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New Boat Accessories for 2016 – ICAST

T-H Marine KVD Kong Extreme Electronics Mount


This is a seriously beefed-up mount for electronics of all sizes and models. It’s made of 6061 aircraft aluminum, it’s three times the size of the original T-H Marine Shock Lock Bracket and it features a 1/4-turn base for quick and easy removal of your electronics. Machined teeth at each joint allow for solid versatility and impressive stability. It will be priced at $349. 

T-H Marine Lane Blaster Trolling Motor Light


A simple and affordable way to light up the night, this light is 10 watts with an ultra-bright, 100-yard beam. It features powder-coated aluminum housing, a universal mount that fits all trolling motors and it’s designed for use in both fresh and salt water. It will retail for $39.95. 

Rigid Industries Capture


This light is actually built around a GoPro Hero camera. It has a dual-function high and low-beam light and charges the GoPro continuosly. Retails for $599. 

Rigid Industries UV Blacklight Kit


Available in both one and two-light kits, this light is said to enhance your ability to see your fishing line while fishing after dark. It has a 20-yard projection and is priced anywhere from $149 to $219. 

Rigid Industries Curved Marine Radius Bar


Available in 20 and 50-inch models, this light projects an ultra-wide beam up to 3/4 mile. Pricing starts at $999. 

Power-Pole Micro Anchor Battery Pak


This is a really neat idea that will make live much easier for small-water anglers. Essentially, it’s a removable, chargeable battery that attaches to your Micro Anchor. This makes it unneccessary to store a heavy marine battery in your fishing boat. This product only weighs 1.3 pounds and will last for at least 100 cycles per charge. Priced at $195. 

Minn Kota Low-Profile 8-foot Talon


This new shallow-water anchor will hold in 8 feet of water, but is only 41 inches tall due to its three-stage deployment. It sits even with the top of most outboard motors and is said to be the smallest shallow-water anchor in the industry. Also, it has a new soft-bottom anchoring mode that will stop your boat quickly. Priced starting at $1,799. 

MotorGuide X5 Trolling Motor


The new flagship MotorGuide motor, the X5 will replace the Tour series this year. The guts of this motor are the same as the Tour series, but a lot of attention was paid to precise steering control. It’s still a cable-steered motor, but an elliptical cam—instead of the traditional round one—allows for great control in thick weeds and deep water alike. They’re calling this Variable Ratio Steering, or VRS for short. It’s also supposed to be much quieter and more durable than previous models thanks to a redesigned door, a composite shaft, new shaft bearings and composite pins on the mount. It will be available in 12, 24 and 36-volt models and will be priced anywhere from $700 to $1,300. 

MotorGuide Connectivity Enhancements


You’re now able to connect the Xi5 trolling motor with Generation 2 and 3 Lowrance units.