Crappie Fishing Brush Piles | Key Underwater Video Takeaways

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Ever wonder what your favorite crappie brush piles look like underwater and how the fish set up and behave? Wired2fish’s Kobie Koenig sits down with underwater crappie footage on the timeline to share his observations and key fishing takeaways. His analysis is insightful and relevant wherever you live and will make you think hard about how you’re presenting lures to crappies and bluegills of varying sizes and moods.

In this instance, Koenig discusses a highly-productive sunken tree discovered using side imaging and dissected with jigs and plastics with the aid of 360 Imaging. An ice fishing mission with an underwater camera’s assistance adds compelling fish behavior analysis to a known good spot. It sheds light on how to work lures to trigger panfish of different sizes and moods.

All told fish have personalities with larger, older, and more educated individuals, often lazier and less apt to chase even subtle jig moves while smaller fish chase more aggressively. While big and bold can be the ticket, consider downsizing and using less jigging motion when panfish are in a tentative mood.