Best Drop Shot Rig Setups | Palaniuk’s A-List

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Professional angler Brandon Palaniuk ranks the drop shot rig among his all-time favorite systems for catching bass whenever and wherever they swim. In this conversational video, he shares his history with the setup, originating from his formative years in the Pacific Northwest to applying the finesse tactic on atypical drop shot waters (think Santee Cooper and Sam Rayburn) and winning tournaments.

So why does he love it? Simple. Its simplicity and versatility. A single, well-balanced rod delivers all his drop shot setups, which only vary by leader size and length, hook style, plastics, and weight shape and size. A drop shot can be fished shallow to deep, in open water or around cover, and in clear or dingy water by making slight changes to the above mentioned components.

Palaniuk then dives into tactical considerations, such as how to determine if you’re drop shot rod is balanced, when to nose hook, Texas rig, or thread your plastics, when to use a shorter 2- to 4-inch plastic, and when a longer 6- to 7-inch worm works best. What about choosing weights? Palaniuk uses teardrop-style weights exclusively due to snag resistance and bottom telegraphing and starts light and goes progressively heavier as drop speed and water depth demand.

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DROP SHOT SETUP #1 (nose-hooked plastic)
DROP SHOT SETUP #2 (threaded plastic)