Winter Fishing

How to Fish ChatterBaits for Winter Bass

How to Fish ChatterBaits for Winter Bass

The winter months are an excellent time to bass fish if you’re willing to battle the elements, but you need to choose the right lures and fish them correctly. Oklahoma bass pro Brad Hallman favors lures that emit strong vibrations, such as bladed jigs, single Colorado spinnerbaits, and tight-wiggling crankbaits. “Lateral line thumping,” as he refers to it, is the best way to trigger bass in cold, dingy water.


Hallman stresses that it’s essential to fish these moving baits slow and methodically. Winter bass form tight schools around prime structure and cover but usually pass on fast-moving baits in cold water. Temper your retrieve speed while focusing efforts around prime spots such as channel swing banks, bridge neckdown areas, or any edge that provides bass quick access to deep water and forage through current flow.

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