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2 Top ChatterBait Trailers and Retrieves for Bass Fishing

2 Top ChatterBait Trailers and Retrieves for Bass Fishing

ChatterBaits are one of the best lures for covering water and locating bass but it’s a mistake to just cast and reel ’em in on a straight retrieve. Wired2Fish contributor Ricky Teschendorf shares his top 2 ChatterBait trailer styles and fishing methods for different situations.


How you fish a ChatterBait and the trailer you choose are essential considerations:

  1. When to fish ChatterBaits subtle and with streamlined trailers. When targeting bass keying in baitfish, fishing deeper, or dealing with more tentative fish, Teschendorf opts for streamlined trailers that let the blade deliver the action. Slender trailers have a baitfish profile and less water resistance, allowing you to fish the bait deeper. The reduced overall bait size and action can also draw bites from negative or spooky bass.
  2. When to fish ChatterBaits like a jig (aggressively) with bulky trailers. You always want to experiment with fishing a ChatterBait like a traditional skirted jig. Hop it, rip it, snap it — rarely should you just reel it in. An erratic retrieve paired with a bulkier trailer is geared toward triggering reaction strikes and shouldn’t be overlooked.

The bottom line, you need to experiment with retrieves and trailers that vary from subtle and refined to in-your-face. The bass will tell you what they want for the given day.