Longer Nets For Wild Fish

Fish caught offshore can be wild.  Whether on your local lake or the biggest lakes in the country, deep-water fish are mean critters. Without heavy cover for them to hide, they will  bulldog for a few feet and then immediately  come to the top, many times in a crazy display of jumps and turns. Deep-water fishing can be aided significantly with a good landing net with a long handle. EGO Slider S2 is a lightweight  net, that gives you the best of both worlds and because they have a variety of handle lengths that extend and retract, the length can be up to the angler. Full extension or partial extension is up to the angler, and an easy to use push button is all it takes to make that happen.
The Slider S2 comes with three different handle lengths. The 18-inch model extends to 36 inches, the 29-inch handle extends to  60 inches and the 48-inch handle extends to 108 inches.  The modular design also allows the angler to pick the size and type of hoop  they desire. Nylon PVC mesh, lightweight rubber mesh and  lightweight clear mesh are the options for type of netting and the scoop design allows for easier landing too.
All EGO S2’s are now equipped with a new 2X handle.  They are super strong and are great for big bass and walleye.
Check out the EGO S2 Slider at Tackle Warehouse.