Catching GIANT Cold Front Crappie during a Winter Storm

Our buddy and Jenko Fishing pro Kevin Rogers has recently started his own YouTube channel and he’s put out some really good fishing videos already for bass and crappie. This video he shot during the brutal Texas cold front is crazy with the size and number of catches he had in below-freezing 19-degree weather and 45-degree water temps.

He had to experiment with size and colors to get the fish to go. He ended up with a 1/8-ounce Jenko Kevin Rogers Warbird hair jig in Pink Pink Blue and Pink Fire Chart. He was dropping on the fish with his 11-foot Jenko Kevin Rogers Mid-Seat Rod and 10-pound braid. He was roaming around on creek channels and finding fish on isolated trees on channel edges. He puts a pile of slabs in the boat and weighs his best fish on his Rapala Tournament Scale.

Some keys to catching crappie in the coldest part of winter according to Rogers:

  • Use straight braid so you can feel bites
  • Don’t move your jig much
  • Experiment with big and small jigs and colors
  • Focus on the areas around deeper creek channels
  • Look for isolated cover

To see more of Kevin’s videos, visit his Kevin Rogers Fishing YouTube Channel here.

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