Video: Bass Boat Crashes at 102 mph

Video: Bass Boat Crashes at 102 mph

Editor’s note: Although we hope it goes without saying, please do not try this at home. There is also a bit of bad language in the video.

We don’t have much of a back story on this video, but it’s pretty darn intense and we wanted to show everyone what not to do in a bass boat. They have to be really tricked out do this kind of speed and as you can imagine, they’re impossible to control at this speed as well. You can see that once the boat starts chine walking, the operator immediately loses control causing the bow to hook and the occupants to be ejected.

To be honest, these guys are lucky they’re not dead. The after photos of the boat show the sheer impact of the accident but somehow, the men were able to crawl back into the boat relatively unscathed.

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