13 Fishing Kalon C Giveaway Winners

13 Fishing Kalon C Giveaway Winners

Featuring Ultimate Cut Aluminum Drive Gears that give it power, 7 bearings and a Glide Oscillation System that allows spooling and unspooling to be slick as silicone spray, the 13 Fishing Kalon C reels provide a versatile reel to an angler who wants quality but also power to pull the big bass out of heavy cover.

Our friends at 13 Fishing are sending 5 of these reels to the following 5 winners:

  • Pat Nejman — Schererville,Ind.

  • Lance Patrick — Castle Rock, Colo.

  • Freddy De La Paz — Arlington, Texas

  • David Daniels — Bloomington, Wis.

  • Cade Rewa — Rockford, Mich.

Congrats on winning these awesome reels from 13 Fishing.