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Z-Man Double Wide Bait Binderz Review

Soft plastic storage has, and probably always will be, one of the most frustrating things for an angler. I’ve written about it in the past and each time I think I find an efficient method, I find something I don’t like about it. So essentially, I just end up throwing a bunch of baits in plastic grocery store sacks and searching for 15 minutes every time I want to re-rig.

After testing the Z-Man Double Wide Bait Binderz, however, I’m pretty darn excited that I’ve found an easy and compact way to store my ElaZtech baits. Because they represent a large portion of my soft plastics collection, this storage system has really made my life easier.

I’ll go through my favorite features and share with you how I use them.

Serious capacity

I currently have 10 bags of my most-used ElaZtech baits in my Double Wide Bait Binderz and I’m certain it could fit several more. The large rings are designed to fit the pre-punched holes in standard Z-Man bags so you can slide them in and out without any issues whatsoever.

Because these ElaZtech baits last so long, the 10 bags I currently have in this binder will likely last me throughout the entire spring and summer. I can fit several different colors and shapes thanks to the design, which will allow me to grab it, throw it in my truck or boat and go fishing.

Storage for your terminal tackle, too

You’ll also notice smaller clear-plastic side storage in the Z-Man Double Wide Bait Binderz. In my experience, this has really helped me keep everything in a very small, compact package that’s easily transportable for any fishing situation.

These small pockets have velcro strips that keep them shut, which I’ve found to be much easier than zippers. I’ve had dozens of zippers break on tackle systems in the past and I’m really glad they went with velcro. Even with wet hands, I can grab the convenient pull tabs, grab whatever I need and get right back to fishing. I expect this velcro to contribute strongly to the longevity of this binder.

The clear plastic is really helpful as well, because it lets you see exactly what you need and it also doesn’t get tangled in any hooks, snap swivels or split rings you may have stored. 

Large interior storage pockets

This binder also has larger interior pockets as well. They can be used for a number of things such as spinnerbaits, Chatterbaits or even your fishing license. If you have a hard time narrowing down which ElaZtech plastics to use, you can even fit additional bags in these storage pockets. 

Keeps all of your plastics safe

ElaZtech and traditional soft plastics don’t necessarily play nice together. Z-Man strongly recommends that you keep the two separate to prevent any damage. That’s exactly why I think this Double Wide Bait Binderz is such a great idea. Not only does it keep everything separate, but it also allows for quick, on-the-water identification when you’re searching for that one specific Z-Man bait.

That has probably been my favorite thing about it so far. If I’m in my boat and notice some fry guarders hanging out on the outside corners of dock posts, I know exactly where my ZinkerZ are and I can get to ’em fast without missing a beat. The bright blue color also sets this binder apart in my storage compartments. I tell my co-anglers that if they need a Z-Man bait, just grab the big blue binder-they always know exactly what I’m talking about. 

Very durable

You can beat the tar out of this binder without any worries. As long as you don’t bend the rings, it will survive just fine. I also use a Z-Man Double Wide Bait Binderz for quick evening trips to the pond because I can just grab it and throw it in my truck without sifting through what I think I might need.

I toss it in the bed of my truck, in the floorboard of the truck, my wife accidentally steps on it when she’s riding shotgun… it’s dirty, but who cares? It can withstand a lot of abuse and offers a great value.

Final impressions

If you own several bags of ElaZtech baits, this is absolutely a smart investment. It’ll keep all of your plastics in tip-top condition and it’s one of the best “grab-and-go” tackle solutions I’ve seen in quite a while.

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