Berkley HAVOC Soft Plastics Introduced

Berkley HAVOC Soft Plastics Introduced

Berkley has long been a company prided on it’s innovations with scent, especially in scent dispersant. Well a new line of baits out of the Berkley camp hopes to take action and color to the next level like they did originally with scent. Their new HAVOC line of soft plastics were designed by several top competing professional tournament anglers and fills a void they’ve had until now with their PowerBait and Gulp!  

Because of the material in PowerBait and Gulp!, designers and pros have been limited on what shapes and colors they could make. There are several fish-catching producers in both lines, but with the new HAVOC soft plastics, the “restricter plate” is off. These baits are going to be very popular because of color, action and pro designs as well as less expensive materials bringing the overall cost down per pack.

The early release will introduce four new shapes to the line and others will follow rapidly throughout the tournament season. These are pro-designed shapes with a focus on action and water displacement but also on things like rigging the plastic correctly and tournament proven colors.

Some shapes are made without any thought on how the bait will be rigged and how easily it could tear up or how crooked it could be once rigged based on the design. The pros were adamant about getting the bait to look right while rigged and not hindering it’s action while on the line.

The first introductory baits include the HAVOC 4-inch Devil’s Spear, 4-inch Craw Fatty, 3-inch The Deuce and the 4-inch Pit Boss. Each bait will be available in 10 pro-selected colors. The MSRP for HAVOC soft plastics is $3.49. And Tackle Warehouse has them listed for $2.99 a pack.

“I love the new Devil’s Spear,” said Michael Iaconelli, Berkley Pro Angler. “I can fish it many different ways, and the design is completely original. While I worked with Berkley on this design it was clear that we needed to come up with something off the wall that was entirely functional on any bass-fishing technique. I wanted a bait that could be fished easily in heavy cover and have great action on the fall. We came up with a segmented tail to create a flapping or whipping action. The Devil Spear is tough, but retains all the action.”

“The Craw Fatty has bigger ribs and a wider body to increase action and trigger more bites,” said Berkley pro team member Bobby Lane. “And the thinner design in the body will result in flawless hooksets. You can flip it, pitch it, punch it, rig on a jig, Texas rig it or Carolina rig it.”
havocdeuce.png“What makes the HAVOC The Deuce different is its extended body cavity to accept a larger hook, and the overall action of the bait’s flapping legs when it moves through the water even at the slowest speeds,” said Gary Klein, Berkley Pro Angler. “The action and versatility of The Deuce truly makes this bait a special tool in my arsenal and it is available in my ten most favored colors.”
havocpitboss.png“I love fishing with a flippin’ stick,” said Skeet Reese. “I designed the Pit Boss to mimic baitfish as well as crayfish. It’s the perfect size to match the most common forage sizes and has the best possible action to get bites in all conditions.”

At $2.99 a pack and focus on action with interesting shapes, and much improved colors, the new soft plastics line from Berkley is refreshing.

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