15 Anglers Cited for 208 Fish Over Limit in Texas

15 Anglers Cited for 208 Fish Over Limit in Texas

On May 7, 2019, Texas Game Wardens filed multiple criminal charges on 3 licensed fishing guides and 12 out-of-state anglers for over-limit and undersized Crappie on Sam Rayburn Lake. The group was 208 fish over the limit with 40 being undersized. Cases and civil restitution is pending. We’ll update the story if any names or charges information is released.

But we’re curious what you think a fair penalty is for both the guides and the anglers being charged. Should they pay fines, serve community service or jail time, or just lose all fishing privileges in Texas. 

Thank you to the wardens catching folks overfishing like this. Texas Game Wardnes stated that all wildlife resources in edible condition are donated to those in need.

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