Bobber Fishing Spring Bluegill From the Bank

If you’re into bank fishing, spring is the best time of the year to catch panfish like bluegills and crappies as they penetrate the shallows. No different than bass, panfish feed heavily during the prespawn period in preparation for the spawn and load up in predictable shallow water spots. Kyle Peterson explains where to find the first push of shallow fish and how to catch them using a small slip float (slip bobber) and jig.


As Kyle notes, finding panfish is closely tied to locating the warmest water. Protected pockets, channels and bays are usually the first to warm, especially if they have dark bottoms and an abundance of cover. When it comes to catching, it’s tough to beat a little jig and plastic/live bait suspended below a bobber. Peterson explains why he prefers using a slip bobber and small tungsten jig (without split shot) when bank fishing in tight quarters and around cover. He also discusses how a longer rod equipped with braided line aids in casting distance, accuracy and horsing the fish away from cover. 

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