DD26 Mean Mount and Mean Stops Review

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We spend a lot of money on boats and motors to go fishing so I always try to not skimp when it comes to accessories for my motors or my boats. I have recently received the DD26 Mean Mount and Mean Stops for my Yamaha SHO 4-stroke Outboard for trailering. This motor trailering system is one of the best I’ve seen in terms of quality and construction. Here’s a closer look at this setup.

DD26 Builds Heavy Duty Boat Accessories

Pretty much everything DD26 makes is not only made in Arizona, but it’s built of heavy duty material with unique designs and colors. The Mean Mount and the Mean Stops came packaged nicely in heavy duty boxes.

Everything is American made

The DD26 Mean Stop and Mean Mounts are all made in the USA out of 6061 T6 Aircraft grade aluminum. This makes for an extremely durable toter and equally heavy-duty steering locks.

Fits perfectly on new Yamaha 4-stroke

The DD26 Mean Mount slid onto my Yamaha posts easily but with a nice snug fit. It’s installed in seconds. Generally I will let my motor down to drain the water out of it. Then raise it back up and put my Mean Mount on and then secure the motor down onto it. The rubber padding ensures no scuffing to your motor.

Solid contact and fit

There was no play or wiggle once the motor was compressed onto the mount. It’s a very solid toter. While I prefer a toter supports the weight of the motor onto the trailer for long trips, for my 5-10 mile frequent trips back and forth to Kentucky and Barkley Lakes, the DD26 Mean Mount is the absolutely perfect. I love how quick and easy it’s on and off when launching and trailering out. 

dd26 mean stops

Great snug stops to keep your motor still

You need the DD26 Mean Stops are necessary with this style of motor support. You will find that these are very snug and eliminate any movement or flexing on the hydraulic arms. They snap onto the hydraulic arm and are locked into place. They want pop off or push off while trailering. I’ve had it on some rough dirt roads and it doesn’t budge. 

To know which Mean Stops to buy, you have to know what hydraulic system you have on your motor. They provide a handy chart to look up which Mean Stops you need. 

  • Seastar steering systems – Usually 4″ steering locks 3/4″ Diameter (most common) (These clips come standard with the DD26 Gen 2 Mean Stops)
  • Seastar extra heavy tournament – Usually 4″ steering locks with 7/8″ diameter
  • Baystar steering systems – Usually 3.75″ steering locks with 16mm Diameter
  • Mercury steering systems – Usually 3.75″ steering locks with 20mm Diameter
  • Uflex steering systems – Usually 3.75″ steering locks with 20mm Diameter Measure first

See more at their website here.

Nice secure ride

I have been really impressed with the DD26 Mean Mount and the Mean Stops system for trailering. These are the most solid heavy duty toting system I’ve seen on the market. They are the Cadillac of motor toters and steering stops. But they are made stateside, out of the best materials you can get. So it comes at higher cost. I’m a big fan of these and would recommend them to anyone looking for an on motor support.

To purchase, you can find these Mean Mounts here at TackleWarehouse.com and the Mean Stops are here at Tacklewarehouse.com or on their website at DD26Fishing.com.