Catch More Schooling Bass With These 4 Lures

Targeting schooling bass requires specialized tackle that allows you to get lures on target fast while getting their attention. Pro bass angler Wes Logan shares his top 4 lures for sharpshooting and trigging fast-moving schooling bass feeding near the surface.

TACKLE USED (retail links)

Topwater lures are at the core of Logan’s offerings. Heavy varieties such as pencil poppers cast a mile while all topwater baits open the broadest possible strike window. A pencil popper, walking-style bait, and popper round out the list. Logan explains when to use each, which is usually dictated by the forage size.

No schooling bait lineup is complete without a fluke. Logan shares his Zoom Super Fluke setup, which is the only subsurface bait on this list but is more subtle and realistic than the rest. Logan keeps rod setups simple, opting for a single medium power braid setup across all three topwater baits and a longer and heavier fluorocarbon combo for the fluke.

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