Sebile Flatt Shad Lipless Crankbait


Did we mention realism? Take a look at the company’s Web site,, and there is a video of the incredibly popular Magic Swimmer being followed by a live sardine off the coast of Mexico. It’s not uncommon for forage to follow artificial baits, but this coupling of the real McCoy and its mirror-image plastic cousin gives you a good look at how Sebile’s lures have been designed to mimic bait fish.

Once the Classic was over Bass Junkies were abuzz with talk about the funny-looking Magic Swimmer. It has a thin profile, tapering to the tail and three segments of the body. But there’s nothing funny at all about how it looks in the water. It looks super. Very realistic, very “slinky,” in a sexy way, that bass can’t stand.

Sebile’s Magic Swimmer became the must-have bait on the Bassmaster Elite Series tour last season and anglers were snapping them up wherever they could find them or order them. The colors match common baitfish such as perch, shad and blueback herring.

But that isn’t the only bait in the Sebile arsenal and we’ve been fortunate enough to have a chance to play with some of the other ones. Other lures in the Sebile lineup are split into two divisions: The “Possessed” series with the Stick Shadd, Ghost Walker, Bonga Minnow, Splasher, Flatt Shad and Koolie Minnow. In the “Evidence” series you’ll find the Slim Stick, ACast Minnow and Magic Swimmer.

We’ve been like the fat kid at the buffet line trying to choose something from our little pile. The designs are unique and the thinking innovative. For example, inside some of the baits is a semi-thick oil containing glitter flakes. When the bait is vibrating, the oil and flakes move – resembling fluttering scales. Also, the Slim Stick topwater is “bent” in the middle, sort of like a chubby worm looking over a limb. The design helps keep the head at the surface, the rear of the bait in the water and imparts a unique movement during the retrieve.

Flatt Shad stood out 

But one bait we’ve come to love for its simplicity is the Flatt Shad. It is a lipless crankbait with a few design tweaks like the others. First, it comes in two sizes: half-ounce and three-eighths ounce. The body is thin, with rounded edges, a swooped belly tail and subtle scoops on either side of the body below the midline.

What does all that mean? Well, from what we’ve seen it creates the tight wiggle we’ve come to expect from lipless crankbaits. But we’ve noticed the tail moves just a little wider during the retrieve … sort of a combination of the tight lipless and just a smidge of the fat-body crank wobble. It’s not a lot, and maybe we’ve been in the sun too long. But whatever it is, we like it.

Wired Tests 

We’ve tested the Flatt Shad on big and small lakes, fishing alone with no other pressure and behind other anglers hitting targets like sharpshooters at the range. In both cases the Flatt Shad attracted the attention of others who were curious about the new lipless crankbait.

Our testing rig was a Quantum Gerald Swindle Signature Series 6-foot-6 medium action with a Quantum PT reel and 10-pound test Silver Thread AN40 copolymer. That may not be the “ideal” setup for a lipless crankbait, but it worked fine and we liked the way it caught fish. The bass liked the setup, too, because it put the Flatt Shad humming along in front of them and they thumped it.

The Inside Scoop 

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The Sebile Flatt Shad retails for $13.99.

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