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Talon Rewards for Grassroots Tournament Anglers

 Minn Kota announced  â€œAnchor Down with Talon Rewards† â€“ a contingency program for grassroots tournament anglers who own and use a Talon shallow water anchor during competition. The program provides competitors the opportunity to win $250 to $1,000 at sanctioned events on multiple tournament trails.

“Minn Kota has supported large, regional and smaller tournaments for numerous years,†said Brad Henry, Minn Kota/Talon product manager. “This program is designed to go further and directly reward the anglers who trust and support our Talon shallow water anchor.â€

“Anchor Down with Talon Rewards†guarantees a payout at each selected event no matter what the place finish. A cash payout will be awarded to the highest placing angler among participants who own a Talon and pre-registered for the program. At many of the events, the angler can win an additional cash bonus for winning the tournament.

The following tournament trails will be offering the “Anchor Down with Talon Rewards†this season: Oakley Big Bass Tour (14 events), Bass Champs (27 events), Crappie USA (16 events) and HT Redfish Series (Championship only – one time payout $1,000).

Minn Kota plans continued sponsorship and expansion of its Talon Rewards program in the coming seasons.

For more information visit   contact Minn Kota, P.O. Box 8129, Mankato, MN 56002, or call  800-227-643