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B’n’M SharpShooter Six Crappie Fishing Rod Review

The B’n’M Poles SharpShooter Deluxe 6 is a specific and refined crappie fishing rod designed to be a do-all spinning rod that can put a jig in very tight spaces for the more savvy anglers. If expert shooting and casting precision is your want, this rod will fill your need.

You can find the B’n’M Poles Bucks SharpShooter 6 for around $60 at these online retailers:

Lots of accuracy with this rod

I’ve used the SharpShooter Deluxe 6 rods obviously shooting under docks, but I’ve also been shooting a jig into and around shallow cover where I need the jig to land in a real precise spot so as not to hang the cover. So while it was designed as a dock shooting rod, it’s a lot more than that. I’ve enjoyed it as just a great shallow fishing crappie rod in general. So to me, it’s really an all purpose spinning rod for crappie fishing. 

Crappie rods built well at a good price

The B’n’M Poles Sharp Shooter 6 rod features long cork grips, with a special finger hole in the grip to allow you direct contact with the blank. The blank is perfectly balanced with the exact right amount of backbone to shoot a light crappie jig back into the sneakiest dark holes where they like to hide under docks, under low hanging branches, in the crooks of big laydowns. 

The Sharp Shooter 6 is the perfect balance of precision shooting and casting to get a jig into exact locations resulting in a lot less lost tackle while reaching fish others can’t. 

Big front grip

There many noticeably different features on the SharpShooter Six rod. And that’s something I look for in specialty rods for any species of fish. That signals that the rod maker has gotten input from anglers on what the rod needs to be able to do. 

The first noticeable thing on these rods are the big front grips on the rod. I have never understood why more spinning rod manufacturers don’t do this. 

Good blank for shooting

The blank power in the SharpShooter 6 is very well done for shooting jigs. I am able to get a lot of distance with a 1/16-ounce jig on 4 pound line. The rod loads nicely and is the right size for getting into some tight spaces with a good shot or skip. 

If you’re wanting to learn to shoot docks, I would highly recommend this rod to try it. 

Unique blank-through grip

The cork on the SharpShooter 6 has a notch in it that exposes the blank so you can have a direct contact with the blank without having to move your hand up above the grip. This allows you to have a comfortable grip, ahead of the reel and still be able to touch the blank. 

Another well-thought and uniquely designed concept in this crappie fishing rod.

Neat sensitivity concept

That extra large front grip allows you to put your whole hand above the reel, which I actually prefer with spinning rods for better hooksets and control on the retrieve.

Good feeling and balanced rod this way

I like how the SharpShooter 6 feels in your hand while lining up shots and retrieving a jig. It’s got good sensitivity and is real comfortable to hold all day pulling and loading the rod thousands of times a day. The reel stays snugly in place and you don’t have to split your grip around the stem of the reel. 

Good line management

The Dyna Flo guides on the SharpShooter 6 made for good movement of line without too much wiggle and play when shooting and casting. So you can make long accurate shots and casts with this perfectly sized rod with very applicable components.

Loads well

The extra stiff graphite blank loads really well and gives you a lot of inertia to get a jig way back under the cover.  You don’t want a whippy light rod for shooting. You want a stiff medium light, at least that’s what I prefer. That way you can load a lot of energy to not only send a small jig but also have enough force pull line off the reel on a long cast. 

Accurate and solid crappie fishing rod

And the added benefit of the bit stiffer blank is you can hoist slab crappie over the side of the boat or onto the bank easily and quickly. That’s how I like to fish as I almost never use a net. So I get ’em coming up and just swing sideways with the SharpShooter 6. I have yet to struggle with 2-pound-plus crappie on this rod because it has some backbone.

I have really enjoyed fishing with this rod and highly recommend it for shooting and shallow crappie fishing. 

You can find the B’n’M Poles Bucks SharpShooter 6 for around $60 at these online retailers:

Good luck and let us know how you do crappie fishing with this rod!