Comparing Bluegill Bass Baits and Live Bluegill Underwater

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In this video, Wired2fish editor Kobie Koenig tests a variety of bluegill bass baits that seek to imitate the real thing through schools of live bluegill. Similar to a previous video comparing crawfish baits to live crawfish, Koenig runs through a dozen bluegill lures, some ultra-realistic, and some longtime proven fish catchers.

Lunkerhunt Impact Double Willow Spinnerbait

A tried and true staple, spinnerbaits can imitate a variety of different baitfish, including bluegills. A spinnerbait with a green pumpkin skirt and gold blades is certainly not a replica of a bluegill, yet provides all the right fish-catching features to trigger predators.

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Catch Co. Baby Bull Shad

The Baby Bull Shad is a jointed hard-bodied swimbait. Although shad is in its name, the tall profile of this bait paired with the right color scheme can act as a perfect bluegill match.

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Storm Largo Shad

Paddle tail swimbaits like the Storm Largo Shad are an excellent representation of small forage. The color of this swimbait is actually a 3D print of a bluegill, giving it a lifelike presence in the water.

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Jackall Gantarel Swimbait

Large in stature, the Jackall Gantarel is a 6-inch double-jointed hard-bodied swimbait. A real gem amongst big bait enthusiasts, this bait offers a profile that emulates a real bluegill perfectly.

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Megabass Vatalion 190 Swimbait

Similar to the bait above, the Megabass Vatalion is a monstrous hard-bodied bluegill imitating swimbait. Available in several different bluegill-like patterns, this bait is a beauty to watch underwater.

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13 Fishing – Coalition Bait Co The Gill Swimbait

Large paddle tail swimbaits like The Gill from 13 Fishing give a taller look to soft-sided swimbaits. With the hook embodied within the swimbait, The Gill not only moves freely but is also a great weedless option around cover.

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Savage Gear 3D Bluegill

A hybrid of sorts, the Savage Gear 3D Bluegill is a multi-jointed swimbait with a soft plastic shell. This bait shows a realistic soft-bodied look while imparting the perfect action of a hard-jointed bait.

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Berkley PowerBait Gilly Swimbait

A hot commodity in the bass fishing world, The Berkley PowerBait Gilly is a unique soft plastic swimbait unlike most on the market. Rigged weightless on an EWG hook, the Gilly has a limber back half for ultimate side-to-side action.

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Z-Man Big Blade ChatterBait

Similar to a spinnerbait, bladed jigs like the Z-Man Big Blade Chatterbait don’t take on a true bluegill profile, but are proven to catch fish when bluegills are present. The vibration and flash that bladed jigs give off make the bait stand out in the water.

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Terminator Heavy Duty Swim jig

Like bladed jigs, swim jigs don’t necessarily mimic bluegill, but always seem to get bites around them. A swim jig’s uniqueness comes from its ability to be fished in several different ways through several different types of cover where bluegill may live.

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Duel Hardcore MR 60 Crankbait

Crankbaits are not often thought of as being bluegill imitators. They are most commonly known to resemble crawfish, shad, and other small baitfish. Despite this belief, crankbaits can be an extremely effective lure around schools of bluegill.

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Duel Hardcore Flash’n Vibe Lipless Crankbait

A relative of the crankbait, lipless crankbaits like the Duel Hardcore Flash’n Vibe, in the correct color scheme, can match a darting bluegill as well as any. Fished on a straight retrieve or hopped off the bottom, lipless crankbaits have a loud presence that attract bluegill eaters.

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Koenig emphasizes that the odd bait out may be the one that catches the most fish. He notes that sometimes it’s not just about how realistic bluegill bass baits look, but also about the flash, vibration, and movement it creates in the water.

Overall, this video is a great resource for anglers looking to imitate bluegills when fishing. With a variety of baits tested, viewers can see firsthand which ones look the most realistic and have the best action in the water. By imitating bluegills, anglers can attract predatory fish like bass that feed on them.


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