New Fishing Tackle for 2024

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It’s the most favorite time of the year for fishing tackle enthusiasts, ICAST 2023, from sunny Orlando, Fla. This year’s show was full of new fishing tackle as always with a lot of new significant product introductions from a bunch of companies. This year’s show also had fly fishing companies involved and we will covered those new items as well. All of the more interesting gear from ICAST 2023 New Fishing Tackle show will be on display here.


We will be covering as many products as we can to let you take a thorough look at what is new for the upcoming fishing seasons and will be diving into as many companies as we can see in three days. Our ICAST 2023 New Fishing Tackle guides publish each day of the show and will cover the following categories:

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This year we’re breaking our coverage up into a few smaller bite sized chunks to make it easier to find the products you care about most. So we’ll have multiple pieces publish all week of the show and remaining on the site after the show for you to revisit. We will be getting hands on with as many products as possible on the water before the show and of course after the show and we’ll have a ton of follow-up tackle reviews on the site.

We’ll be on the water testing some more of the gear on Tuesday morning in Florida. We’ll also be checking out all the new entries into the Best of Show judging Tuesday night. We’ve been hands on with a bunch of these products for months and will be hands on with a bunch more this week and of course after the show as we review individual products on the water on our own lakes and rivers. We’re very adamant about being on the water with as many products as possible every year to help you make good decisions on your tackle choices.


Trends we expect to see at the show this year will cover the gamut, from new trolling motor introductions to new fly fishing gear, ice fishing gear, and other niche categories. There are a lot of new fishing reels and fishing rods being released including several new companies getting into making fishing reels this year.  We also have seen a trend with more lures being developed for niche fishing applications like forward facing sonar (i.e. Livescope). As well as niche applications like Bait Finesse System (BFS), heavy plastics, hover shot / strolling and more. So look for our coverage to see what else stands out to you after seeing all the products.


For those that don’t know, ICAST is the American Sportfishing Associations annual trade show for all new recreational fishing tackle for the upcoming year. ICAST stands for International Convention of Associated Sportfishing. This show provides manufacturers an opportunity to show its new products to retailers and big chain store buyers as well as outdoors media folks to share with the public in their publications. The show is three days long Wednesday-Friday but there are now multiple events on Tuesday like on the water testing of product, the ICAST Cup fishing tournament, as well as a New Product Showcase introduction Tuesday night for just credentialed media to vote on the best new products of the year for the BEST OF SHOW Category and overall awards.


ICAST is not a public event. It is opened to credentialed members of the Sportfishing community including manufacturers, marketing agencies, media professionals, retailers, buyers, exhibitors, angling personalities and professionals, etc. Friday has startedd