New Fishing Reels for 2024

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We have reviewed the latest and greatest of new fishing reels being introduced this year at the ICAST 2023 show and sharing the details on these freshwater fishing reels for the upcoming fishing season. Several brands are introducing new models and a couple of new brands to reels include Seviin and Denali. Here’s the quick rundown on new fishing reels!

shimano aldebaran bfs


Born for finesse game applications, the Aldebaran BFS combines a lightweight Magnesium frame and specialized braking system to tackle any technique within the Bait Finesse System (BFS) realm. The Aldebaran BFS incorporates Shimano’s Finesse Tune Brake (FTB) system to reduce the spool’s weight by moving the braking unit from the spool to the palming side-plate. The result: the spool takes minimal force to turn and allows anglers to effectively cast lightweight tackle. Unlike traditional magnetic brake systems that maintain the same drag on the spool throughout the cast, Shimano’s FTB capitalizes on the cast’s centrifugal force and the magnetic brakes automatically adjust to slow down the spool only when braking is needed.  The Aldebaran BFS further enhances casting performance by leveraging a MagnumLite (MGL) Spool III to reduce start-up inertia for unparalleled control and accuracy. MicroModule Gear technology delivers seamless engagement and power transmission for uncompromised strength, noise reduction and improved smoothness.

MSRP: $459.99

shimano curado


The new Curado 200 M inherits the latest Shimano reel technologies to provide ultimate castability with heavier lines and lures in any power fishing situation. Expanded line capacity comes without compromise as the Curado 200 M now leverages Shimano’s MagnumLite (MGL) Spool III to reduce start-up inertia for unparalleled casting performance, especially when targeting trophies with large paddle-tail swimbaits, big jigs, deep- diving cranks, oversized frogs, Carolina rigs or umbrella rigs. The addition of SilentTune technology improves spool quietness during casts. SVS Infinity technology provides precision casting performance with easy- to-manage and consistent spool control and brake force adjustments when faced with demanding conditions or switching between baits. The aluminum HAGANE Body provides added rigidity to increase cranking power and overall reeling efficiency, while MicroModule Gear, Cross Carbon Drag and X-Ship deliver the tournament-tested smoothness, durability, and versatility for which the Curado family is known.

MSRP: $199.99

shimano sedona fj


Shimano’s state-of-the-art HAGANE Gear technology lies at the heart of the redesigned Sedona FJ spinning reel. Incorporating HAGANE cold-forging technology into the Sedona FJ gives it a step up from other reels in its class and provides long-lasting smoothness and durability for assured resilience even after countless battles with
your target species. The Sedona FJ series now features Shimano’s SilentDrive technology to remove unnecessary noise and vibration while creating a quieter and smoother reeling experience. Sedona FJ’s enhanced spool design features Shimano’s Propulsion Line Management System for increased casting performance, while G-Free Body technology shifts the reel’s center of gravity closer to the rod for better balance and less fatigue during long days on the water.

MSRP: $74.99-$89.99

Shimano Stradic FM


The newest addition to Shimano’s CoreSolid lineup of spinning reels. Showcasing reel technologies passed down
from Shimano’s flagship spinning reels, the redesigned Stradic FM adds InfinityXross technology for unequaled gear durability and synergy by extending the gear tooth horizontally to distribute load across the gear tooth more evenly. The addition of InfinityDrive delivers light rotation and increased cranking power under load, while the new Duracross Drag system provides the smooth performance of felt with up to 10 times the durability. Shimano’s X-Protect water-repellent coating and specially designed, water-channeling labyrinth construction ensure a lifetime of dependable performance by stopping water penetration in key areas without adding a heavy rotational feel. The new Anti-Twist Fin — an elastic polymer on the underside of the roller — enhances line management for anglers fishing monofilament or fluorocarbon line.

MSRP: $199.99-$229.99




Zenon X


The Zenon X combines lightweight design, durable construction and precision engineering to deliver a reel that excels in finesse fishing techniques while offering the versatility to handle heavier baits with ease.

• Asymmetric one piece aluminum gear box design delivers a compact reel design that is ultra
• Air fin spool design helps reduce weight
• V-Rotor design reduces start up inertia
• Carbon handle and co-molded handle knob
• AMG2 fully machined aluminum main gear gives unparalleled smoothness and durability
• 9+1 HPCR bearing system
• Rocket line management system
• Mid-arbor spool design
• 6.2:1 gear ratio
• Weight: 2000 – 6.0-ounces • 2500MS – 6.5-ounces • 3000MS – 6.6-ounces • 3500MS – 6.8-

MSRP: $299.95

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Seviin baitcaster


SEVIIN’s new GF Series consists of six low-profile baitcasting models in three available gear ratios with right-hand or left-hand-retrieve configurations. Featuring a 4+1 stainless-steel bearing system (the two bearings on the spool shaft being Japanese stainless steel), carbon and stainless-steel drag componentry, and hardened brass pinion and drive gears, GF Series reels combine noticeably smooth casting, retrieve, and drag operation with great gear feel and excellent durability. Light, comfortable, and solid in the hand, GF reels feature ported aluminum spools and carbon fiber handles to minimize weight, while a strong, one-piece graphite frame and side plates yield excellent rigidity, further enhancing the satisfying way GF reels feel and perform. Anglers will also appreciate GF’s micro-adjustable magnetic cast control that makes it easy to dial-in maximum casting performance depending on the specific line and lure they’re using. Retail price is $120 with a one-year warranty. Available in September, 2023. See the full release here.

seviin gs spinning reel


Engineered from a blank slate to deliver a valuable combination of smooth operation and long-lasting durability, SEVIIN’s new GS Series consists of five versatile spinning models including 750, 1000, 2000, 2500, and 3000 sizes with lightweight and rigid carbon bodies, side plates, and rotors. Spools, handles, and key accent components are crafted from lightweight aluminum. GS’s rotating mechanicals are supported by a silky 6 + 1 stainless-steel bearing system, while a precision-hobbed hard brass pinion and die-cast helical gear drive the reels with smooth power and great feel. A micro-adjustable stacked carbon and stainless-steel drag extends GS’s smooth performance once powerful, hard-charging fish are hooked. GS Series spinning reels also feature rock-solid instant anti-reverse and S-Curve design, which provides a super-slow oscillation that ensures line is stacked evenly on the spool, resulting in longer casts and fewer line management issues, even when using lighter, finesse-size lines. Retail price is $140 with a one-year warranty. Available in January, 2024.

seviin gx spinning reel


SEVIIN’s pinnacle offering in the multi-species spinning-reel category, the GX Series was designed and engineered over the past two years with the goal of producing an ultra-reliable family of lightweight, smooth, and powerful spinning reels offering premium, elite-level performance. Available in 750, 1000, 2000, 2500, and 3000 sizes, GX Series spinning reels start with carbon bodies, side plates, and rotors to minimize weight while maximizing rigidity and durability. Precision-engineered aluminum handles and spools further enhance strength and durability with lightweight skeletonized designs. A one-piece titanium bail delivers supreme balance and feel, failsafe operation, and additional weight savings. External components are rounded out with premium, machined-aluminum accent pieces.

Ark Gravity G8 baitcaster


Ark’s new flagship baitcasting reel features everything from their popular G7 reel at a lower weight of 6.3 ounces without sacrificing durability. This new baitcaster features Gravity Control Brake System (Patented), a reinforced brass fear, a cone-shaped line guide, their Hyper Smooth Transmission, a feather light spool, an aluminum-alloy frame, their floating cast spool, their C3 Force Drag with a carbon side plate. MSRP: $279.

Ark Gravity BFS Reel


With the ability to cast lures as light as 0.6 gram (1/48-ounce), The new BFS version of the Gravity reel is claiming it will be one of the best BFS reels in the market. The reel employs a 28mm diameter shallow lightweight spool which weighs only 5.2 grams. Total weight of the reel is only 5.1 ounces. It features the following technologies: Gravity Control Brake System (Patented), Super Smooth Aluminum Gear, Cone Shaped Line Guide, Hyper Smooth Transmission, Ultra Light Spool, Carbon-fiber Frame and side plates, Floating Cast Spool, and a C3 Force Drag system. MSRP: $149

Ark Gravity G1 BFS reel


Ark wanted to make an entry price point baitcaster that had some of the high end features in an affordable no-nonsense reel. This new G1 baitcaster features a magnetic brake system, reinforced brass gear, cone shaped line guide, hyper smooth transmission, carbon fiber frame and side plates. MSRP: $79.

Ark Gravity Spinning reel


The brand new Gravity GS5 Spinning reel employs a carbon fiber body which is lighter and stronger. The Hyper Smooth Transmission combined with carbon fiber and teflon drag delivers the smoothest feel while handling and fighting fish. The GS5 Gravity spinning reel provides unmatched performance at a very affordable price point. MSRP: $129

daiwa tatula baitcaster 2023 model


DAIWA unleashes a redesigned, and incredibly affordable TATULA 100 that’s extremely palmable and ultra-ergonomic. The first upgrade is a new, thinner and lighter 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum spool for greater casting distance and more control. Ultimately, Daiwa created a farther-casting reel with better braking system. Daiwa also went to HYPERDRIVE gearing. You find that in their higher end models like STEEZ and ZILLION, but now it’s in the TATULA 100, too, allowing better rotation, durability and fluidity. MSRP is $179. See more at

bates hundo reel


Weighing 5 oz and boasting 14 lbs of drag, the Hundo from Bates Fishing gives big reel performance to the demands of finesse reel anglers. The Hundo features a gunmetal grey anodized aluminum, size 100 frame that’s fully CNC’d from 6061-T6 bar stock on our 9 axis machine. It’s also equipped with dual brakes (centrifugal, magnetic), aluminum gears, and a combo of 10 HAC Stainless Steel bearings 2 high precision NMB ball bearings 1 one-way Stainless Steel ball bearing, and gum rubber grips. MSRP: $375.00



Ceymar “A” spinning reels offer a range of advanced features, including a multi-disc, oiled felt drag system, Okuma’s proprietary Flite shaft system for increased smoothness, and a 7BB+1RB high performance bearing system with precision machine cut brass pinion gear for unmatched reliability. The Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing allows for quick and easy hooksets. The rigid aluminum, black anodized handle design ensures a secure grip, and the I-shaped TPE handle knobs on 500-2500 sizes, T-shaped TPE handle knobs on 3000-4000 sizes, and ergo grip handle knobs on 6000-8000 sizes provide comfort during extended use. Ceymar “A” also features a Precision Elliptical Gearing system that ensures optimal gear meshing for maximum power and efficiency. The machined aluminum, 2-tone anodized spool and heavy-duty, solid aluminum bail wire ensure smooth line management and casting performance. Lastly, the RESII: Computer balanced Rotor Equalizing System offers perfect balance for reduced rotor wobble and smoother operation. The 500, 2000, 2500, 3000, and 4000 sizes will be offered in a 5.0:1 gear ratio, 6000 size in a 4.5:1 gear ratio, and the 8000 in a slower 4.8:1 gear ratio.

MSRP: $59.99-$79.99


The Flite Surf Spinning Reel features a high-performance 9HPB+1RB corrosion-resistant bearing system and a quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing, ensuring a smooth and effortless experience from the edge of the water. The A7075 aluminum main shaft design reduces weight, while the machined aluminum screw-in handle design ensures maximum comfort. The Flite Surf is also equipped HDG-II high-density gearing with a machine-cut brass pinion gear, a worm shaft transmission with 35mm super slow oscillation for increased line lay, and a lightweight, machined aluminum, long cast spool design. The one-piece bail wire design with DLC coating and rotor brake design further enhances long casts, while the RESII computer-balanced Rotor Equalizing System ensures that the reel is perfectly balanced. The Flite Surf spinning reel features lightweight, T-shaped TPE handle knobs. The 4.3:1 gear ratio brings in 40.6” of line with each turn of the handle. Currently with one model, this 12000 size reel packs on 835 yards of 12-pound monofilament line.

MSRP: $199.99


Starting at 7.1 ounces, the Inspira ISX “A” puts out up to 24-lbs of maximum drag. The Inspira ISX’s oversized HDGII main gear with a machine-cut brass pinion gear ensures supreme reliability. The reel also utilizes a machined aluminum screw-in handle design and lightweight, TPE handle knobs for maximum comfort while out on the water. The reel showcases an extra-light, machined aluminum, braided line-ready spool equipped with a rubber spool band to prevent line slippage. A heavy-duty, solid aluminum bail wire to ensure smooth line management and casting performance. The RESII: Computer balanced Rotor Equalizing System offers perfect balance for reduced rotor wobble and smoother operation. There are four total high-speed models within the Inspira ISX “A” lineup of spinning reels. 2000 and 3000 size all feature 6.0:1standard gear ratio, while the 4000 and 5000 models feature a 6.2:1 gear ratio. Inspira ISX spinning reels are backed by a 1-Year Limited Warranty.

MSRP: $99.99-$104.99


Constructed with a lightweight and rigid C-40X rotor and TCA construction, the ITX CB spinning reel boasts an incredibly strong and durable body that can withstand tough conditions. The Flite Drive system enhances gear stability and smoothness, allowing for a seamless fishing experience. The multi-disk Carbonite drag washers with Hydro Block gasket ensure a smooth and consistent drag, while the A7075 spool shaft and key drag washers significantly reduce weight, making it easier to handle and cast. The ITX CB spinning reel comes equipped with 7HPB + 1RB High Performance, grease-packed bearings for unparalleled smoothness and precision. Additionally, the Cyclonic Flow Rotor Technology sweeps water away from the machined aluminum, super light anodized aluminum spool, minimizing corrosion. There are four total models within the ITX CB lineup of spinning reels. The 1000 size will feature 5.8:1 gear ratio, while the 2500, 3000 and 4000 models feature a 6.0:1 gear ratio.

MSRP: $159.99

denali novus elite


The Novus Elite Casting Reel leads off the series with high value at an affordable price. Novus Casting Reel features 10+1 BB System and is available in right hand retrieve with three gear ratios 7.3:1 and 8.1:1. Line capacity is 153yds of 12lb test, max drag @ 17.6 lbs. The reel weighs 7.5 ounces. The Novus Elite Casting Reel is built around an aluminum frame and has a high strength Brass Drive Gear. Other highlights include Zirconia Line Guide, Dual Brake System, Aluminum Graphite Cover Plates and 95mm Alumite Handle Arm.

MSRP: $249.99

denali novus pro


The Novus Pro Casting Reel leads off the series with high value at an affordable price. Novus Casting Reel features 9+1 BB System and is available in right hand retrieve with three gear ratios 7.3:1 and 8.1:1. Line capacity is 153yds of 12lb test, max drag @ 15.4lbs. The reel weighs 7.8 ounces. The Novus Pro Casting Reel is built around an aluminum frame and has a high strength Brass Drive Gear. Other highlights include Zirconia Line Guide, Dual Brake System, Graphite Cover Plates and 95mm Alumite Handle Arm.

MSRP: $199.99

denali novus


The Novus Casting Reel leads off the series with high value at an affordable price. Novus Casting Reel features 7+1 bearings and is available in right hand retrieve with three gear ratios 6.2:1,7.3:1 and 8.1:1. Line capacity is 153yds of 12lb test. The reel weighs 7.8 ounces. The Novus Casting Reel has an 8 BB system built around an aluminum frame and has a high strength Brass drive gear. Other highlights include Zirconia Line Guide, Dual Brake System, Graphite Cover Plates and 95MM Alumite Handle Arm.

MSRP – $159.99








kastking ireel one


Using Bluetooth to pair the iReel with your smartphone and the KastKing App, the initial setup begins with inputting the line type, test, and diameter. On the water, iReel employs highly accurate motion capture sensors in the spool assembly to provide anglers with precise casting metrics, including the number of casts made, average distance, farthest cast, retrieve speed, and more. By providing real-time access to this valuable information, anglers can enhance their understanding of the fishing environment, analyze their successes and failures, and make necessary adaptations based on the prevailing conditions.

iReel introduces Intelligent Frequency Control (IFC) to evaluate casting variables such as spool speed, inertia, and line tension to optimize performance in real-time, mitigating backlash. iReel integrates IFC microcontroller sensors within the frame and side plate that analyze spool data and automatically apply or release a sophisticated electromagnetic braking system in a non-linear fashion. SEE MORE HERE.