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Old Town Sportsman BigWater 132 ePDL+ Review

Wired2fish staffer and avid kayak angler McKeon Roberts recently left the familiar backdrop of the Northwoods to navigate mangrove-laden waters. His agenda? To explore the cutting-edge capabilities of the Old Town Sportsman BigWater 132 ePDL Plus kayak – a fishing innovation that promises to transform the angling experience.

The Innovation: e-Pedal Assist System

Echoing the functioning of an e-bike, the Old Town Sportsman ePDL+ introduces an exceptional e-pedal assist system. This design element enhances the feature of hands-free fishing with pedal-driven kayaks, an evolution sure to please seasoned users of the Big Water PDL 132 and its predecessor, the Predator PDL series.

Harnessing the Power of Electronics for Enhanced Fishing Experience

With its integrated electronics, the Old Town Sportsman ePDL+ pedal assist system shines in strong currents, tides, or heavy winds. This helps anglers maintain speed with minimal effort. Moreover, the kayak’s built-in self-propelled automation operates similarly to a trolling motor, improving the fishing experience with increased efficiency. This cruise control function significantly diminishes manual labor. For instance, activating cruise control allows for a leisurely, hands-and-feet-free expedition when you need to high-tail out of an area.

The Propulsion Advantage: Rapid Water Coverage

Roberts was notably impressed by the Old Town Sportsman ePDL+ propulsion capability. It delivers rapid water coverage with a single pedal revolution, regardless of wind or current. This feature dramatically enhances the angling experience, particularly when covering water.

Revolutionizing Angling: Hands-Free Fishing and Trolling

From an angler’s standpoint, the kayak’s potential for hands-free fishing in current situations or trolling in deep-cut eddies is invaluable. You can effortlessly adjust speed and keep your bait near the bottom, seamlessly imitating the natural flow of the current.

Powered for Longevity: 36-Volt Lithium Battery

The Old Town Sportsman Big Water ePDL Plus 132 kayak is powered by a 36-volt lithium battery. It offers up to 48 hours of use on a single charge at the lowest power setting. And even at full throttle, the battery delivers hours of uninterrupted fishing. And in the off chance the battery dies, simply pedal or paddle the kayak back.

Safety First: Rapid Shutdown Mechanism

Prioritizing user safety, the Old Town Sportsman ePDL+ boasts a rapid shutdown mechanism. A quick backpedal or a tap on the kill switch disconnects the power, preventing mishaps when using the cruise control feature.

Be it paddling, pedaling, or enjoying cruise control, this kayak covers all the bases. It’s an amalgamation of every kayak feature into one, designed to rectify common issues anglers face when kayak fishing.

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