20 Most Influential Bass Fishing Lures | No. 9

20 Most Influential Bass Fishing Lures | No. 9

In 1964 an odd shaped hunk of plastic hit the market. And it didn’t make much of an immediate splash but the guys out west sure did pick up on its effectiveness. Bobby Garland had created a “tube bait” he called the Gitzit that could mimic a dying bait fish as it fell to the bottom. This spiral of death action was irresistable to bass in clear waters out west.

The Gitzit really became a household name when Guido Hibdon drew Garland in a tournament on Lake Mead. Hibdon brought the bait back to his Ozark lakes and started tearing up the tournament trail with this new shape of plastic. It was unique in that it broke away from the worm craw lizard (lifelike creature) mold and hollow body with tentacles. It was a blend of many great concepts in lure making and is what makes a tube still so effective today.

Nowadays you won’t hardly find a soft plastic line that doesn’t have some form of tubes in their line up. Their influence was massive. The tube has won numerous tournaments at the top level and it has so many variations on how it can be fished. On an insert jighead, on a Texas rig flipped in brush,   heck we’ve even caught fish on them with a jigging spoon pushed into their cavity.

Their effectiveness on smallmouth is something of bass fishing lore, not to mention all bedding bass just love this size bait. It’s hard to talk bass fishing lures and not bring up the tube. For that reason we put Bobby Garland’s Original Gitzit as the No. 9 Most Influential Bass Fishing Lure of all time.

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