Elite Series Anglers Join Amphibia Sunglasses

Bassmaster Elite Series Angler Jeff Kriet, Todd Faircloth,

Mike McClelland and Jeremy Starks have joined Amphibia Sunglasses as their

choice for fishing eyewear.  

Amphibia Sunglasses are performance sport specific sunglasses with a patented

AirCel that allows them to float.

“Teaming up with Amphibia Sunglasses was an easy decision,” said Kriet. “I

have been testing them for almost 8 months now and truly believe they have the

best fishing specific lenses available.

“My sunglasses are important tools for fishing. I want them to be the best

available and that is what I’m getting from Amphibia. Not to mention that they

are the most comfortable glasses that I have ever owned and they float. I can’t

count the amount of glasses I have lost to the bottom of a lake.† 

Amphibia’s “Fishing Specific†Sunglasses incorporate many

cutting-edge technologies and patents.   The

most notable is the AirCel that makes the sunglasses float if dropped

overboard. They also feature a TI Bridge that gives the sunglasses the ability

to custom conform to each individual’s face. Their lenses repel water and

horizontally displace reflective light.

For more information on the company visit amphibiasports.com.