fished slowly, with light line, a long rod and ultra finesse plastics, the Sneaky Underspin has a fine-wire Gamakatsu hook and a weed-resistant head design that allows it to come through sparse
vegetation. Critical details include 3D live eyes, stainless steel components and an anti-chip powder coat
finish. Pairs perfectly with the 2.75” Drop Minnow or your go to 2.5” to 3” swimbait. Available in both 3/16-ounce and 5/16-ounce sizes.

MSRP: $6.99


Designed specifically to fit small finesse tubes perfectly, this unique head design will keep the tube and hook positioned up for less snags and better hook ups plus give the tube a wider goby-like head profile. Landing percentage is much improved due to the short distance between the tube head and the bend of the hook, resulting in less Shake Offs; Built on a super sharp Mustad UltraPoint 1/0 short shank hook.

MSRP: $6.99


Designed to fit Great Lakes Finesse soft plastics perfectly, you can also pair it with just about any of your favorite baits. Features a super sharp Gamakatsu 604 hook, matte powder coat and baked (no chip) finish, oversized
bait keeper, and a clean eye. This is truly the most premium finesse ball jig head ever made.

MSRP: $6.99


Connect your dropshot weight with these small clips instead of a direct knot to allow for quick changes
between weights, styles, or colors of dropshot weight. When you’re done for the day just unclip your
weight, put it back into your terminal box and connect the clip to the hook keeper on your rod – no more
dropshot disasters in the rod box! It also works great as a quick connector for ice fishing and pan fishing

MSRP: $3.99


Designed in partnership with Travis Manson (Smallmouth Crush), the Drop Minnow is in a league of its
own. It’s extremely versatile – allowing you to drop shot it, Damiki rig it, hop it, swim it, or fish it like a
Ned. The matte shine-free ribbed body provides a unique vibration in the water and the thin tail gives
incredible lifelike action. It’s truly neutrally buoyant meaning when dead-sticked the bait will sit
perfectly horizontal giving it a natural appearance. The smallest amount of movement in the bait will
have the tail twitching like crazy.

MSRP: $6.99


The Great Lakes Finesse Snack Craw has been designed with simplicity in mind, and with a
single purpose – to catch fish. It has the perfect amount of flotation to make the claws lift at a 45-degree
angle and a matte shine-free finish, making it the ultimate super finesse craw bait. Originally intended as
a chunk on a finesse jig, we found this bait to be extremely effective on a Stealth Ball Jig Head hopped or
dragged along the bottom.

MSRP: $6.99


A thin tail provides maximum movement from a dead stick style presentation, and the body profile mimics a baby catfish, small goby, or minnow in the water or on the bottom. This bait is best fished as a dropshot or paired with our Stealth ball jig head and slowly dragged along the bottom. This bait features true neutral buoyancy, so it sits perfectly level in the water column and a matte shine-free finish, so it looks incredibly natural.

MSRP: $6.99


Featuring true neutral buoyancy, the 4” Drop Worm stands perfectly horizontal on your hook, resulting in incredible lifelike action without any extra work from the angler. Add on the matte shine-free finish and it’s the ultimate finesse drop shot worm.

MSRP: $6.99

snagproof zoo pop


Unleash the power of the Zoo Pop(TM) from SnagProof – this is one bad little bait that will rock (or pop!) your fishing world! With its incredible popping action that floats-at-rest, the Zoo Pop (TM) is a brings finesse fishing to power frog fishing and is an incredible bait that creates its own action. The super soft hollow body creates incredible popping action in a finesse profile that will get fish to go when larger profile frogs won’t . And thanks to the fully integrated hook design, the Zoo Pop (TM) stays “snagproof” even in heavy grass, pads and vegetation.

freedom rad squarebill


They call the RAD Squarebill the “High Rider” because it rides high in the water column and is designed to fish above emergent grass or in ultra shallow situations where too much dig will pull you out of the strike zone. The RAD Squarebill is awesome for covering water in shallow spawn conditions with its wide-angle hunting pattern. Dives to 2 feet, available in 12 colors and finished in premium black nickel hooks.

Daiwa Evergreen bow Worm Noodle


Although a full 8-inches long, the EVER GREEN Bow Worm Noodle is intended for fishing weightless, wacky, Neko, or via dropshot. For example, when rigged wacky-style or on a dropshot hook, the Bow Worm Noodle undulates and coils with the slightest movement of the rod, the ultra-thin diameter soft plastic pulsing and writhing like a real nightcrawler. Add any amount of current and it’s even more lifelike. Besides its slinking movement, the Bow Worm Noodle features an EVER GREEN-formulated “Special Formula” scent comprised of real shrimp, squid, and baitfish impregnated into the salt-heavy plastic, thus encouraging more bites and bass to hang onto the artificial offering longer.

livetarget ultimate forg stride bait


When motionless, the LIVETARGET ULTIMATE FROG sits just like a living frog at rest, with its eyes just above the surface, its body angled 45-degrees down, and its legs contracted beneath its body. When twitched or pulled, the ULTIMATE FROG’s body dips beneath the surface as its legs hinge at the hips and knees, extending to full length in perfect unison – just like a living frog as it swims for its life through open water. With a body molded from ABS plastic and legs crafted from highly elastic and durable TPE, the ULTIMATE FROG is engineered to withstand the rigors of the surface battlefield. Both Popper and Finesse models are available in 2- and 2 1/2-inch sizes and 8 life-like colors.

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