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Abu Garcia Jordan Lee Casting Combo Review

With all the different rod and reel combinations on the market today, it can be hard to choose just one. I’ve had the pleasure of testing out hundreds of different rods and reels and each one has their own specific place. One of the most recent combos I’ve been lucky enough to try is the Abu Garcia Jordan Lee Casting Combo. Being from Auburn, Alabama I’ve followed Jordan Lee and his professional career for the last several years. Jordan has had a record breaking performance in professional fishing. His rod and reel combo boasts the same level of excellence.

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The Jordan Lee Casting Combo was designed by the back-to-back Bassmaster Classic Champion himself. This combo is available at a competitive price point of $99.95 which makes it accessible for all anglers. The reel features a low profile graphite frame with 4 stainless steel ball bearings for a consistently smooth performance. The Jordan Lee Casting Reel boasts a Power disk drag system as well as a MagTrax brake system leading to increased casting accuracy. The DuraGear Bass Gears allow for maximum durability even from the roughest of anglers, myself included. This reel is offered in a 6:5:1 gear ratio, perfect for a wide range of bass fishing applications.


The Jordan Lee Casting Rod features a 24-ton graphite blank ensuring maximum sensitivity and durability. This rod is offered in one versatile action. The Jordan Lee Casting Rod is 7 feet in length and features a medium-heavy fast action. This rod has a split grip style handle and is rated for 10 to 20-pound line. The Jordan Lee Casting Combo is meant to be to the all around workhorse of your rod lineup. I’ve tested this rod for around a month now, and I’ve found a few scenarios where it performs very well.


I’ve used this rod for everything from finesse jigs to fast moving reaction baits. While this rod is extremely versatile, I prefer to use it with a variety of moving baits. My biggest reason for this is the 6:5:1 gear ratio this combo is offered in. I prefer a slower gear ratio when throwing baits such as a spinnerbait or vibrating jig. I have a habit of quickly burning moving baits back to the boat. This is great for generating ferocious reaction strikes, however I tend to blowout my baits when using a higher gear ratio. This lower gear ratio ensures I’m fishing my bait at the ideal speed without compromising its action. Furthermore, the Jordan Lee Casting Rod has the ideal action for setting the hook on single hook moving baits. I generally pair this rod with 15-pound fluorocarbon and anything from a 1/4 to 1/2-ounce bait.

Another application I prefer the Jordan Lee casting Combo for is throwing big square bills. Once again, the slower gear ratio is perfect for reaction style lures, while the stainless steel ball bearings provide consistent performance cast after cast. This rod has a slightly heavier action than I would prefer for smaller sized treble hooks, so I mainly stick with heavier duty square bills. The shorter rod allows for accurate casting around tight cover which is essential for this style of fishing. While I do prefer this setup for a variety of moving baits, it also works great for jigs, Texas rigs and other slow moving bottom baits.

Choosing the right rod and reel combo often feels like a daunting task. It may seem like you need 20 different rods and reels, however that’s simply not the case. The Abu Garcia Jordan Lee Casting Combo gives anglers a versatile rod and reel that works great for a large variety of bass fishing applications. Furthermore, its packed with performance enhancing features all while retailing at a price that won’t break the bank. If you’re looking for an affordable yet versatile rod and reel combo, I highly recommend checking out the Jordan Lee Casting Combo from Abu Garcia.

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