How to Load Your Boat with a Trolling Motor

If you fish long enough, you’re bound to run into mechanical issues at some point. When things go array and it’s time to get your boat back on the trailer, you need to be prepared and have a system that allows you to quickly and safely trailer your boat without your outboard motor. It’s a great thing to practice and can drastically lower your stress level if and when any boat or motor issues occur.

Managing Editor Walker Smith demonstrates the easiest way to load your boat without the help of an outboard motor. As long as the trolling motor works, you should be able to use this method on any type of bass boat. This method can also allow you to get your boat into and out of much smaller bodies of water—or private water—where outboard operation may not be allowed. The most common issue anglers have when trying this, however, is when the bow of the boat gets stuck underneath the roller. Walker also walks you through this problem and explains a very easy fix for it.

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