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The Neko Rig: How to Rig Bass Fishing Soft Plastics


A nail weight, O-ring, hook and straight tail plastic is all you need to get started Neko rigging. The Neko rig presents the worm in a stand-up orientation and it looks like something feeding on the bottom. It has become a very effective way to catch pressured bass. 

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Put a ring over the worm

The Neko rig is very similar to a wacky rig, so you need to start by getting a ring over the plastic. We Neko rig a lot of fat, straight-tail worms and often just wet the O-ring or the worm and slide it onto the plastic. 

Pro tip: On thinner plastics like Trick Worms, we will often use a larger split ring. It works well and you can buy a bunch for fairly cheap. 

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Rig a hook onto the ring

Just like the wacky rig, thread the hook just under the ring after you have it on the worm. We’ve been using weedless Neko rigging hooks lately and really like the added protection around cover. 

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Insert the weight in the head

Insert a nail or a nail weight into the head of the worm that is facing down, away from the hook point.

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When rigged right the hook stands point up

When the rig is finished, you have a worm that will stand up on its head as you twitch your rod. It really mimics something nosing around and feeding on the bottom. 

Pro Tip: The most important thing to notice with the Neko rig is that the hook point is facing upward, opposite of the weighted end. If the hook point faces the weight it will be upside down as you fish and you won’t have any hooking power when you set the hook upward.

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Wacky hooks, nail weights, O-rings and tool along with plastics for Neko rigging

Some rings, a few nail weights (a large nail clipped to various lengths can work as well), a few straight Neko hooks and your worm of choice is all you need for the Neko rig. We like Neko rigging straight tail worms like Senkos, Zoom Magnum Trick Worms, Mag Finesse Worms and Z-Man Finesse WormZ. 

We used the following tackle in this gallery:

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