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H2OX 3700 Evo Soft Tackle Bag Review

As an avid bass fisherman, I’m constantly moving my tackle from one boat to another. Whether I’m going fishing with buddies, fishing a pond from the bank or just traveling, packing and unpacking tackle is a constant for me. I’ve always struggled with organization, and that’s no different with my tackle storage. However, over the last several years I’ve really cracked down on my organizational skills, and I’m proud to say my tackle compartment is now completely organized. 

One thing that really helped me in this process was the addition of a “go bag”. I treat this bag as a portable tackle box that keeps me from dismantling my boat every time I want to fish somewhere new. This is the perfect option for pond hopping, fishing out of a friends boat, or any other situation where you can’t bring all of your equipment. I’ve used a few different tackle bags over the last several years, however one of my favorites is the H2OX 3700 Evo Soft Tackle Bag.

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One of the reasons I greatly enjoy this bag is because it doesn’t compromise on tackle storage. I’m a tackle fanatic, so I always like to bring a lot of gear with me whenever I go fishing. This bag comes with five 3700 utility boxes and one 3600 in the top tray. This is more than enough storage for me to bring all of my hard and soft baits wherever I’m headed. This bag also features numerous side pockets that are perfect for storing soft plastics, spools of line or any other accessory you might want to bring. While having the right amount of tackle storage is a must for me, portability is also important when traveling to fish.


One of my favorite things about the H2OX 3700 Evo Soft Tackle Bag is its overall portability. This bag is made from 600D Polyester, plastic and mesh fabric making it durable but also lightweight. This makes traveling much easier compared to a big, hard body tackle box. Not only is this bag more portable that a hard tackle box, but you don’t have to worry about it cracking or breaking. This is a big deal for me because I’m known for being hard on my equipment and the last thing I want to worry about when heading to the lake is my equipment failing.

Furthermore, the H2OX 3700 Evo Soft Tackle Bag features a shoulder sling with a padded cushion. This makes throwing the bag over your shoulder and carrying it long distances a breeze. It is also great for lugging your tackle down to the pond, to your buddies boat or anywhere else you might be fishing. While I love the storage and portability of this bag, the accessories and attention to detail also really impressed me.


The H2OX 3700 Evo Soft Tackle Bag features numerous accessories and thoughtful add-ons that make it a top notch bag. One of my favorite features on this bag is the waterproof compression molded bottom and water resistant material used to make this bag. I carry hundreds of dollars in tackle with me any time I go fishing. The last thing I want is for my investment to get wet and rusty. This bag does a great job at protecting your tackle and preventing damage. 

In addition, this bag features a compression molded top for easy access and a quick bay open storage slot. I use this area as my “day box” to store the tackle I used that day. I also use the compression molded top as a makeshift rigging station. Lastly, this bag features plier holders and other thoughtful pockets perfect for holding all of your tackle and accessories. 

If you’re like me and struggle with organization, getting a portable tackle bag could be your answer. This is the perfect solution for traveling between boats and other locations you like to fish. If you’re looking for a tackle bag that’s super portable, has lots of storage and thoughtful accessories, look no further than the H2OX 3700 Evo Soft Tackle Bag.

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