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9 Crappie Fishing Jigging Rods for 2021


Check out these 12- and 13-foot rods for jigging that can handle swinging 2-pound slab crappie with ease.

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1. ACC Crappie Stix Crossover Rods

One of the lightest rods that can swing big crappie that you will find out there thanks to the new super grips. These new to crappie fishing grips lighten the rod and keep their carbon fiber blank comfortable to hold all day while you dip timber and swing big crappie you snipe on Livescope into your boat all day.

These rods are rated as medium with medium tips, 2-piece construction that weighs a mere 5.1 ounces. These are affordable for 11-foot rods at $79 and pair nicely with 1000 size spinning or baitcasting reels equally well. 

You can find the ACC Crappie Stix Crossover rods at

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2. B’n’M Poles Stick and Super Stick Rods

The B’n’M Poles Stick and Super Stick are throwbacks to their popular stiff crappie rods from the early 80s. The Stick and Super Stick feature 21-inch Portuguese handles with reinforced reel seats that are made to fit under your arm for leverage to swing hard on a fish around cover and then swing them easily into your boat. The Stick was made for spinning reels and the Super Stick is made for baitcasters. Both work great with braid.

I fished them with Piscifun Spark Baitcasters and 10-pound braid. So it was easy to hit fish, move them away from cover and swing them into the boat. With a light reel like a Bucks Best Ultralight Crappie Reel your whole combo will be 10-11 ounces. Not too shabby for a 13-foot, heavy-duty crappie rod.

The Super Stick is a 2-piece rod, making it a lot easier to transport two 6 1/2-foot sections in your truck or boat.

You can find the Super Stick at and (on sale now).

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3. Lew’s Wally Marshall Pro Target Rods

The new Lew’s Wally Marshall Pro Target Rods feature durable and sensitive IM8 graphite blanks. They come with stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts and no-tangle tips and Winn Dri-Tac grips. The rods are light and comfortable to hold in your hand and have the backbone to swing big crappie in at a distance. The jigging rods are 10, 12, 14 and 16. We fished the 12 and liked the feel and power of these rods. The extra handle is nice for walking up the rod to swing big crappie as well. 

You can find these at, and


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4. Jenko Big T X Series Rods

Originally Jenko came out with the X-13 rod to showcase the quality and innovation crappie anglers could experience going forward in crappie fishing tackle. Now they have the 10-foot and 15-foot models coming later this year to offer anglers high quality options. 

The X Series of Jenko crappie rods feature ultra lightweight minimalist carbon fiber grips and ALPS guide systems as well as a carbon fiber nut on the reel seat. But the real feature is the power of these rods and the integrated weight balance system in the butt of the rod that allows you to balance your rod with your reel so your rod won’t be so tip heavy and wear you out holding a 13 foot rod out in front of you all day.

These are some of the most advanced crappie rods ever developed in the space and they are expanding to give anglers what they have been asking for. I have caught more crappie on this rod than any of the others because I’ve been fishing them for 3 years.

You can find these at

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5. Huckabee Phantom 13

Many folks don’t know this, but these heavy duty rods that everyone has for crappie fishing now was actually the idea of Todd Huckabee back about 15 years ago when he was pro staff for a big rod brand and asked them to let him design longer rods with some backbone in them because they catch big crappie and need heavy duty rods that can handle big fish in cover and at a distance. 

The rod company thought his idea would never sell, so he left their prostaff and started making his own rods with Power Crappie LLC. 

Now he offers a suite of his Huckabee Rods like his Phantom 13 that features a heavy power rod with a long cork handle to give you total control over spooky big slabs at a distance. I have enjoyed swinging some big crappie out of shallow cover this spring with this rod. 

These heavy action blanks with sensitive tips can feel the bite at a distance and swing fish easily. They feature extra long cork grips, fixed reel seats and stainless steel guides. These rods have thicker blanks and bigger grips for guys that prefer a bigger grip on a rod.

You can find the Phantom 13 at

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6. ACC Crappie Stix Super Grip Rods

The new Super Grip rods from ACC offer lightweight, power, sensitivity and comfort in a modernized rod for crappie fishing. At 5.1 ounces, this 11-foot rod was a joy to fish with. It’s comfortable, powerful and just easy to fish with. I love the looks of them and how they fish. I’m a big fan. 

The grips are tacky and smooth. You can walk up the rod and swing 2-pounders easily on it even though it feels so light in your hands. It really is a cutting-edge rod for the price.

You can find the ACC Crappie Stix Super Grip rods at

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7. Jenko Kevin Rogers Jigging Rods

I’ve learned a lot about crappie fishing from Kevin Rogers over the years, and watching him jack crappie in Texas and Missouri with braid and a jigging rod is what made me want to get into fishing for crappie this way. So when he came out with his own rod at Jenko, I was first in line. I really enjoy the look and feel of this rod, and its simplistic approach to crappie fishing. He puts a cheap $20 crappie reel on it, fills it with braid and proceeds to jack crappie all over the country.

The rod features ultra-thin EVA foam grip, stainless steel micro-guides, no insert guide at the tip, and hook hanger all on a thin, lightweight graphite blank.

This rod is offered in 10, 11 and 13-foot mid-seat options as well as an 11-foot rear-seat option.

You can find them at and

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8. Huckabee Rods 12-foot Slab Swinger

Todd Huckabee designed this rod for dipping timber and brush. It’s the perfect length to get you out there on spooky fish but also not be too unwieldy in and around a bunch of trees. It has stainless steel guides, fixed reel seat, extra long handle, and 2-piece construction. The medium-power rod is easy to hold under your forearm all day and balances well with a spinning reel or a baitcaster. I’ve swung 2-pounders on it easily. 

You can find the Slab Swinger at

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ACC Crappie Stix Original Green Series 12-footer

Another one of the lighter rods that can swing big crappie that you will find out there, the original Green Series from ACC Crappie Stix offers comfortable cork handles, quick identification tips and a carbon fiber, blended blank that offers incredible strength without added weight. The 12-footer was the lightest heavy duty rod at 5.9 ounces until they made their new Super Grips even lighter. 

I have swung countless huge crappie on them. The backbone on these rods is impressive for how light they are.

Checkout this video to see these rods in action.

You can find these rods at

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Baitcasters work well on these rods

A lot of guys using Livescope and “sniping” crappie are using long rods with baitcasters and braid now. I tested these rods with Piscifun Spark baitcasters that you can pickup for $39 (cheaper if you catch one of their sales). It’s perfect for these heavy duty crappie fishing rods. 

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Combos side by side for comparison

Here is a closer look at each rod handle and tip side by side for comparison on handle lengths and blank thickness. 

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12-foot ACC Crappie Stix Rods Got These

I spent a weekend down on Lake O’ the Pines with Charlie Burrow and we cracked more than 40 big slab crappie on ACC Crappie Stix 12-footers all day, swinging every fish, including a couple over 2 pounds. 

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Huckabee Slab Swinger Swings big ones easily

I got the Huckabee Rods late but have slung a bunch of big crappie on shallow brush in April and May.

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Huckabee Slab Swinger Swings big ones easily

I got the Huckabee Rods late but have slung a bunch of big crappie on shallow brush in April and May.