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20 Most Influential Fishing Lures | No. 16 Lunker Lure Buzzbait


This is one of those “started-it-all” lures in bass fishing. The Lunker Lure buzzbait set the standard for buzzbaits and are still very popular today. The skirted topwater buzzer was a new twist on spinnerbaits for riding on top and churning up a comotion that attracted not only savage strikes, but larger than average bass.

Part of the allure was the buzzing blade tearing up a trail in the water, but the other aspect anglers grew to love was the “squeal.” The mouse-like chirp of the metal blade spinning on a metal wire was a very appealing draw for big bass.

The lure spurred other manufacturers to create buzzing offerings, trying to improve on the original but the original still catches them just fine. A buzzbait is often overlooked lure but it still seems to win a major tournament or two every year and catches a lot of big bass in the post spawn and fall.

For those reasons, it made our top 20 list. How many of you still throw the Lunker Lure buzzbait?

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