WBT and Weekend Series Angler Passes Away

Donna Rutledge, of Orland Park, Ill., passed away suddenly in her sleep Wednesday morning. She was 50 years old and leaves behind a son, brother and father. The popular angler has received a beautiful outpouring of condolences on her Facebook page. Her last post said she was going to sleep to get up for work and talked of how easy it was to get up for fishing and hard to get up for work. Spoken like a true angler with a passion for fishing.

Rutledge fished as a co-angler on the Women’s Bassmaster Tour in 2009 and was set to fish as a pro until the circuit was cancelled for 2010. She fished the ABA Weekend Series and was preparing to head to the Regionals before her passing.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.



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