db’s World – Behind the Scenes at Okeechobee Part

Neat Freaks & Young Children avert your eyes…you want to see what the third week of almost a month on the road looks like…it looks exactly like this (and I straightened things up before I took the photo).

A side of Elite Pro Angler Steve Kennedy that you rarely see. That’s Steve fixing something in the “spaghetti” under the dash.


Steve Kennedy’s favorite reels…most bought off eBay and yard sales…if you have any of these send them to him, he’s won 3 tournaments using these reels.


The Lake Okeechobee event brought to you by these folks…Power-Pole…


…and this is what the inside of the trailer looks like…


…and this is Brandon…a Power-Pole guru…used to be at all the events working the service yard…now wears a clean shirt and is becoming some sort of Power-Pole King…couldn’t happen to a better, more knowledgeable dude.


Dudes…this Camry rocks…and so do the couple who follow us all over the trail with the new Camry and Toyota trucks. Love my 4Runner, but this new Camry is a rocket sled.


They grow the plant things strong in Florida…real strong.


Amidst all the hoopla of the Elites, these two fishing buddies just went out fishin’. May be my favorite shot from the event.


Elite Angler Kenyon Hill…nice guy, funny too.


Elite angler Andy Montgomery…


…Andy and my good buddy, Skeeter Service Guru Lee.


A side of Elite Angler Andy Montgomery you don’t see to often.


Shot this through the window of a restaurant…that dog sat like that for about an hour waiting for his owner…dogs are mans best friend, but man isn’t always a dog’s best friend.


Welcome indeed…a shout out to the Marshals…thank you…and if you haven’t been a Marshal yet, you owe it to yourself…best Bass fishing education on the water ever.


Sponsor shout out to Yamaha…and all the sponsors…without Ya’ll we’ve got nothing.


Registration for the Lake Okeechobee Power-Pole Slam.


The Marshal service.


Tripp squared…Tripp and Hank Weldon…congrats Hank on your upcoming wedding…and thank you Tripp for putting up with me all these years.


You want to know where those head shots come from…right here.


You can recognize that jersey even through the water with lemon jar.


You’ve seen his great shots on Bassmaster & ESPNOutdoors and a bunch of other places…now you see him…the gravelly voice devil, James Overstreet.


Registration food line from the food point of view.


The Bachelor and his dad…both named Byron.


The family Martens…great, great friends of mine out on the tour. Thanks guys for all you do for me.


My roomies and how I normally see them…at dinner, eating. Shaw by the way must have 5 or 6 stomachs cause the dude can eat just about everything and somehow stay skinny. I gained 1.7 lbs just LOOKING at their plates.


Paul Elias being interviewed by B.A.S.S. reporter, Deb Johnson


Waiting for launch…my favorite time of the tournament day.


The computer program thing that runs the music you hear for each angler and what you hear play during the events.


Not a good day…


…to be a catfish.

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