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Megabass Dark Sleeper Review

Megabass introduced a new take on swimbaits in 2017 with the new Megabass Dark Sleeper. The Dark Sleeper wasn’t created to just be a swimbait, but to be a swimbait that could be fished like a jig around rock and grass. Here are my experiences with this unique and affordable offering from Megabass.

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Nose and front design help give the bait it’s unique quality

The blunt nose, wider head and extremely lifelike detailing gives the Dark Sleeper a unique look in the water, but it’s unique weight system, hidden hook and slow kicking tail really make this bait special from all the others out there.

Double split dorsal fin protects hook

The Dark Sleeper features a double dorsal fin that keeps the hook protected from cover but moves easily out of the way on the hookset. It works really great around rocks and grass and fishes much like a jig does in those environments. However I did have trouble fishing it around wood cover. It does seem to turn on its side and catch on wood. Not sure why it has issues with wood moreso than the other types of cover, but I’ve had more success on rocks and grass.

Unique weight system tracks the bait true through cover

Ranging in weights from 3/8 ounce up to 1 ounce and lengths from 3 inches up to 4 inches, the Dark Sleeper is a small profile swimbait that more mimics a sculpin or goby but also would pass for a juvenile shad, bluegill or perch as well. The weight in the nose and along the short shank of the hidden hook keels the bait really well as it can be pulled over rocks and over grass like a jig or swam like a typical swimbait.

Tail works at all speeds

The tail on the Dark Sleeper has a great kick at both ultra slow speeds and moderately fast speeds. The bait tracks true at most speeds. The intricate fin designs seem to keep it keeled nicely.

Dark Sleeper in action

Check out this video of Ryan DeChaine fishing with the Megabass Dark Sleeper this fall in Minnesota.

The fish get it deep nearly every time

One of the crazier things I’ve found about the Megabass Dark Sleeper is how deep the swimbait gets eaten by bass of all sizes and species. I’ve now caught smallmouth, largemouth and spotted bass on the dark sleeper and bass from 1 pound up to 6 pounds on it. And they all get it way back in their mouth. Which is nice for quality hookups.

Hooks stick well

I caught this nice smallmouth on the Dark Sleeper in Minnesota. I’ve caught fish in Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky and Minnesota. One thing I noticed about the hooks on the Dark Sleeper is that you can flex them a bit on heavier tackle. So I’ve been liking fishing it more like a spinnerbait with a setup of a 7-foot medium heavy and 15-pound line. You could down step to 12-pound line and a medium rod as well if you wanted and would make for some really fun fights.

Check out the Megabass Dark Sleeper at