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The Ultimate Swimbait for Fishing Bass on the Bottom

Bass spend a good portion of the year targeting forage on the bottom which is why baits like jigs, drop shots, crankbaits and Carolina rigs are so effective (to name a few). Chris Zaldain takes the same approach with compact swimbaits like the Megabass Dark Sleeper – he explains how to fish this unique semi weedless swimbait over the bottom and through mixed cover areas to trigger bass by deflecting the bait off of structure and cover.

Featured Swimbait:

Megabass Dark Sleeper Swimbait, 1/2-ounce, color: Hanahaze

Tackle & Gear:

Key to the bait’s effectiveness is its unique plastic molded construction, which encases a forward-positioned belly weight and a plastic dorsal fin that conceals a single hook from grass and wary bass. The bait’s design allows anglers to fish the Dark Sleeper similar to a weedless jig through areas that would otherwise fowl an exposed single hook jig and swimbait combo. Zaldain shares his 2 top methods for retrieving the Dark Sleeper, stressing the importance of regular bottom contact throughout the retrieve.