Flip Shot Rig for Bass | When to Fish and Key Tackle

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Seth Feider provides a tutorial on using the flip shot rig for bass fishing. This technique merges the drop shot rig with a powerful casting rod and line. Often, in clear water with cover like wood or grass, bass require a finesse presentation from a robust rod setup. Here, subtle worms are a “get bit” lure while the strength of a casting setup clears bass from the cover.

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Feider introduces his rod setup for flip shot rigging bass. He prefers a medium-heavy casting rod and reel paired with a heavier line and a 1/0 straight shank hook. While a proper finesse hook, the VMC RedLine Finesse Neko is made from Vanadium steel, which delivers exceptional strength at a small wire diameter. It’s the ideal blend of finesse and power in this situation.

Completing the flip shot rig, Feider ties a 3/8-ounce drop shot weight to a fluorocarbon leader and braided mainline. A Texas-rigged Z-Man TRD is an excellent choice, offering subtle movement and exceptional durability. Plus, the ElaZtech used in these lures allows them to float horizontally, a preferred orientation.

So consider the flip shot rig the next time you’re bass fishing heavy cover in clear water. Feider’s big bass clinic clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of the technique.