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Strike King Hybrid Hunter | Key Features and Applications

Every now and then, a new bait comes along that expands an existing category with a unique twist. Such is the case with the Strike King Hybrid Hunter crankbait. Todd Faircloth explores the potent capabilities of the Strike King Hybrid Hunter on clear and grassy waters, explaining it as a mix of shallow-diving and lipless crankbait. Known for its unique L-shaped bill, this innovative crankbait allows anglers to target bass hiding in and around shallow submerged vegetation like hydrilla, milfoil, and coontail. *Check out the current sale: 20% Off Strike King Perfect Plastics and Hybrid Hunters!

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Faircloth breaks down why the Hybrid Hunter stands out from traditional crankbaits. Its distinct L-shaped bill allows the lure to maintain a consistent running depth regardless of retrieval speed, making it ideal for high-speed cranking through vegetation-rich waters. This feature prevents the crankbait from diving deeper as your cast progresses or retrieve speed increases. The outcome is reduced fowling for a moving bait, making it a potent lure for covering large swaths of water reserved for swim jigs and the like.


Rod and Reel Setup: Faircloth recommends a heavier cranking setup to maximize the Strike King Hybrid Hunter’s performance. He opts for a jig or worm rod (stiffer with faster taper) with an 18- to 20-lb fluorocarbon line. With the snap of the rod, you’re usually free and clear from the cover.
Reel Speed and Bait Action: According to Faircloth, a high-speed reel is crucial, especially when fish strike fast and hard. The faster you reel, the more the Hybrid Hunter excels. A fast reel lets you catch up with the fish and drive hooks home.


Water clarity plays a vital role in lure selection. In clearer waters, Faircloth leans towards more translucent colors like the “Clearwater Minnow.” Conversely, brighter colors like chartreuse or vibrant reds and oranges are preferable in murkier conditions, especially during the prespawn period.

Faircloth emphasizes fishing around hard cover, such as wood and docks, without snagging. The design of the Strike King Hybrid Hunter makes it less prone to hang-ups. This crankbait is a superb shallow-water search bait and tends to attract above-average-sized fish. Follow Faircloth’s guidance to deepen your understanding of using the Strike King Hybrid Hunter to its fullest potential. Whether fishing in tournaments or for leisure, his insights will enhance your effectiveness with this unique presentation.