About Wired2fish, Inc.

In February 2008, Marty and Scott Glorvigen with the help of Todd Hammill and Terry Brown launched a new fishing website, www.wired2fish.com, to cover the world of freshwater fishing, specifically bass fishing at the time. In the early days, most of the coverage was centered around professional fishing tournaments and bass fishing tackle. The site was well received in the industry as Hammill and the Glorvigens were well known for their decades of work with the Gemini Sport Marketing (G2) clothing business. Brown was also well known for his work at Bassfan and Bassmaster.

In January of 2010, Jason Sealock was hired from FLW Outdoors where he was Editor in Chief of their magazines and building their initial social media following and online live coverage. He was looking to expand fishing content in the digital space, and Wired2fish was the up and coming property at that time in his mind. Sealock set Wired2fish on path of creating proprietary how-to articles, videos and tackle reviews as well as covering everything in the recreational fishing space.

Wired2fish was able to expand their efforts when they brought freelance writer Walker Smith in-house full-time to be Managing Editor in September of 2012. During this time, Wired2fish gained more traction in social media and was producing more content than ever before.

Then with the addition of Ryan DeChaine from Lindner Media just 2 years later in September of 2014, Wired2fish gained a tremendous professional presence in video content. Ryan was able to ramp up videos on the website. And he also built out the video production component of the business.

From there, Wired2fish added Kyle Peterson, McKeon Roberts and most recently Kobie Koenig to help with their digital video content production and social media efforts. What you have now is one the biggest media companies in the fishing space in terms of traffic and authority in recreational fishing across multiple platforms. And this has all been done with a small, talented in-house angling team with quality freelance contributors in the field.

Impressive Growth from Small Talented Team

Each member of the Wired2fish team, brings a unique set of talents that bolsters the overall performance of the brand. Every member is an avid angler with decades of knowledge in not only fishing but also the crafts of producing high quality digital content for massive audiences. Every member of the team is passionate about sharing knowledge about fishing to help others enjoy the sport more.

With a social audience of more than 1.9 million followers, annual visitors of over 6 million to the website the last few years, and video views surpassing 110,000,000 annually, they are one of the most prolific and authoritative independent voices in the fishing industry. They are partnered with the most popular brands in recreational fishing and produce high quality content for not only their audiences but the audiences of their partners as well.

Recently acquired by the Tulos group in Helsinki, Finland, Wired2fish is showing impressive new growth in several key areas with this added digital expertise and financial backing from a content marketing powerhouse. Wired2fish will again show tremendous growth over the next several years.

Our Team

Here’s a little more about each member of the Wired2fish content team:
Joe Albanese

Joe has been fishing for longer than he can remember, cutting his teeth on striped bass, weakfish, summer flounder and other inshore favorites. He later took to freshwater fishing with smallmouth bass becoming a favorite, though he enjoys pursuing panfish, trout, and just about everything that swims. After receiving a degree in Wildlife Management from the State University of New York, he spent about a decade working in natural resource management for state and federal agencies including the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He then began a career in written communications, writing for some 35 publications and serving as executive editor for Field & Stream and Salt Water Sportsman before joining the Wired2fish team as Editor-in-Chief.

Terry has been around the professional bass fishing scene for more than 4 decades. Besides being an accomplished tournament angler in his own right, he’s a heck of a tinkerer and mechanic to boot. The resident expert when it comes to fixing boat, truck and trailer issues, Terry is a wealth of knowledge of not only maintaining fishing gear but also the history of the sport of bass fishing. He’s arguably one of the best connectors in the fishing industry in terms of networking and getting the right people together in his role as President of Sales for Wired2fish.
Kyle is the resident adventurer with an adept eye for a good shot and the training and expertise to bring a lot of dynamic content to Wired2fish videos. His underwater footage and aerial photography help set Wired2fish’s content apart from the masses. He’s an avid freshwater angler adept at catching a lot of different kinds of fish in a lot of different ways and places.
Sam was hired straight out of Auburn University in May of 2023 where he had just graduate with a pre-law degree. He fished four years on the Auburn University college fishing team where he had numerous top 10s fishing all over the country. He has a passion for swimbait fishing and ledge fishing as well as just about any type of topwater. He’s well versed in fishing tackle and gear and enjoys sharing his passion with other people. Sam will is the Associate Editor at Wired2fish, responsible for the lion’s share of tackle reviews and feature articles on the site.

Jason has been an avid angler for the better part of 4 decades and has been writing fishing articles and shooting fishing photos for nearly 25 years. He’s an accomplished angler when it comes to traditional bass fishing and a guru when it comes to modern day fishing electronics. He is one the foremost authorities on current fishing tackle in the industry. He expanded his fishing interests into crappie fishing and bait finesse system fishing in recent years. And he’s as knowledgable about publishing, audience building, content management systems, affiliate networks and social media as there is in the fishing industry.

Ryan began his fishing industry career with Lindner Media Productions, gaining nearly a decade of unparalleled experience creating dynamic and compelling television programming and video production promoting the sport fishing industry. DeChaine oversees the strategy, creation, and publishing of video content on the website and social media platforms. Outside of work, DeChaine and his wife Jillian raise their three children around an active outdoor lifestyle in the lake-rich and forested lands of northern Minnesota.

Nick Dumke got his start fishing early. Though he would love to consider himself a multi-species angler, bass fishing has always held a special place in his heart. He started fishing tournaments in middle school, and that is still how he spends most of his free time. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and two Minors in Social Media Administration and Sports Business from the University of Montevallo in the spring of 2024. While there, he found his way out onto the water often, traveling the country competing in tournaments with the Montevallo Fishing Team. Now Nick is carrying his passion for the sport into photography and videography here at Wired2Fish.

Ben Swanson

Ben Swanson graduated from St. John’s University in 2024 with a degree in Communications and a minor in Environmental Studies. A lifelong avid fisherman, Ben has a keen eye for photography and video production, picking up a camera at a young age and improving on his ability to create with it as the years went on. During high school at Minnetonka, Ben and a few friends started the Minnetonka Fishing Team. This allowed Ben and teammates to fish tournaments throughout the state against the likes of Grand Rapids, Lakeville, and more. He made many friends during the experience, while winning tourneys on Leech Lake, Mille Lacs, and Minnetonka.