ICAST 2014 | Storm


Arashi Wake Crank

The new Arashi Wake Crank was designed to be part topwater and part fast search bait. It comes in 16 colors  and will sell for $8.99. They have a bulky profile and good weight which will make them good to bomb long casts as well as roll cast them into tight corners. And the patented self-tuning line tie will keep the bait from every getting out of tune.



Arashi Deep Crank Colors

There are four new colors on the Arashi cranks including Ghost Hitch, Pro Blue, Green Gold Shad and Black Chartreuse Shad.





New Transparent Storm Twitch Stick Colors

The new colors for the Twitch Stick are Ghost Wakasagi, Ghost Hot Blue, Ghost Herring and Ghost Pro Blue. These are very affordable jerkbaits at $5.99 and now come in some great looking colors with super sharp VMC hooks.



New Wiggle Wart Colors

I really liked the new color patterns for the wiggle wart. The four new craw colors are Moss Back Craw, Creek Craw, Red Craw and Orange Brown Craw

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