Denali Releases New Terry Bolton Signature Rod

Having rods designed by pros who are well versed at certain techniques is not new to bass fishing but we like when companies make rods that fit the bill for several different techniques in a genre of bass fishing. Denali has a done a nice job of making signature series rods for several different applications like Michael Murphy’s jerkbait and topwater rod or Ray Scheide’s Flipping and Pitching Rod.

They are releasing a new Signature Series rod from Terry Bolton now designed for offshore bass fishing with big worms, football jigs, carolina rigs and big spoons. The rod is the S864TB in the Signature Series. The rod measures 7 feet, 2 inches. It is a heavy power rod with a fast tip. It features nine guides plus the tip, is rated for 15- to 25-pound line. The rod will retail for $209.

“I wanted a rod that I could do a lot of different things for the way that I fish,” Bolton said. “This rod has a good backbone for setting a hook on a long cast, but it’s still light enough and sensitive enough to feel the subtle bites out in deep water. We worked a long time on getting the handle, the tip and the number of guides just right for fishing light Texas rigs or big spoons offshore. I’m really excited about the rods. I’ve fished a bunch with them and have even used them pitching in grass and other shallow applications as well.”

We’re in the midst of reviewing the rod now and will have a full review and its application in the next month or two.

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