New Fishing Rods and Combos for 2024

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We’ve collected the introductions for new freshwater fishing rods for 2024 from the ICAST 2023 show and here is a quick rundown of the new rods and rod lines being released for the upcoming fishing seasons. This quick overview will include casting rods, spinning rods, BFS rods for freshwater fishing. We will have separate sections for fly fishing and ice fishing for a lot of those new product introductions.

Fenwick World Class Bass Rods


The pinnacle of the newly redesigned, ergonomic rod collection at Fenwick, the World Class series, provides discerning anglers with 62 technique-specific rods to meet their specialized needs for bass, walleye and more. Focusing on the importance of weight, balance, and sensitivity, World Class rods are crafted from ultra-premium materials combined with a blend of high modulus graphite and Fenwick’s proprietary reinforcing resin, providing perfect actions for each application. Designed for performance, Fenwick has skillfully crafted the lightest weight blank possible without disrupting sensitivity or responsiveness. The custom tailored foregrip with reduced length and added taper allow for forward finger placement and better feel. With titanium guide frames and super thin zirconia inserts as well as custom designed Fenwick reel seats that fit the crux of hand for a custom natural feel with soft touch, these are the most impressive rods to ever come out of the Fenwick factory. These rods carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty and begin at a price of $420. Available in fall 2023.

shimano poison ultima


The pinnacle of the Poison series, the Poison Ultima brings Shimano’s JDM offering to the North American market and generously showcases Shimano’s most advanced rod technologies. Shimano’s flagship Spiral X Core technology blends lightness and increased multi-directional strength while combining with Hi-Power X technology for added blank twist resistance. High-performance and lightweight Shimano X-Guides draw out the full potential of Poison Ultima’s rod design for trouble-free and heightened casting performance. Casting models feature Shimano’s Full Carbon Monocoque grip that leverages a full-carbon design while delivering extreme sensitivity and showcasing a new handle shape developed by scientifically analyzing tournament anglers’ movement and holding posture to elevate performance. Spinning models feature a Carbon Shell Grip — a lightweight, hollow structure that enables anglers to determine even the slightest differences underwater as it transmits vibration through the hand. Built to be the pinnacle of performance, the evolution doesn’t stop for Poison Ultima.

MSRP: $879.99

shimano zodias rodsSHIMANO ZODIUS NEW MODLES 

The redesigned line of Zodias rods incorporate Carbon Monocoque technology passed down from Shimano’s elite series of rods that set the industry standard for sensitivity. Zodias rods couple a hollow Carbon Monocoque Grip into a CI4+ reel seat to achieve more sensitivity than conventionally constructed models, ultimately transmitting vibration from underwater structure, lure action or bites into the palm of an angler’s hand. Shimano’s Hi-Power X technology lies at the heart of Zodias rods and benefits anglers by increasing the transfer of energy through the rod for enhanced accuracy and casting distance as well as reduced blank twist for better control when fighting fish. There are three new models of Zodias rods for 2023 including a 7’3 heavy, 6’8 medium and 6’8 medium light.

MSRP: $219.99-$259.99

shimano expride new models


Shimano engineers expanded the Expride lineup with additional models and enhanced performance by adding a Carbon Monocoque handle. This innovative and lightweight hollow carbon handle increases vibration transfer through the rod and into an angler’s hand for up to 30% more sensitivity for superior bite transmission. Extremely lightweight with excellent balance, the new Expride rods feature CI4+ reel seats and don Fuji SiC guides for premium angling performance. Shimano’s Hi-Power X blank technology enables rod engineers to fine-tune rod actions with models specifically designed for versatility, power fishing, or throwing large swimbaits while also providing anglers with enhanced casting distance and accuracy. Shimano has added 7 new models to this widely renowned lineup of rods.

MSRP: $299.99-$309.99

shimano curado rods


Shimano redesigned the Curado series of casting and spinning rods with power and versatility for the tournament angler. Now featuring Shimano’s Hi-Power X technology that utilizes diagonally-wrapped carbon tape forming “X” shapes on the rod blank’s outermost layer, the Curado series provides anglers with rods showcasing increased strength and improved casting performance. The Curado series of rods now feature Shimano CI4+ reel seats for increased sensitivity and reduced weight. The combination of Fuji tangle-free K guides with FazLite inserts is the ideal guide train for reducing line tangles and providing anglers the option to fish with monofilament, fluorocarbon or PowerPro braided fishing line. Shimano has introduced 5 new models to this extremely popular lineup of rods.

MSRP: $179.99-$199.99

Custom LITE


The team at Lew’s has worked to fine tune actions, grips, and blank materials to create the new line of Custom Lite Rods, with a specific focus on extremely lightweight components. The lineup includes 20 casting models and eight spinning models, including two BFS style casting actions designed for fishing light line and lightweight baits. All Custom Lite Rods have HM85 graphite blanks for sensitivity and stainless-steel guides with titanium oxide inserts for durability, with spinning rods featuring a new Comfort Plus ergonomic reel seat designed in partnership with Zona and casting rods featuring a Full Contact reel seat for direct blank contact while fishing. The new Custom Lites have split grip handles with Lew’s exclusive Winn® Dri-Tac Ultra ProWeave™ Grips for all day comfort and control.

MSRP: $149.99-$179.99

Muse Black


This is the newest series of rods from 13 Fishing. This 13 rod series includes both spinning and casting rods which are crafted with some the finest components including:

• Japanese PVG40T Blank Construction
• Taper Designed with Zonal Action Technology (ZAT2)
• Japanese 40 Ton Toray Graphite
• Premium Japanese EVA Split Grip Handle
• Evolve Custom Soft Touch Reel Seat
• Fuji K Frame Stainless Steel Guides with Alconite Inserts
• Evolve Snaggle Tooth Hook Keeper
• 7 Year Warranty

MSRP: $124.99-$154.99

jenko 7-foot double down bfs rod


After the popularity of their Double Down BFS rod for crappie, Jenko Fishing is now introducing their new BFS rod designed more for bass fishing. This rod will give you a little more backbone to fight big bass like rambunctious smallmouth on light line and still be able to cast those light finesse baits with ease and accuracy.

st. croix avid series


Reinvented for 2024, the next-generation Avid Series redefines high performance and value in an American-crafted multispecies freshwater fishing rod. Now crafted on lighter and stronger SCIII+ hybrid carbon fiber blanks with redesigned full-cork grips that increase angler comfort, new Avid Series rods cover ultra-light to medium-heavy powers in popular lengths between 6’6” and 7’ with fast and extra-fast actions. What’s more, for every available length, power, and action, Avid now offers anglers both one- and two-piece options for increased choice and convenience. Retail prices range from $225 to $255 with a 15-year warranty. Available August 1.

st. croix legend tournament pike series


Purpose-engineered and handcrafted in the USA to give uncompromising performance in the pursuit of pike to elite anglers worldwide, Legend Tournament Pike expands to 12 total models for 2024 featuring hybrid SCIV+ carbon fiber blanks, all St. Croix’s top technologies, and premium components. 

st. croix mojo bass trigon


Featuring St. Croix’s all-new ergonomic TRIGON handle and Dynamix Reel Seat design based on anthropometric data, the next-generation Mojo Bass TRIGON Series expands to 34 models – 25 casting and nine spinning – for 2024.  The comprehensive Mojo Bass TRIGON Series features premium SCIII carbon or 100% Linear S-Glass blanks (reaction-bait models only), with lengths, powers, and actions to perfectly support any bass-fishing technique from BFS to eight-ounce swimbaits. Retail prices range from $165-$270 with a 5-year warranty. Available August 1.

st. croix onchor


Designed and handcrafted to help anglers master the full gamut of techniques used to target heavy, hard-pulling salmon and steelhead, the St. Croix Onchor Series expands for 2024 to encompass a total of 30 rods. Series additions include two new trolling models, two center pin models, 14 in-hand spinning models, and in-hand eight casting models, each distinctly optimized to give anglers the edge in any salmon or steelhead presentation. Moderate-action trolling models feature SCIII carbon / Linear S-Glass hybrid blank technology, while all others are built on lightweight and durable SCIII carbon blanks. Full-grip handles are carbon fiber or premium cork, depending on model. Retail prices range from $200 to $320 with a five-year warranty.

Daiwa AGS Tatula Elite Rods


Daiwa announced the introduction of the new premium-level TATULA Elite AGS bass rod series, a new 16 model lineup showcasing the latest advancements in DAIWA rod technology. At the core of the TATULA Elite AGS rods are lightweight SVF Nano Plus blanks to provide each rod with its crisp action, along with X45 Bias construction to prevent blank twisting. These rods also incorporate Daiwa’s exclusive Air Guide System (AGS), considered the lightest and most sensitive guides on the market, which dampen vibrations during the cast to provide anglers with a quicker response and feel for increased lure action sensitivity. See more at

megabass great hunting huntsman trout rod


HUNTSMAN™ is an extreme model of a trout shaft that awakens the rod building philosophy of Yuki Ito, the original ARMS creator, with modern technology. The founder of Megabass Factory and the original ARMS creator Yuki Ito’s rod building philosophy has been awakened to the world of native trout by Megabass Factory’s Handmade Meister and I.T.O. Engineering’s modern technology. The GREATHUNTING-HUNTSMAN™ is an extreme model of trout rod for true naturalists and purists. Incredible high torque produced by slender blanks is due to the rod technology of I.T.O. Engineering, which produced fine blanks that bring many miraculous catches, including rare masterpieces such as Kirisame and Elise. The NEW guide system, which pursues a lightweight arrangement, realizes a low trajectory cast that extends one step with ultra-low resistance and a seamless retrieve with improved resolution by thoroughly reducing line stress. The guide material uses the latest ultra-lightweight titanium frame SiC guide.

Ark Tharp Series for 2024


The 2024 Tharp Series rods inherit the same actions from last generation, but the weight of the rods has been reduced up to 10 percent. The new rod series features Japanese Toray 40T High Modulus Carbon-Fiber blanks with Ark’s unique MDML Technology that makes the blank lighter, stronger and more sensitive. The rod also features a custom, newly-designed Team ARK reel seat. And the rods come with high quality Fuji K-concept tangle-free guides. Also this new line will have four new models to incorporate more techniques into Tharp’s fishing season. MSRP $139.

ark invoker tour series


The new Invoker Tour Series for 2024 is the 3rd Generation of Ark’s most popular Invoker Series Rods. It features unsanded rod blanks which are made of 40T HM carbon-fiber enhanced with a carbon nanotube in between the carbon-fiber layers and constructed by Ark’s high-pressure, carbon-fiber rolling technology. These rods also have a new custom designed Team ARK reel seat and the rod is finished off with the best Fuji K-concept tangle free guides. Total weight reduction is up to 15%, and the best part is they added slough of new models to the lineup to cover every base in bass fishing. MSRP $ 159.

ark lancer tour series ARK LANCER TOUR SERIES RODS

The 3rd generation of Lancer Series rods for 2024 feature Japanese Toray 40T modulus carbon-fiber blanks with Ark’s unique MDML Technology for a lighter, stronger and more sensitive blank. Also included is the newly designed Team ARK reel sea. Finished off with black coated stainless Micro Guides System with Zirconium inserts for a weight reduction of 20 percent. MSRP $109.



SPRO KGB Rods are made in the USA with Fuji Guides for outstanding and reliable performance. The KGB rod is  7’ 9” inches in length and is rated for lures from 1/2oz-3oz. The action was designed to make these rods ideal for casting small to medium sized swimbaits and glide baits. They are rated for 12lb-20lb line sizes and provide versatility and casting accuracy.

MSRP: $279



Okuma is proud to unveil the latest addition to its renowned Celilo Rod series, the new Celilo “B”Crappie rods. These rods featurea fast tapered blank that provides increased sensitivity and responsiveness, making them the ideal choice for crappie, trout, panfish and a variety of other freshwater species. The Celilo “B” rods feature a 1-piece graphite composite blank, designed to easily detect even the slightest bites. The Titanium oxide guide inserts are corrosion-resistant and offer a smooth casting experience. The stainless-steel reel seat hoods ensure excellent stability to keep your reel secure, while the fore and rear tapered Neo cork grips provide a comfortable and firm hold during extended fishing sessions. All models are also equipped with a stainless-steel hook keeper for easy attachment and storage.The Celilo “B” line-up comprises six spinning models, available in light and medium-light actions, and lengths ranging from 6-foot to 7-foot, to accommodate a variety of fishing styles and environments.

MSRP: $39.99-$42-99



Okuma has expanded its acclaimed Rockaway series to bring you the Rockaway Travel Surf Rods. These new rods are specifically designed to cater to all your travel fishing needs. Crafted from premium quality 24-ton carbon fiber material, the rod blanks in the Rockaway Travel Surf Rods are not only incredibly lightweight but also remarkably strong. This results ina durable and responsive rod that can withstand the rigors of fishing while reducing fatigue during prolonged casting and retrieving. Additionally, the rods are equipped with UFR-II technology, providing the ultimate flex reinforcement in the rod tip. When it comes to components, XQ series angled Sea Guide 316-Stainless steel frames with Zirconium inserts offer compatibility for both braid and mono while the 3-pcs blank construction with tip over butt ferrule connections makes it easy to pack and transport. The rod lengths will range from 8-foot six-inch to twelve-foot and will feature either a medium-fast or medium rod taper.

MSRP: $129.99-$149.99

Tesoro rods


Tesoro Jigging Rods feature 24/30-Ton Carbon rod blanks for slow pitch rods, and 24-Ton Carbon rod blanks for speed jig bottom fishing rods. These premium blanks are constructed with Okuma’s proprietary UXR: Ultimate X Reinforced Multi-Directional Fiber Technology, which enhances their durability, strength, and responsiveness, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of intense jigging motions.The Tesoro Jigging Rod family will include a total of seven models that come in both spinning and casting configurations.This includes three casting speed jig bottom fishing rods ranging from 5-foot 8-inches to 6-foot and actions ranging from heavy to extra-extra heavy. The family will also feature two casting and two spinning slow pitch rods that are all 6-foot 8-inches with medium-light and medium actions.

MSRP: $159.99-$169.99

Okuma Bass Rod


X-Series BassRods are constructed with a light yet responsive 46-ton Toray carbon blank that provides exceptional sensitivity and strength. The blank is reinforced with Okuma’s proprietary UXR:Ultimate X Reinforced Multi-Directional Fiber Technology, which significantly enhances its durabilityand responsiveness. The X-Series line-up is comprised of 11 models to suit a variety of fishing styles and environments. This includes six casting models and five spinning models, with lengths ranging from 7-foot to 7-foot 6-inches, and actions ranging from medium-light to heavy. The X-Series rods feature Fuji KW-concept angled guide frames and Fuji SiCguide inserts with deep pressed frames. Each of the X-Series casting models is equipped with a SeaGuide HSC™ Hyper-Sensitive Carbon Reel Seat, while the spinning models feature a Fuji VSS reel seat.

MSRP: $279.99-$299.99

OKUMA Hover Rod


Okuma has announced the launch of two new rod series designed specifically for the Northwestern salmon market. These rods feature a double locking SeaGuide Alien reel seat design and SeaGuide deep press frame designed to protect the guide insert, while the RS SeaGuide inserts offer unmatched hardness. The custom 3-K woven carbon cone grip configuration provides a comfortable and secure grip. The X-Series Troll rods will be comprised of five casting models ranging from nine-foot to ten-foot nine-inch. The X-Series Troll rods will featurea medium heavy, heavy, or extra heavy action depending on the model.The X-Series Hover rod brings premium 40-Ton Toray Carbon construction into one seven-foot ten-inch medium-heavy casting model for 2024.

virtus/jewel accura series


Every ACCURA Series rod has been approved to include the Autism Society logo and a portion of the proceeds of every Virtus/Jewel ACCURA Series rod will be donated to the Autism Society. The series was designated “ACCURA” by longtime friends of our families whose lives have been impacted by Autism. The ACCURA Series is based on “Precision Design and Accurate Performance.” The Virtus/Jewel ACCURA Series features 8 models.

MSRP: $359.99–$399.99

halo BB frogging rod


Built using the latest in rod technology, these rods are made with a high modulus graphite blank that provides exceptional strength and sensitivity. This ensures that you can feel every movement of your bait, while also giving you the power you need to set the hook when a fish bites. The Halo BB Frog Rods come in three lengths and actions to suit any angler’s preferences. Whether you prefer a shorter rod for precision casting and better “walk the dog” ability or a longer rod for greater distance and power to get them out of the junk – we developed these rods with ONLY Froggin in mind. We designed these rods with a fast action to easily create the perfect frog action, to generate more bites relying on the BB Frog Rod’s fast tip to drive those double frog hooks with max penetration and lots of backbone handle even the biggest fish with ease. 

b n m poles capps coleman ambush telescoping rod


The all-time winningest crappie team has changed the game again! This new pole is designed to allow you to single pole jig and keep your boat far enough away so that you don’t spook the crappie. Like our popular Little Mighty series, this rod is 24.5ft long and telescopes down to 30 inches. This Japanese-style Tenkara rod is made of high-quality graphite and has a metal screw-in butt cap. Great for live imaging sonar. The crappie will never know you are there until it is too late!

b n m poles atlas catfish rods


If you need more backbone to land those monster cats, we have you covered! The all-new Atlas XH can handle any fish in any current. Features include a Multi-modulus S-glass composite black, stainless-steel guides, aluminum reel seat and X-grip EVA handle. 30% more backbone than our Elite Heavy!



b n m poles black diamond crappie rod


The all-new Black Diamond Jig Poles are the standard for live image enthu­siast! These rods feature IM6 Graphite, stainless steel guides, carbon fiber reel seat, and genuine Portuguese cork handle. The Black Diamond series features 2 sizes: 16ft/3pc and 18ft/3pc. The 18ft features a 2.4 counter-bal­ance weighted handle for better balance and handling. Counterweight plates are removable in order to customize your balance.

eagle claw starfire trolling rods


Rediscover the iconic Starfire Trolling Rod Series, launched in ’78 and now revamped. Upholding its legacy of durability and affordability, Eagle Claw worked with legendary anglers Mark and Jake Romanack to refine Starfire’s features for modern anglers. The result: StarFireX, with 13 revamped and new trolling rods and four combos, each fine-tuned for specific techniques. Experience the trusted Starfire heritage combined with modern, technique-specific design with StarFireX.

eagle claw starfire trolling rod combos


Rediscover the iconic Starfire Trolling Rod Series, launched in ’78 and now revamped. Upholding its legacy of durability and affordability, Eagle Claw worked with legendary anglers Mark and Jake Romanack to refine Starfire’s features for modern anglers. The result: StarFireX, with 13 revamped and new trolling rods and four combos, each fine-tuned for specific techniques. Experience the trusted Starfire heritage combined with modern, technique-specific design with StarFireX.

eagle claw pack it pro telescoping combo


Embrace the call of the wild with Eagle Claw’s Pack-It Pro, the next evolution in our trusted Pack-It series. This telescoping rod & reel combo marries glass and graphite for one-piece feel and performance, while tangle-free guides and ceramic inserts ensure a smooth fishing experience. The reel features a 2+1 ball bearing system, an aluminum spool, and a reliable drag system ready for any fish species you come across. Dream it, plan it, fish it – intensify your adventure with Pack-It Pro.

Abu Garcia Zata LTD Baitcast combo


The Zata Low Profile casting and spinning reels are built to impress with their outstanding functionality and durability. Featuring a graphite frame and side plates, these reels are lightweight and incredibly strong. The 10
stainless steel ball bearings and one roller bearing ensure smooth operation, while the Carbon Matrix
drag system provides consistent drag pressure across the entire range. With the inclusion of the Duragear brass gear, the Zata Low Profile casting and spinning reels offer extended gear life. The Zata Low Profile casting reels come in 6.6:1 and 7.1:1. The spinning reels are available in sizes 2000, 3000, and 3500.

MSRP: $189.95


Krazy just got Krazier with the ProFISHiency Krazy 3 Baitcast Combo! Hit the water in style with these loud pro-level combos, packed with premium features.

  • 7FT Medium Heavy
  • IM8 Graphite
  • Clear Reel Seat
  • Cork Grips
  • 7.3:1 Gear Ratio
  • Carbon Fiber Reel Handle
  • Premium Rubber Reel Knobs
  • 7+1 Bearings

MACH Jacked



The new MACH Jacked combos are the most premium, tournament-quality combos ever offered from MACH – available in spinning and baitcast models. Both spinning and baitcast combos are built with extremely lightweight Tanso Tech reel frames and HM50 rod blanks with Winn® Dri-Tac Ultra ProWeave™ split grip rod handles and reel handle knobs, providing the texture and appearance of carbon weave matched with the extreme comfort and feel of Winn Ultra material.

MSRP: Spinning: $249.99, Baitcast: $259.99

Editor’s note: After further product testing, we included Lew’s Mach Jacked Combos in our Best Rod and Reel Combos Buyer’s Guide.

handing magic combos


The HANDING Magic Combo is a 2-piece spinning rod and reel combo that includes rod and reel, pre-spooled with 20-pound HANDING PE line, fishing lure set, fish gripper, fishing pliers and carrier bag. The 24T carbon fiber rod reduces weight and has durable EVA handle. Ceramic guides prevent friction and losing fish. Smooth performance reel with 5.2:1 gear ratio and 18-pound max drag power. Comes with a convenient and portable carrier bag and 1-year worry-free warranty service. MSRP $93.