Tips for Flipping Trees for Bass with the Tokyo Rig

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Targeting bass in flooded cover can be overwhelming. Where do you start fishing when you’re staring at an endless forest of standing timber, laydowns and bushes? Pro bass angler Bob Downey explains the importance of establishing a location pattern then focusing efforts on high-percentage spots — catching your first bass marks the start of this critical process.


The first bass came off a laydown with a complex of branches. A few more fish catches establish that laydowns are the high-percentage cover, allowing Downey to focus efforts on horizontal trees and immediately eliminate 90% of the flooded cover. While a lot of baits work well for flipping and pitching wood, Downey opts for a Tokyo rig and creature bait. The Tokyo rig delivers superb pitching accuracy while dropping the bait vertically into prime spots (without pendulum effect). The presentation also provides maximum action and higher hooking percentages than a jig or Texas Rig.