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Christie Cashes in with Costa Sunglasses

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Jason Christie is among the first anglers to cash in with the brand new Costa Compete + Conserve contingency program thanks to his win two weeks ago on the Sabine River.

Christie pocketed an additional $3,000 cash bonus for being the highest finishing registered angler wearing Costa Sunglasses from this exciting new program.

“For tournament anglers Costas are a small investment when compared to some of the other equipment we buy and with Compete + Conserve you have the opportunity to win bonus money for yourself and the outdoors,” Christie said. “How can you beat that?” 

The “conserve” component of Costa’s new bass fishing rewards program is especially exciting for folks in the fishing industry. The highest finishing program participant gets to choose between one of five pre-approved conservation organizations to receive a cash donation on behalf of Costa and the angler.

Christie’s connection to the outdoors runs much deeper than being a professional angler and he was thrilled to learn about the conservation donation. He chose The National Fish & Wildlife Foundation to receive $500 on his behalf.

Not only is Christie a huge proponent of all the goodness Costa’s new contingency program brings on, he also is a big believer in the advantages his sunglasses give him on the water.

“A quality pair of sunglasses are a necessity for anyone who spends time on the water,” Christie added. “Personally, my Costas equate to key fish each tournament and certainly each season. Being able to see what’s underwater, whether I’m seeing fish or a hidden piece of cover, makes a huge difference. At the Sabine they also helped me dodge obstructions while driving way up a creek to my primary area.”

Compete + Conserve wasn’t the only contingency program Christie reaped the rewards of after his finish on the Sabine however. The Oklahoma native also made $3,000 from Toyota Bonus Bucks for towing with a Toyota Tundra and an additional $4,000 from the popular Yamaha Power Pay program for running a Yamaha powered Xpress boat. Bringing Christie’s grand total to a mind-blowing $10,000 of bonus money for supporting brands who support the sport of bass fishing.

All three of these tournament angler contingency programs are absolutely free to register for as long as you own and use the products covered under the rewards programs. And you don’t have to be a professional angler like Jason Christie; these programs cover hundreds of tournaments for weekend anglers all the way up to the pros.

For more information on the brand new Costa Compete + Conserve program, go to call (918) 742-6424 and ask for Luke.