New Fishing Gear and Apparel for 2024

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All the new fishing apparel, fishing tackle storage, fishing sunglasses, fishing line, terminal tackle and all the other gear that goes with fishing lures, fishing reels and fishing rods sometimes gets overlooked, so we gave them all their own section to cover these items that are really the nuts and bolts of long days of fishing. Being comfortable, organized and able to see what’s around you while using good line, good knots and good terminal tackle is how you tip the scale in your favor on landing more and better fish.


Shimano Mastiff Fluorocarbon


Mastiff is Shimano’s new fluorocarbon line that is made from high-quality materials that have been tested and verified over a long period of time. One of the key features of Mastiff is its low linear elongation, which allows anglers to feel even the slightest pecking or disturbance on the line. Mastiff is also wear-resistant, making it ideal for use in thick cover. The line possesses a supple feel making it easy to cast and control. Mastiff delivers smooth, responsive performance that anglers can rely on. The NanoArmor Technology increases the binding strength of knots giving you stronger more secure connections to your lure and the fish. See more at

Seaguar BasiX fluorocarbon


The Seaguar Basix 100% Fluorocarbon Line gives you all the benefits of a quality fluoro without the high price tag. Constructed to be extremely supple, the Basix Line casts like a dream for dramatically increased distance while simultaneously decreasing backlashes and casting noise. It is made with 100% Seaguar fluoro resins to ensure it stands up to the highest standards of quality and consistency. It slips into the water with virtually invisible performance while boasting incredible knot and tensile strength. Read our Full Review here.seaguar TactX braid fluoro kit


Taking the guesswork out of your braid to fluoro connections, the Seaguar TactX Braid and Fluorocarbon Kit makes shopping for the perfect combination of braid mainline and fluoro leader easier than ever. This smart system utilizes Seaguar’s 4-strand natural camo-colored braid that delivers precise, long casts and concealment once in the water. The included fluorocarbon leader is virtually invisible under the surface for a covert approach to finicky or pressured fish. Both lines bring exceptional knot and tensile strength to your favorite setups as well as a dose of abrasion resistance. Available in a range of strengths to tackle any scenario. Buy Now.


vicious fluorocarbon leader


This is a 100% Japanese Fluorocarbon created for the guys fishing tougher conditioners. Of course it keeps all the characteristics anglers want such as low visibility under water, sensitivity, etc. But this one just comes with extra abrasion resistance. By spring we will have it in all sizes from 4lb up to 30lb, but available immediately is the 8lb, 10lb and 12lb test. It will come on small 30-yard spools to reduce space needed for storage and, being leader, the smaller length to keep line from going bad before it’s used up. MSRP ranges from 6.99 up to $15.99.

vicious ez leader


The EZ Leader is a simple nylon swivel that simplifies the process of connecting a main line to a leader. This was create primarily for the angler that hasn’t learned to properly tie two lines together. Following up on the 30lb option from two years ago, we are now selling two new SKUs for lighter line. These are the 10lb and 20lb options. The advantage of the lighter lb test is the smaller knots where they connect the main line to the leader. These sold in 5-packs and retail for $5.99. They are available immediately.


sunline tepa tapered fc leader


Tepa is a 100% fluorocarbon leader that combines two pound-tests into one leader with a proprietary tapered design.  These leaders are uniquely manufactured to taper from a larger pound test to a smaller pound test from one end of the leader to the other end.  This benefit allows an angler to use an upsized pound test on either end for applications where a larger or smaller leader is needed. For example, the larger size can be tied to a lure when an angler wants to have greater strength and abrasion resistance at his knot and the first part of the leader.  The line then tapers down to a smaller size for joining to the mainline braid.  Alternately, the larger end could also be tied to the mainline knot connection to provide greater strength and abrasion resistance at the knot while the leader tapers down to a smaller size at the lure knot for fish that are wary of line size. The tapered structure of this leader allows an angler to strengthen either the knot area or mainline connection of a leader without having to upsize the whole leader.


sunline supernatural no flea line


All the great characteristics of our best selling nylon line, Super Natural with an additional processing step added to the line’s surface.  No Flea features a proprietary processing on the line’s surface to prevent Spiny Water Fleas from accumulating on the line and impacting trolling lures and rigs.  Fleas are a nuisance when trolling in certain seasons, when they collect and remain on the line.  Fleas collecting on the line affect trolling performance and clogging of the rod tip.  Super Natural No Flea is available in a 1200yd spool and dark green color in 30lb and 40lb.    MSRP $34.99 and $37.99.


sunline siglon pe AMX x8 braid


Siglon PE AMZ is an eight-strand high performance braided line. AMZ features a new special processing of braided line strands.  Performance Sustainable Processing (PSP) is done on this product which significantly prolongs the initial performance of the braided line.  SPS maintains the initial smoothness and durability of the braided line to help it keep performing at peak performance. By preventing fraying and maintaining initial slickness casting distance and feel remains at initial levels. AMZ is a great choice for spinning or baitcast reels and any technique where braided line is the choice. Available in orange and dark green colors.


sunline overwatch metered line


Overwatch is an eight-strand high performance ULT braid designed for use on spinning reels.  Overwatch is a metered braid that has repeating sections of 12” chartreuse and 30” green.  The high visibility chartreuse sections improve bite detection and easier line watching. The green sections provide camouflage for the line if needed in certain situations. The metered pattern is quickly identifiable to the eye when cast out.  Overwatch features a slick surface to reduce guide friction which improves casting distance with light lures. This braid also has a high flexibility to provide improved performance with spinning reels. Available in a 125-yard spool.


Sunline model FC


Model FC is a great choice for beginner anglers or anglers using fluorocarbon for the first time. It has good all around performance for a wide range of techniques and the 110-yard spool fills a reel with little waste. Model FC is a 100% fluorocarbon made in Japan. It is available in a 110-yard spool in the following pound tests: 10,  12, 15 and 20. MSRP $8.49


Sunline Fine Float


The long-time popular JDM product has been renewed for 2023. The same great qualities of Fine Float have been retained and improved.  Fine Float has long been known for its ability to stay at the perfect level in the water column during floating retrieves. This reformulated version continues that along with improved surface slickness to reduce guide and float friction. It easily casts and mends even lightweight rigs. It is  available in a 165-yard spool and a high visibility vivid yellow color.



Bead fishing is one of the most popular techniques for salmon and steelhead. The Bead Hook is constructed out of Gamakatsu’s TGW (Tournament Grade Wire). The TGW wire is thinner, strong and sharper than the standard wire. The smaller wire penetrates the hard jaw plate more easily, helping keep bigger salmon and steelhead pinned and on the line. The surface of each hook is coated with the Gamakatsu’s Nano Alpha Coating that additionally improves hook penetration. 



Bill Dance is a name that is synonymous with bass fishing, but one of his greatest passions is chasing down giant catfish.  Bill teamed up with Gamakatsu to develop a weedless catfish hook that could be fished in the heaviest wood cover without getting snagged.  Bill frequently targets trophy catfish in rivers, and he often wants his baits in and around snags, laydowns and trashpiles where big catfish live.  This hook allows anglers to deliver their baits into hard-to-reach places, while preventing snags. This hook is designed around Gamakatsu’s 221 Series Octopus Circle (Inline Point) Hook and is equipped with a custom weedguard.



Efficiency depends on gear. Struggling with a snap weight has traditionally been a recipe for mishap. We felt this pain and clumsiness and responded by designing a snap weight line clip that streamlined the removal process. Equipped with a quick release, our clip eradicates all the unwieldy juggling associated with snap weight removal. Now, you can easily remove a snap weight with just one hand, enabling you to concentrate more on reeling in fish rather than wrestling with equipment.


Imagine casting a jig that doesn’t just mimic the hatch—it embodies it—introducing Lazer Sharp’s Holographic Live Image Jigs, where reality and illusion blend to create the ultimate natural forage presentation. The precision-crafted design merges live images with shimmering holographic finishes allowing you to match the hatch like never before.  



Meticulously crafted to suit specific fishing conditions and diverse tackle demands, AlphaPoint® hooks will be offered in many styles and sizes. With a unique offset that maximizes efficiency for a high hookup-to-land ratio, the AlphaPoint® Assault Tactical Wide Gap 2X (38122AP-TX) hook covers a multitude of bait options and fishing styles. The design features a more distinct bend than your standard round bend offset hook, giving large and thick soft plastic baits the ability to collapse against the hook shank to promote better hooksets.



A perfect choice for upgrading stock hooks on hard baits, the AlphaPoint® Triple Grip Short Shank 2/0 treble (ITG76) hook features a modified design that creates a wider gap than similar-sized round bend trebles. Its tapered eyelet easily slips between split rings and the thin-wire hooks allow baits to track true while delivering improved hook-up ratios.


The A-Tak Swim (AJIG03-TX) jig will be made available in 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2-ounce sizes. 


Sunline introduces two high quality pliers options for 2023.  Both versions are 6 inches in length and have a stainless finish to prevent rusting.  Both versions have a comfort grip and spring grip for easy use.  Each one features a premium side-cutting surface for quick and clean cuts.  The frame of each has a built in wire bending feature. The black version is a traditional pliers and the blue version is a split ring pliers. MSRP $23.00

baitfuel hardbait stick


The BaitFuel Hardbait Stick utilizes F.A.S.T. technology to stimulate a fish’s predatory instinct and provoke key predatory aggression habits, resulting in more bites and longer hold times. This scent cloud expands your strike zone and brings more fish to your bait, keeping them biting cast after cast, even in pressured bass situations. When you see fish come up on forward-facing sonar or nose your bait in shallow smallmouth scenarios, the BaitFuel Hardbait Stick will entice them to strike and fuel your passion for fishing.

do-it molds hammer craw


One thing you will notice about this bait is the attention to detail in the midsection of the body. The subtle bumps add depth to the craw style body, and the hook slot is perfect for any weedless rigging presentation. Looking at the claws on this bait, you can see why the name is “Hatchet Craw”, if you remember the early days of spinnerbaits, you might think this shape is familiar. It is designed to reflect the Hatchet blades, which creates a unique action that could be described as more of a rotating flutter motion than a standard hard kicking soft plastic. MSRP $92.


falmbeau next gen tackle boxes


Flambeau Outdoors has reengineered the DNA of the more than 60-year-old trunk style cantilever tackle box for 2023. The fresh, improved utility and functionality upgrades an iconic product line and features a top entrance bulk storage compartment for full access without compromise. Swing out trays instead of stacked cantilever trays open with single finger operation and eliminate the need to double the footprint and expand out linked trays in order to access one piece of tackle. A new fast dial latch for secure closure and an integrated storage space for stowing Tuff Tainer utility boxes nearly doubles the tackle volume capacity of traditional tray boxes despite sharing nearly identical exterior dimensions.

Proudly made in the U.S.A. and Built to Fish. Built to Last™, the NextGen tackle boxes will be available in Medium 4/0 ($17) and Large 6/0 ($19) sizes.


plano edge 370 jerkbait box


With space to store up to 20 jerkbaits, the Plano EDGE 3700 Jerkbait Box delivers proven EDGE features, including an ultra-clear lid and EZ label system for quick tackle identification, a one-handed latch for easy access, and Rustrictor technology to prevent rust and corrosion. The 3700 Jerkbait Box includes a Dri-Loc o-ring seal to keep water out and comes in a 3700 size designed to fit in 3700-size tackle bags. Through rigorous testing in real-life situations, the new Plano EDGE 3700 Jerkbait Box has been purpose-built with the avid angler in mind.

sunline came line storage bag


This line storage bag is a great choice to store and protect all of your Sunline.  The bag is padded on all sides to prevent spools from being broken if the bag is dropped or smashed.  The bag opens on the top with a large high quality zipper. The interor features an adjustable divider that can make up to six internal compartments to separate your line types or sizes.  It also features six elastic bands that can securely store bulk spools.  Use of a bag like this also protects line from harmful uv rays. MSRP $29.00.

gamakatsu g case 3000


Gamakatsu the world’s leading manufacturer and innovator of fishing hooks and terminal tackle introduces the newest addition to the G-Box series, the G-Case 3000. The dimensions of this tackle box are 17.1” x 9.2” x 10.7”. It features a hinged lid that has a secure plastic flip latch that keeps the lid shut, a large comfortable handle that has a locking feature when in its upright position, top and bottom adjustable compartments allowing the angler to customize to his or her needs, and a table on the inside of the lid. In addition, there are slots on the side of the box for other accessories. MSRP –  $69.99

costa seeker travel back pack


Seeing what’s out there usually means packing up and heading out to places that may take days to get to. That’s why Costa’s Seeker Bag Collection is made with highly durable, water-resistant and waterproof fabrics. The 30L Backpack features a wide-opening suitcase style interior, a hardshell front pocket to protect gear, a removable dry bag, padded laptop storage, a secret zipper for your passport, pockets for refillable bottles, and outer straps to attach additional gear and secure your rods.

aftco fishing tackle backpack


Built for anglers on the go that need lots of storage, AFTCO’s Tackle Backpack holds five 3600 size boxes and one 3700 box. A deep top pocket allows storage for all your bulky gear. Storage includes a felt-lined sunglasses pocket and a water-resistant storage pocket for your valuables or any other items you need to keep dry. When the weather comes up, pull out the built-in rain fly to keep the backpack out of the elements. When you hop off the boat, you’ll enjoy a comfortable padded back and adjustable shoulder straps.

evolution 3500 drift tackle bag

EVOLUTION 3500, 3600, 3700 DRIFT BAGS

Comes in three sizes and features rubber mesh slip pocket on the back and on all exterior pockets. IT has a non-slip dimpled PVC bottom with integrated drainage grommets. The top handle is padded with a hook and loop wrap as well as an adjustable and removable padded shoulder strap. Comes with tackle trays.

evolution line master leader bag


Introducing the LineMaster Leader Bag – the perfect storage solution for all your fishing line leaders. Designed with convenience in mind, the LineMaster Leader Bag can hold up to 5 spools of line, allowing you to easily store and organize your fishing line leaders. The bag features a clear label for quick identification, making it easy to find the line you need when you need it. What sets the LineMaster apart is its ability to spool a reel without the need for removing the line from the bag. This means that you can easily and quickly change out your fishing line on the go, without having to remove the line from the bag. Crafted from high-quality materials, the LineMaster Leader Bag is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the outdoors. The bag is durable and water-resistant, ensuring that your fishing line leaders stay protected and dry.

evolution quick latch tackle tray


The Drift Series QuikLatch Tackle Tray is the perfect storage solution for anglers who need a reliable and efficient way to organize their fishing gear. Color code and organize your tackle with these trays so you can get to the right tray quickly while you’re on your fishing adventure. With its new QuikLatch design, this tackle tray is both secure and easy to use. The single latch system allows for quick and easy access to your fishing tackle, so you can spend more time fishing and less time fumbling around with your gear. Simply flip the latch open and you can access your tackle with ease.

evolution rigger roll up rig bag


The Roll-Up Rig Bags come in small and large sizes and are made to stuff tackle in and then roll up to tuck away neatly in your boat or tackle bag. The water resistant tarpaulin construction, multiple zipper pockets and 2 side release buckles makes it quick, easy and customizable to your different types of fishing gear.



The BUZBE Hive is the ultimate Bulk Storage Organizer. As expected from BUZBE, these boxes are over-engineered, durable, waterproof, modular, and customizable. The Hive was designed to perfectly store and organize tackle boxes. With added dividers, the customization is endless. The innovative lid and latch combo creates a hinge, allowing the lid to open from one side or can be fully removed. Available sizes are Hive 4X and Hive 8X.

buzbe colony 15d


Building off their popular Colony Boxes, BUZBE introduced the new deeper model the COLONY 15 DEEP. Made with the same honey combo locking mold in the boxes interior and removable, customizable and varying size internal containers in a deeper footprint, the new Colony 15 Deep boxes will fill the need angles have had to store more tackle in their Colony boxes. Several anglers want to have one big box that has dozens of baits in them and now these deeper Colony boxes will accommodate a lot more tackle in their same indestructible boxes.



hobie eyewear cape


The Hobie® Eyewear Sport Performance Collection includes various frame designs and polarized lens colors for diverse style preferences, face shapes, and different angling situations. The common denominator is an unparalleled value for sportsman’s sunglasses, starting at $79.99 for premium features, exceptional durability and comfort, and 100% UV protection. HydroClean™ 360º coated polycarbonate polarized lenses are virtually shatterproof and highly scratch resistant and shed water while resisting dirt and grime for easy cleaning. New in the collection is Cape, which has polarized polycarbonate lenses, co-molded megol, and Comfort Grip rubber nose pads and is available in Satin Black and Shiny Black frames with multiple lens color options.

hobie eyewear everglades


The Hobie® Eyewear Sport Performance Collection includes various frame designs and polarized lens colors for diverse style preferences, face shapes, and different angling situations. The common denominator is an unparalleled value for sportsman’s sunglasses, starting at $79.99 for premium features, exceptional durability and comfort, and 100% UV protection. HydroClean™ 360º coated polycarbonate polarized lenses are virtually shatterproof and highly scratch resistant and shed water while resisting dirt and grime for easy cleaning. Everglades, inspired by kayak fishing adventures through the Everglades which feature a full-wrap fit, are ideal for sport fishermen and use co-molded megol rubber and comfort fit rubber nose pads all-day comfort.  hobie eyewear floating


Maintain your cool with Coastal Float, Hobie ® Eyewear’s signature lightweight frame designed to float back to the surface when dropped in the water. Our Floating Collection offers all the benefits of premium quality, polarized nylon lenses sunglasses without the stress of a high price tag. Should your frames take a dive overboard, have peace of mind knowing Coastal Float will rise back up to meet you on your next adventure. Lenses coated with HydroClean 360º, 100% UV Protection, Heat resistant and durable, RX Ready.



costa king tide


Witness a rise 40 years in the making. Made for elite anglers, King Tide 8 keeps your eye on the prize with unprecedented sweat management, elevates your craft with shark-inspired, zero-fog venting, and optimizes viewing on and off the water with removable side shields. Rough waters or still, non-skid hooding keeps your frames exactly where you set them. Using research and innovations from every frame that came before it, King Tide 8 is the crowning achievement of Costa’s 40 years on the water. MSRP: $349.



The Fin-Nor Sportfisher features Lateral Line™ lens technology engineered to enhance sight without distortion. This technology gives anglers a clear advantage by making it easier to identify what’s happening on and beneath the water’s surface while reducing eye fatigue. The lenses are designed to decrease blue light transmission and glare, enabling anglers to have exceptional vision in foggy, hazy, or sunny conditions. With the right pair of sunglasses, anglers can improve their chances of a successful fishing experience even under challenging circumstances. “The Fin-Nor Lateral Line Polarized Polycarbonate lens is built to perform on the water and proven to be 2X more scratch-resistant than our closest competitors*,” said Steve Woolf, Category Manager for Fin- Nor. “Inspired by the barriers watermen and women face while pursuing their passion, Fin-Nor delivers superior lens technology designed to perform and provide all-day comfort while lending stylish function.”

bajio toads


Full, 8-base wrap design for light-blocking performance | Generous non-slip rubber nose pads | Rubber temple tips for a snug fit | Made from a plant-based material that biodegrades more easily and is gentler on our oceans | Choice of six lens colors in both glass and polycarbonate | All lenses are polarized and include proprietary LAPIS technology that blocks blue light, making them the clearest lenses on the planet | Oleophobic lens coatings reduce scratching and make cleaning easier.

Bajio stiltsville


These frames feature a full, 8-base wrap design for light-blocking performance. The generous non-slip rubber nose pads and rubber temple tips help them fit snug on your face even on the roughest waters. Made from a plant-based material that biodegrades more easily and is gentler on our oceans. They come in six lens colors in both glass and polycarbonate. All lenses are polarized and include proprietary LAPIS technology that blocks blue light, making them the clearest lenses on the planet. In addition, they have an oleophobic lens coating to reduce scratching and make cleaning easier.

bajio eldora


Full, 8-base wrap design for light-blocking performance | Generous non-slip rubber nose pads | Rubber temple tips for snug fit | Made from plant-based material that degrades more easily and is gentler on our oceans | Choice of six lens colors in both glass and polycarbonate | All lenses are polarized and include proprietary LAPIS technology that blocks blue light, making them the clearest lenses on the planet | Oleophobic lens coatings reduce scratching and make cleaning easier.




aftco channel hooded performance shirt


The Channel Hooded Fishing Shirt delivers industry-leading ventilation to keep you cool when things get heated with a 100% recycled polyester that doubles down on the cooling factor with quick dry and moisture wicking properties to ensure you remain dry and comfortable for extended days on the water. Enjoy UPF 40 sun protection, a modern aesthetic that stands out from the crowd, and reap the benefits of functional features like AFTCO’s signature SpeedVent™ active hood channels that prevent your hoodie from blowing off when running down the water or facing windy conditions. Anatomically placed thumb loops provide additional sun protection for your hands if needed. An integrated zippered chest pocket allows handy storage access.


aftco ocean bound performance hoodie


Sustainability you can wear? AFTCO’s utilization of REPREVE® Our Ocean™ recycled polyester removes plastic bottles that were bound for the ocean but were gathered and recycled into spun polyester fabric that will keep you protected and comfortable for long days on the water. AFTCO’s Ocean Bound Fishing Hoodie delivers UPF 40 sun protection, thumb loops for additional hand coverage, active hood that can tuck over your hat brim, and quick dry moisture wicking properties to keep you cool / dry and ready for the next cast. 


aftco jason christie camo bass jacket


2022 Bassmaster Classic Winner Jason Christie worked closely with the AFTCO product team to develop his own signature sun protection hoodie which is now available in an all-new camo print. The Jason Christie Hoodie is built with an ultra-lightweight and breathable 100% recycled polyester fabric that offers UPF 50 sun protection and antimicrobial properties. A specialized hood design features a larger opening and integrated bill flap for added coverage and glare reduction.


aftco forge insulated jacket


Heat when you need it most, meet AFTCO’s Forge Insulated Jacket. An ideal piece when the temps drop, Forge was built to deliver warmth either as a standalone jacket or as a key layering piece in extreme cold weather. Forge is constructed with 100% nylon TORAY® ripstop for durability and conducts heat with 60g of Thermore® Freedom Stretch insulation. Water resistant DWR keeps the spray off you while a 4-way mechanical stretch promotes mobility that moves with you in the field. Stretch knit cuffs, shock cord hem adjustment, topped off with zippered chest and hand pockets round out the feature rich Forge jacket.

AFTCO hydro bib


Inspired by the award-winning Hydronaut® Bib, AFTCO designed the Hydro Bib to offer the same level of protection from the elements at a more competitive price. Constructed of a 2-layer 100% nylon shell with a 30K waterproof membrane and 100% polyester lining, the Hydro Bib keeps you dry and comfortable while fishing. It features adjustable elastic shoulder straps, a top-entry thigh pocket with an integrated 300D plier pocket, a safety D-ring, knee-high side zippers, and a reinforced hem.

aftco womens barricade rain suit


Women’s Barricade is built with high-end features at a competitive price, offering durable 3-layer construction, 20K waterproofing, 5K breathability, and our signature SpeedVent™ hood. An elasticated hem cinch allows you to quickly dial in the fit, while the Double Dry cuffs prevent water from seeping up the arms. YKK zippers on the chest pocket to keep any loose items sealed. A plier pocket found on the thigh with 500D nylon keeps tools at the ready. Signature AFTCO jacquard elastic adjustable shoulder straps, g-hook slide waist side adjustment system, along with a dual side zippered relief hatch allows you to take care of business with ease. 

Simms Fall Run Hybrid Jacket


The balance to move freely through it all, Simms Fall Run Hybrid Jacket brings together premium lightweight insulation, water-resistant protection, and a stretch fleece construction for a layering solution that covers all sides of the equation. Constructed from 100% recycled polyester ripstop with a DWR finish for water resistance, combined with fleece panels in the side body and underarms for stretch and mobility the jacket is powered by PrimaLoft Black Eco insulation. The upper front and back body feature internal quilting that provides a smooth exterior for abrasion resistance when worn with waders or bibs. 

MSRP: $199.95 SEE MORE at (available August 2023)

simms rogue pant


Cruising local haunts or keeping up with camp chores, the ready-to-roam Rogue Pant keeps you moving toward what matters with a rugged build that brings together defiant wind and cool-weather protection. Built out of reliable wind-bocking, breathable, and DWR-treated softshell face fabric with a fleece liner, the Rogue pants comes equipped with a fixed waistband with low profile webbing belt loops, rubberized shank closure, and a zippered fly. Additional features include front drop-in hand-warmer pockets with a single right zippered back pocket, a right thigh zippered pocket with a layered drop-in phone or plier pocket. 

MSRP: $139.95. SEE MORE at (available August 2023)

simms challenger insulated rain jacket


Powered by Primaloft insulation and built with waterproof 2-layer Toray fabric, Simms’ Challenger Insulated Suit keeps anglers in the moment in the coldest/wettest conditions. The jacket features a removable/adjustable hood, tethered sunglass chamois (left chest pocket), a center-front zipper bolstered by a Velcro storm flap, and adjustable cuffs to lock water out. Additional features include abrasion panels on the bib, adjustable suspenders and a vast pocket array for tons of on-body storage.

MSRP: $700 SEE MORE at (available August 2023)


simms solarflex cooling hoody


High-tech comfort for high-intensity heat, the SolarFlex Cooling Hoody offers stretch mobility, UPF50 sun protection and an easy breathing, cool-to-the-touch construction. Built with a lightweight knit fabric that’s smooth and stretchy, with a hint of compression, the shirt’s cooling capability is powered by Brrr° triple effect technology. Equipped with a 3-panel hood, extended sleeves, the shirt also features thumbholes and a center finger loop for additional back of hand sun protection. MSRP: $ 99.95. SEE MORE at (available August 2023)



huk rover jacket


This jacket was created to provide versatile protection from the elements, a lightweight construction, and packability for when the sun returns. Included are details (zippered chest pocket, adjustable hood and hem, zippered hand pockets) that elevate this jacket from competitor’s packable offerings.

huk icon hoodie


The ICON X has been rebranded for SS24 as simply the ICON performance knit shirt. Still offered in the short-sleeve, long-sleeve, and hoodie silhouettes, the ICON now omits the “X” stitching design across the back panel and increases the performance wicking mesh area to include the whole back section. Change from set-in to a raglan sleeve for increased range of motion. The front, double-knit panel features ICE cooling technology embedded in the fibers. Available in long sleeve, shot sleeve, and hoodie pullover offerings.

huk diamondback ss shirt


Huk’s new Diamond Back shirt is a sharp styled piece that looks great whether you’re on the water or out for the evening. Made of a Nylon/Spandex blend, it features 4-way stretch, a hidden snap collar and full stain resistance. But don’t think this shirt can’t handle the catch, it’s always ready for action. Water resistant with a vented back yoke, 50+ UPF protection, and included interior eye wipe, you’ll be prepared first cast to last.

huk creekbed pant


When you’re out chasing the hatch, you need fly fishing apparel that keeps your gear close and protected. Huk’s new Creekbed Pant offers premium performance top to bottom. It’s fully elastic waistband, adjustable belt, and gusseted crotch provide a comfortable fit that lets you pursue your catch. The front utility belt loops and secured back welt pocket give you places for your flies, lines, clips and nips. The entire pant features DWR water repellant and is anti-microbial to keep it dry and ready for action.

costa womens warm weather technical


Costa’s Venture Recycled Performance Hoody is inspired by women who live for long days on the water. Made from 88% recycled materials, this relaxed fit hoody is UPF50, moisture-wicking, lightweight, and antimicrobial. Technical features include a front zip pocket for sunglasses or gear, 4-way stretch fabric for extra mobility, and thumbholes and a 3 piece drawstring hood for added sun protection on your hands, neck, and head. MSRP $55.


Designed and engineered for comfort and protection, our XPEL® Tec Hoodie features our plant-based XPEL® fabric treatment for a fully water and stain repellent finish – meaning water simply rolls off the fabric. Perfect to wear in hot conditions, the lightweight technical fabric is quick drying and moisture wicking, while the built in 50+ UV protection will shield you from the sun. Additional features include large volume hood, thumb loops and flat-locked seams. MSRP $44.95.



xtratuf eco 2 sharkbyte deck shoe


he Sharkbyte 2.0 ECO brings you everything you have grown to love about the Sharkbyte collection, but with a comfort and eco-friendly upgrade. Featuring a BIOLITE outsole, this silhouette is up to 30% lighter than the other Sharkbyte styles. It provides agility, breathability, and high energy return while offering the same superior traction benefit of all XTRATUF footwear. Along with our proprietary high-performance foam this deck shoe is constructed from a REPREVE Our Ocean textile upper, which is made from ocean bound plastic bottles. $89. SEE AT XTRATUF.COM.

simms pursuit shoe


The ultimate wet-wading cross trainer powered by an upstanding grip that’s equally at home on gravel river bottoms, saltwater flats, or on deck. Constructed with an ultra-breathable and quick-draining mesh upper, a stretch collar, and high-abrasion TPU overlays in key wear areas, the Pursuit Shoe features a quick-lacing system for easy on/off and on the fly fit adjustment. A non-marking siped outsole offers premium slip resistance on all surfaces. MSRP: $139.95

Simms challenger 7 Boot


From dock duties to running laps around the deck, the vulcanized-rubber Challenger 7-inch Boot sets the task-ready standard for guaranteed waterproof protection and comfort. Lined with neoprene, the boot also features Simms proprietary rugged deck outsole to provide comfort and grip on all surfaces. Simms Right Angle footbed offers all day support from the ground up and pull-on loops provide easy on/off capabilities. MSRP: $129.95 See at (available August 2023)