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Stealth Lures Stealth Rig Review

The umbrella rig has been a proven fish catcher for the last several years. This lure took the bass fishing industry by storm when it was first released. In fact, this lure is so productive that it has been banned in numerous bass fishing tournament trails all over the country. The umbrella rig traditionally consisted of a lead head attached to 5 metal arms with willow blades and swimbaits on the end. 

This lure can be fished using anywhere from 1 to 5 hooks, so it’s important to check your state regulations to see how many hooks are legally allowed in your area. While this style of lure is extremely productive, it hasn’t really advanced since its inceptions. That is until the inception of the Stealth Lures Stealth Rig.



The Stealth Lures Stealth Rig differs from traditional umbrella rigs due to its clear yet durable material. This rig features a translucent head and arms creating a finesse style umbrella rig perfect for highly pressured fisheries. The arms on this umbrella rig are made out of a stiff yet flexible material allowing this bait to pulse in the water column, closely imitating a school of baitfish. The Stealth Rig also has a much different vibration than metal rigs, giving this bait a unique sound fish aren’t used to hearing. Another unique attribute about this Stealth Rig is that its built with a scent chamber in the head of the bait. This allows you to inject your favorite scent into the rig, adding another level of realism to this bait.


One of the main selling points of the Stealth Rig is its durability. I’ve thrown a variety of metal umbrella rigs over the last several years and while these metal rigs do get bit, they’re prone to breaking. This can lead to lost fish and broken hearts which is something no angler wants. The arms of the Stealth Rig are built using an extremely durable material which is guaranteed to handle any caliber fish you might encounter. The rig was developed and tested in my home town of Knoxville, Tennessee. I have numerous buddies who have caught hundreds of fish on a single rig without it breaking. Not only is this umbrella rig extremely durable, but its translucent material makes it a great option for a variety of finesse applications. 


One of my favorite places to throw the Stealth Rig is on clear water fisheries. Fish are often far more reluctant to bite on these bodies of water due to increased visibility. This is one of my favorite times to throw the Stealth Rig. Throwing this bait at both suspended fish and fish on the bottom is a great way to get them to react. My favorite way to fish this bait is throwing it past the fish, letting it sink down to the desired depth range, then quickly burning it past their face. Working this bait at a high speed is great for keeping fish from getting a good look at the bait. This is ideal for triggering reaction strikes on highly pressured fisheries.

Another application where the Stealth Rig really shines is up shallow. This umbrella rig is made out of a much lighter material than traditional metal umbrella rigs. This causes the bait to sink slowly, making it the ideal option for throwing around shallow cover. Tossing this bait around laydowns, docks and bluff walls are all high percentage locations to get bit on the Stealth Rig. 


Lastly, having the right setup is another crucial component for getting the most out of your Stealth Rig. This rig performs best using 1/8-ounce jig heads paired with 3 to 3.5-inch baits. While using heavier heads is possible, it can lead to the arms bending causing the bait to foul. It is also recommended that you do not bunch or tie all 5 arms down on the rod like you would with a metal rig. This can cause the umbrella rig to deform over time. Instead it’s recommended that you store this bait in the package it came in or hang it upside down. This is the best way to prolong the life of your rig.

Furthermore, it is recommended that you throw this bait on 20-pound fluorocarbon paired with a longer heavy action rod. This allows for longer casts and enough backbone to throw heaver baits. One of my favorite rods to use an umbrella rig on is the Shimano Curado 7-foot 8-inch extra heavy fast-action casting rod. Lastly, this lure works best on a low gear ratio reel with a larger spool. The large spool allows for increased line capacity while the low gear ratio gives you more torque when fighting larger sized fish. One of my favorite reels to pair the Stealth Rig with is the Shimano Curado 200 M Casting Reel in the 6:1 gear ratio.

As stated in the beginning, the umbrella rig has proven to catch fish time and time again. This lure is responsible for catching giant bass all over the country, however, since its inception it hasn’t altered much. That is until Saxton Long launched the all new Stealth Rig. This rig enhances the traditional umbrella rig design by implementing a clear yet durable material that guarantees this will be the last umbrella rig you will ever need to buy. If you want to take your umbrella rig fishing to the next level, be sure to check out the Stealth Rig by Stealth Lures.

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