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Best Spinnerbaits for Fishing in 2024

Knowing which spinnerbait is best for bass fishing can be a matter of personal choice for some, but the reason so many different options exist is because anglers are faced with a multitude of situations in fishing. A spinnerbait was the first lure I latched onto as a child. I had fished plastic worms some in my younger years, but the first time I threw a spinnerbait and watched a bass come up and tackle the blades under the surface, I was hooked. 

The market is flush with spinnerbaits now. A quick look at Tackle Warehouse shows 330 different spinnerbaits. Never mind the different color options for each. So choosing the best spinnerbait for fishing might be a bit daunting.

Several factors matter in spinnerbaits, but this article will focus mainly on the best options available to anglers. We also recommend you watch our video on How to Pick the Right Spinnerbait.



There are basically 7 things that matter on the build of a spinnerbait. How a spinnerbait behaves in the water is dictated by the following:

  • Number of blades
  • Blade Size
  • Blade Spacing or Arm Length
  • Head shape
  • Type of Wire Arm
  • Weight distribution
  • Flash

Obviously you want your spinnerbait to have a good hook, be made with durable components and last for a number of fish. They aren’t made to last forever. The wires get bent while fishing, The hooks will dull and they can eventually start to rust.

But I’ve caught dozens of bass on a single spinnerbait and a few in my box have probably caught more than a hundred. I keep extra spinnerbait blades and components in a small box so I can alter and update spinnerbaits. I keep a hook file with it as well to keep my hooks sharp. It seems like spinnerbait hooks can get get dull faster than a lot of other lures. 

But a single blade spinnerbait has more vibration and more lift than a spinnerbait with two blades closer together generally speaking. Lift describes the tendency of the spinnerbait to want to ride up in the water column. 

A double spinnerbait blade can pull harder or lift more if it has larger blades, rounder blades or if the blades are spaced apart more or the front blade is smaller. 

The rounder and bigger the blade the more thump and vibration a spinnerbait will have and the harder it will pull. The narrower the blades, the tighter the vibration will be. And a blade in front of the back blade cuts the vibration of the back blade unless they are spaced apart more. 

The head shape will determine how a bait runs. A cone or minnow head will run better in open water and high speeds. A spinnerbait head with a triangle shape will run okay in both open water and around cover. And a head with a bigger or flatter “chin” will come over cover and rocks better when fished lower in the water column. 

The wire arm can be made out of a thinner more flexible wire or a thicker more steel like wire. A flexible thinner wire will transmit more vibration but will also get bent out easier. A thicker wire will stay tuned a little easier but won’t have as much thump. A lot of short arm spinnerbaits use thicker wires to keep them in tune for night fishing when it’s hard to see if your spinnerbait is out of whack.

Spinnerbait blade size and configuration can give some spinnerbaits a little more flash. Typically speaking a willow has more flash and Colorado blade is more for vibration. 

We have a lot more great resources on spinnerbait fishing on our site to go into greater detail on this topic, but this basic knowledge will help you make good choices on spinnerbaits at your favorite tackle store and on the water.


There are a lot of new spinnerbaits on the market and we thought we’d name a few we thought met all the standards for the best new spinnerbaits for this year.


This spinnerbait features smaller blades that are spaced to give the back blade a bigger thump than your typical larger-bladed willow leaf spinnerbait. The blades flash really well and the spinnerbait rides well at slow to medium speeds. It doesn’t want to lift even with an increased thump. It did get out of track on a high speed burn. 

The head is a minnow rounded triangle head. So I would call this a hybrid head made for both open water and some cover applications. Offered in 3/8 and 1/2 options, 6 solid colors, great paint jobs, single-wire trailer keeper and high-end components. It’s at the top end of the spectrum in price at $13.99.

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Also offered in a Tandem (small Colorado and bigger willow) model. 

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Another very well made spinnerbait with a lot of great features that runs true vertical at all speeds from slow roll to waking under the surface. The spinnerbait casts well with it’s hidden weight design that makes it a compact spinnerbait. It features narrower spin and tighter vibration with a triangle head that makes it a good multi-use spinnerbait. 

The Power Blade comes in 16 color blade combinations, in 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 ounce options, with high end components, a hidden weight design and multi-collar cylinder lead keeper for trailers. 

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This new arrival from Damiki features spare-no-expense components and a thicker wire with custom flat blades that give the spinnerbait a heavier thump and vibration than standard willow blades. And the pressed scales add flash to the bait. It’s hidden weight design and medium wide spin give this bait a lot of balance at all speeds. The flanged cylinder keeper holds trailers well and the triangle-minnow head design keeps it upright in open water and sparse cover. It’s a very nice larger profile spinnerbait. 

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These painted blades really excel at drawing fish from distance in deep clear water, on overcast days and the proven open water success of the Screaming Eagle line from War Eagle make this one of the best options for open water painted blade spinnerbaits.  Catching some fish out on the main lake this fall with these really proved its drawing power. They built this spinnerbait on the 1/4 ounce frame but made it in 1/2 and 3/4 ounce sizes. So you can burn this bait when fish want to chase in open water or slow it down and draw fish in stained water. Hand-tied skirts, white and chartreuse blades, hidden weight design with cone head design make this a keeper at a heck of a price.

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The Catalyst features new custom 24k gold and nickel-plated finish blades that are more durable with more flash. Minnow head, single-cone keeper, pro-tie silicone skirts, Worth swivels, and an Owner hook make this a high-quality spinnerbait. It has a medium pull with a lot of flash. It runs true at most speeds and is built to last at a good price point. 

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I was late to the Bassman line of spinnerbaits but it has quickly become one of my favorites in the compact niche of spinnerbaits. It has a mag-willow (Oklahoma) blade and small Colorado lead blade. It has a ton of flash. Throws really well. And it comes through cover really well too. So it has a nice thump for dirty water but can wake and gurgle at high speeds in open water. So it’s why I like it as the Best versatility spinnerbait. It features a replaceable custom skirt, one flanged cone keeper, sticky sharp hook and stainless steel compact arm. 

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The Stanley Wedge Series have been staple ledge spinnerbaits for those in the know for years and nothing new has really replaced it yet in our minds. It walks over stumps and rocks easily keeps running true as it bumps bottom, cover and fishes equally well over the open water sections fishing deep. It’s been a staple in the 3/4-ounce size for deep water spinnerbait fishermen for a long time. Features quality skirts, quality Wedge blades, quality painted heads that last and climb cover like no others. 

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They offer a bigger one ounce size in their Big Shot series. 

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The SV-3 incorporates a larger minnow head with a big chin, custom hybrid hammered willow baldes, a heavier wire, stick sharp hooks, a multiple ribbed cone keeper, and custom hand tied skirts for the total high-end castable package.  The unique design makes it a great casting spinnerbait and its swimming wire keeps it vertical for a perfectly tuned bait at all speeds. And it falls with a nice pitched glide so it looks good running fast and falling. 

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These spinnerbaits were designed with input from pros who made a living competing on small rivers and backwater areas all over the country. These are exceptionally well made spinnerbaits, some of the most affordable and very good fish catchers. They have become our river and creek spinnerbaits and we fish them a lot on small lakes and ponds as well. They just fish well in a lot of situations where you don’t want a spinnerbait to over power the situation like cleaner water, smaller forage, and narrower waters. 

Read our full review of this spinnerbait here: Terminator P1 Spinnerbait Review.